24 Living Room Mirror Decorating Ideas [With Pictures]

Mirrors can be great decor options for opening up a room and for adding light where you need it. A perfect mixture of function and fashion, they a neutral option that you can use when you're not sure how to fill your wall space.

We created a list of 25 ideas that will inspire you to make the most of your space with mirrors. Without further ado, let's get into it!

A collage of three living room mirror decorating ideas, 24 Living Room Mirror Decorating Ideas [With Pictures]

1. Wood And Stone

Beautiful living room interior with cozy sofas, hardwood floors and brick fireplace

Including several different elements in the room can help diversify your aesthetic while creating several different areas of focus and contrast. In this case, placing a mirror with a wood frame above the stone fireplace does several things to spruce up space.

2. An Offset

Interior of modern home living room with comfortable brown sofa, throw pillows and hardwood floor

In a room full of shiny and metallic features, what else to include but a reflective mirror with a shiny frame? In an otherwise dark room, the mirror adds a level of brightness by reflecting the light that comes through the dark curtains. The gold frame also helps highlight similar tones in the pillows and lampshade.

Circular Decorative Mirror

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3. Open Space

White room with with wooden framed mirror and decorative cactus on wicker planters

Mirrors are a great neutral option when it comes to decor. Because the majority of the mirror is the reflection, this leaves you with just one decision: what kind of frame to use. Whether you decide to go with something simple or a more elaborate frame, a mirror is a great option for anyone having a hard time deciding how they are going to decorate their walls.

Wood-Framed Mirror

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4. Light

Warm ethno living room with big comfortable leather couch and metal furniture

Mirrors are a great option for adding light to a space that needs it without actually installing a physical light. The mirror on this wall looks similar to a giant wall light, but it's just reflecting the sun coming in from the window on the opposite side of the room. This works especially well for dark-colored walls.

Chic Hanging Mirror

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5. Simplicity

Stylish and luxury room interior with large mirror, design furniture and elegant accessories

When decorating in a minimalist style, it can be hard to decide what to include and what to go without. A mirror is a great example of something that can be a no brainer in times like this. Not only can it serve as a fashionable decor item, but it serves a function as well.

6. Cohesion

Stylish and elegant interior of living room with round gold armchair, velvet sofa, lamp, poster frames

A mirror with a well-chosen frame can help bring your room together. Having decor that helps connect your walls with your floor is a great move to make as far as design goes.

7. Open Up The Room

Stuffed giraffe in a home living room full of framed giraffe photographs

Using a large mirror can actually help open up up your room. Since they reflect the room they're in, using a larger mirror to reflect more space can help make it seem like you have more room than you actually do. This room uses this trick, and they take it a step further, making sure the wood for the frame is the same as the mantle material.

Large Decorative Mirror

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8. Fancy Frames

Room in a modern luxury home with black leather sofas and an open fireplace

If your fireplace lacks a mantlepiece, adding one might prove to be a bit pricey. A much cheaper option? Install a mirror above the fireplace instead. While it won't make up for the utility that a mantle provides, it does help provide a focal point for the room that a mantle normally provides.

Ornate Decorative Mirror

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9. Multiple Mirrors

Modern luxury living room with vaulted ceiling, fireplace and grand piano

One mirror can definitely do the job, but when done right, multiple mirrors can enhance the space they're in by opening up the room and helping spread light in darker areas of the room. You can either keep things similar by using identical frames, or you can shake things up by using frames that match different decor items around the room.

10. Big And Small

Modern living room with vintage interior and 3 round mirrors

Using several identical mirrors of differing sizes can help add interest to the wall in question without making things feel mismatched or cluttered. In this specific instance, the mirrors are reflecting the light from the nearby lamps, helping a smaller space seem larger and more brightly lit than it actually is.

Modern Circular Mirror

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11. Focal Point

Modern living room with fireplace and light neutral decor in an upscale custom built residential home

Because of the space that mirrors open up in areas where our brains know there isn't any, they can become an instant focal point. This is especially true when the mirror is placed in a central area that would receive attention anyway, such as above a fireplace.

12. Optical Illusion

Modern living room interior with cozy white sofa, throw pillows and wooden rectangular coffee table on a patterned area rug

Mirrors can give the appearance of opening up space, essentially giving an optical illusion that a room is bigger or brighter than it actually is. A great way to help this illusion along is to use a mirror frame that matches other items of decor in the room, or use a frame that has the same trim as the trim around your windows.

