16 Kate Spade Bedding Sets That Will Look Fantastic in Your Bedroom

16 Kate Spade Bedding Sets That Will Look Fantastic in Your Bedroom

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Kate Spade is a household name where it comes to scarves, bags and other accessories, but did you know that you can bring her gorgeous designs into the bedroom? Yup, Kate Spade bedding sets are just as pretty as you might think!

Who is Kate Spade and why we love her designs

Kate Spade was a wife, a mother, and a design icon for many years. Starting in the 1990s when her first bags hit the street and quickly became a phenomenon, her products are still favorites among young women today.

Kate’s cheerful and preppy style is well-known for its unique look, pops of color, and a happy, carefree vibe. Not only are her designs sleek and modernized as well as made from luxurious materials, but these qualities plus affordable prices combine to create a brand that’s still running strong for nearly 40 years since it first became available. Kate Spade doesn’t only produce bags, however. The brand also has eyewear, stationery, clothing, and bedding!

Kate Spade Bedding Designs

If a Kate Spade bedding set sounds like exactly what you need to complete your room, you’re in luck. We’ve got a list of 10 bedding sets from this designer available on Amazon. Keep reading to learn more about them!

1. Deco Dot Comforter Set

This bedding set is classic Kate Spade. A simple yet classic polka-dot design in black and white allows you to add pops of your own favorite colors, designs, and styles with your sheets and throw pillows. This set is a full/queen comforter set and includes a comforter and two matching shams.

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2. Platinum Deco Dot

A different take on the Deco Dot set above, this duvet cover set has the same simple and modern design but in platinum and white. This set, however, is a king-size while the black and white set is only available as a full/queen. If you like either of these sets (or both!) consider which size would work best for you. The 100% cotton of the duvet cover, as well as the two shams, is soft and comfortable, while the wrinkle and fade-resistant fabric make it easy to care for.

3. Scallop Row Duvet Cover Set

This duvet cover set features a dark neutral backdrop for printed white scalloped ruffles to pop against. A minimal and modern look, this set is perfect for creating a personalized bedroom design. Made from 100% cotton, this set comes with a king-sized duvet cover and two matching shams. This set can easily be glammed up with crystal light fixtures and sequined pillows or made casual with solid cotton sheets and simple yet colorful throw pillows.

4. Magnolia Comforter Set

White and soft pink make for a dreamy place to get some rest with this beautiful Kate Spade set. This 100% cotton set includes a comforter and one sham if you chose a twin size or two shams if you chose a full or king. The comforter is hypoallergenic as well as wrinkle and fade-resistant. It will stand up to a machine wash on cold and can handle being tumble dried on low.

5. Willow Court Comforter Set

Willow Court is a gorgeous bedding set that features flowers in white, grey, and blue on a platinum background. Made of 100% cotton with a polyester fill, this comforter will feel light while also keeping you cozy in any weather. This set comes in a full/queen size and includes the comforter as well as two matching pillow shams.

6. Carnation Duvet Set

Super-soft and comfortable is the best way to describe this set, though cute and stylish are definite winners, too! A 100% cotton duvet cover shows off a beautiful collection of creamy yellow flowers on a deep rose background. You can choose from either a twin, full, or king-size, and the set includes one to two shams depending on the size you order. This set is really low-maintenance with its wrinkle and fade resistant material and can be washed and dried in your own laundry room.

7. Grand Floral Comforter in Blue

Light-weight, hypoallergenic fabric helps bring this already awesome bedding set up a notch. A light blue background with navy and orange blooms makes for a light-hearted and playful vibe in your bedroom. You can wash and dry this twin set at home without worrying about the colors fading or the material wrinkling thanks to the quality of 100% cotton fabric. This set includes the comforter and a matching pillow sham.

8. Blossom Duvet Cover Set

White, red, and pink combine to create your own personal garden retreat with this cute Kate Spade bedding set. The contemporary vibe from this look is great for mixing and matching with other styles. The 100% cotton fabric is easy to care for and resists fading as well as wrinkles. You can purchase this set in a twin, full, or king set and it includes both the duvet cover and one to two pillow shams. This set, while contemporary, could fit nicely in a rustic farmhouse bedroom.

9. Paintball Floral Comforter Set

With bright cheerful florals in a watercolor style, this comforter set could work well in many different design styles. This set comes with a comforter in a full/queen size as well as two matching pillow shams. The comforter shell, as well as the shams, are made from 100% cotton with the comforter filling made from polyester. This creates a super-soft bedding set that will keep you comfortable year-round. Pair with softer accessories for a more peaceful vibe, or choose from the brighter tones in the comforter for a bolder look.

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10. Rugby Stripe Comforter Set

This preppy look is fun and bright, perfect for your room if you’re looking for a cheerful vibe. The stripes are created from hot coral and white to create a carefree design while still sticking with a minimal look. This set comes with the beautiful full/queen comforter as well as two matching shams. For a fun twist, pair this set with a contrasting color like bright green or navy blue sheets.

11. Breeze Blocks Duvet Set

Looking for something a little softer? Check out this soft lavender and white bedding set. Ultra-soft cotton material shows off a Spade logo in block design across the duvet cover and matching shams. Light material keeps you comfortable through every season while the wrinkle and fade resistant fabric washes and dries easily at home, making upkeep as breezy as the design. This set would be perfect for a contemporary look thanks to the geometric design, or for a soft farmhouse style due to the lighter colors.

12. Monaco Floral Duvet Cover Set

Bright and bold blue is the star of the show for this duvet cover set. This full/queen bedding set includes a 100% cotton duvet cover as well as two matching shams. The shade and print on this set make it easy to pair with a multitude of other colors and patterns to allow it to easily fit in with boho, farmhouse, or modern designs, to name a few. This set is super easy to take care of and can be machine wash/dry rather than having to run to the cleaners for every little spill or stain.

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14. Beige Bow Tie Duvet Cover Set

Soft neutrals are a great way to style a bed. This allows you to play with colors in other places while avoiding overwhelming anyone who walks by. This duvet cover set has geometric ‘bow-tie’ shapes in light beige on a white background to give you both style and options. This cotton blend duvet cover set is a full/queen size and comes with two matching pillow shams for a complete look. Add bright, bold sheets and accessories for a more energetic look or softer shades to make a relaxing space.

15. Belle Boulevard Floral Set

Embroidered platinum flowers are classy and elegant on the white bedding of this king set. Material made from 100% cotton ensures this bedding will be soft, light, and comfortable. Two shams round out the set for a complete bedding look. Pair this set with light-colored sheets and accessories for a breezy and fresh look, or choose darker tones to create a cozy feel.

Click here for the Belle Boulevard Floral set on Amazon. 

16. Green Rugby Stripe Comforter Set

You aren’t seeing double! This set was further up the list in a coral color, but this green was so perfect we had to include it. With this set’s broad brushstrokes making for a modern vibe, it would be perfectly mixed with navy tones, black accessories, or yellow and red splashes for an unexpected twist. This duvet cover set is twin sized and comes with one matching pillow sham. The 100% cotton material is both soft and cozy to create a comfy spot to rest.

Click here for the Green Rugby Stripe set on Amazon.

Kate Spade Bedding: Flexible, Modern, Luxurious, Affordable

The bedding sets above from Kate Spade are great examples of why so many people love her brands and the designs they produce. They tend towards the modern and contemporary styles, yet the simple designs and easy use of color make them great fits in many design styles. While they are created with luxurious materials, they are affordable and the quality ensures they last for many years. Choose any of these sets from Kate Spade and you’ll have a comfortable bed with great style through any changes in taste and style.

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