Wide Wood-Framed Mirror

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13. Open Up Walls

Modern, comfortable living room with cozy sofas and chandelier

In rooms where all the windows are limited to one wall, mirrors can help mimic a window effect and help spread light throughout the room. The way these mirrors have been arranged mimics a large set of windows, further enhancing the illusion of a lit opening into a separate closeted space.

14. Floor Mirror

Living room interior with brick wall, big mirror and stylish furniture

Mirrors don't have to be placed on your walls in order to be effective. They can be placed on the floors leaning up against the wall as well. Think about the space you want to open up or add light to, and place the mirror accordingly.

15. Enhancing Decor

Large living room with two large settees covered with silk cushion seats alongside a beautiful modern gas fireplace

Careful selection of a window frame can help enhance the mirror and draw attention to it, helping center the room and ground your attention.

16. Reflective Frame

Interior of cream sofa, curtains, reflector mirror and ornaments in a traditional living room

If moving light around a room is one of your main reasons for using a mirror, you can magnify the amount of light that gets moved around by using a mirror with a reflective angled frame or edge. This will help move light in directions that a simple flat mirror can't, while also adding visual interest and variety to the mirror itself.

17. Twin Mirrors

Interior of a modern family home basement with dining room, common area and view of the kitchen

Instead of purchasing one giant mirror, try purchasing two identical mirrors, and place them near each other for a similar effect. One of the perks of doing things this way is that it adds visual interest. The gap between the mirrors helps break things up, but the two identical mirrors make sure that the wall doesn't seem messy, maintaining a cohesive appearance.

18. Decorative Mirrors

Interior of a modern bungalow style city house with sofa, glass table, decorative mosaic mirror above fireplace

Some mirrors are more geared towards function, while others were made with fashion in mind. For example, the mirror above this mantle is more reminiscent of a window than a mirror. The decorative covering over the window itself places more of an emphasis on the appearance rather than the function.

Window-Themed Mirror

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19. Wall Mirrors

Interior of a hall with large mirror and turquoise upholstered bench

While it isn't a common choice in many households, a wall-sized mirror can be perfect for helping to visually expand the size of the room without doing any actual remodeling. Mirrors add depth to whatever surface we place them on, and the bigger the mirror is, the larger the perceived space is.

20. Light And Dark

Home interior of a contemporary living room with hardwood floor, cozy white sofa set with throw pillows and lamp shade matching the red and gold patterned curtains

Mirrors don't just serve as an item of wall decor, they can also add light to places in a room that would normally stay dark. This dark wall, for example, has been brightened up by including a mirror in an area where it can catch light from the window.

21. Rustic Style

Entrance hall of a contemporary family home with large mirror and rustic elements

Mirrors can be used to further a specific style of decor, and are a more neutral option than pictures are. Where picture frames might help you fill wall space without clutter, you may not be sure which colors you could utilize that wouldn't clash with your decor. A mirror will simply reflect the decor you've already included, making it a helpful inclusion.

Rustic Mirror

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22. Elemental

Cozy living room with stone walls, large mirror and sofa with throw pillows

If you've decided to hang a mirror, put some thought into what kind of frame you want your mirror to have. In this case, a mirror frame that more closely resembles an organic material like wood was picked, and it gives contrast to the stone walls.

23. An Accent

Cozy family room with sofa, throw pillows, round ottoman, mirror and fireplace

In a room where most of the decor is dark and none of it is metallic, a gold mirror really catches your attention and makes a statement. Not only does it make a nice focal point, but it helps add light to the room and opens up the wall.

24. Wall Space

Contemporary living room with beige sofa, patterned teal curtains, round wooden table and vases

Mirrors can be used for many purposes, and just one of those is to simply take up space. If committing to a piece of wall art is too much, or if you aren't sure that you have photographs you want to display, a mirror is a classic choice that can get the job done in an elegant way.

Sunburst Mirror

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25. Visual Weight

Comfortable living room interior with cozy beige sofa, striped are rug and modern decor

Visual weight is essentially the balance you try and keep when decorating, like an average you try to maintain throughout the room. Using multiple mirrors like this is a great way to add variety and light to your room while still maintaining the visual weight.

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  1. These are some great ideas for decorating with mirrors in the living room! I love the idea of using them to create a focal point or to make the room appear larger and brighter. Thank you for sharing!

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