17 Long Narrow Living Room Design Ideas

Decorating your home is such a fun adventure. Finding the right pieces and putting together a cohesive, inviting look is such a rewarding process! With so many decorating styles to choose from, you're sure to create the perfect look for your home. Decorate your home in a way that ensures that the room styles work together.

If you have a long, narrow living room that you can't quite figure out how to decorate, don't fret. We're here to help you out! Follow along below to discover 17 amazing design ideas for your hard-to-decorate long, narrow living room.

Orange inspired Narrow living room with houseplants, 17 Long Narrow Living Room Design Ideas

1. Dark Features

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Luxury Interior living room and kitchen room

With light-colored walls, the world is your oyster. The light color provides you with a blank canvas of a space that looks fantastic with any design style and color scheme. The dark features used in this room help the long space feel cozier and slightly more compact. The long, narrow room can still easily house all the furniture you'd want in a living room.


2. Curtain Cover

Luxury Interior living room

Never underestimate the power of curtains. While a bare window can certainly welcome in a wealth of natural light, you're better off using curtains. Curtains soften the room while still allowing light to flow throughout it. Whether you leave your curtains opened or closed, you'll appreciate what they can do for your room.

3. Consistent Color Scheme

Luxury narrow loft living room with interior architectural features and a view out over urban skyscrapers at night

Deck out your long, narrow living room by using a consistent color scheme. Not only are the walls, floor, and ceiling white but the pieces of furniture are also. You can easily highlight certain decorative accents in the room by choosing a different color. The wall art in this room definitely stands out amongst the other pieces.

4. Conversation Furniture

Modern living room interior of a luxury home

One way to take advantage of your long, narrow living room is by creating a conversation-style arrangement with your furniture. Incorporating furniture like a couch, loveseat, and a couple of chairs is ideal. The coffee table serves as the centerpiece in the room, tying the pieces together.

5. Bright Furniture

Narrow living room with houseplants

One way to really spruce up a room is with bright furniture. Check out how this vibrantly colored furniture attracts attention to the room. The plantlife placed throughout the narrow space brings an air of freshness with it. Artfully spaced plants give the room a welcome aesthetic.

6. The Right Furniture

Finding the right furniture for your long, narrow living room may seem tricky at first. But don't fret. Once you find the perfect pieces, you'll know it. Positioning an expansive bookshelf like this one against a wall greatly increases storage and display room. Tuck your TV into it and surround it with cozy furniture. Slim couches and coffee tables are perfect for a room like this.

7. Glamorous Decor

There's no shortage of alluring decor in this living room! Don't back down from using bold design pieces. The vertical stripes on the wall help give the illusion of the room being larger than it really is. Reflective surfaces also make the room appear larger and airier than reality.

8. Statement Wall Art

Install large statement wall art on your walls to anchor the room. It's a great way to further express your style and create visual interest in the room.

9. Contemporary Design

Contemporary design includes curved lines, neutral colors, and tasteful minimalism. This long, narrow living room nails the look while also maintaining a comfortable feel.

10. Neutral Haven

Neutral colors are oh-so-cozy and easily go with any type of design aesthetic. The neutral colors open up the room and give it a light feeling. It will be super easy to add any sort of accent color or pattern into the mix, too.

11. Geometric Accent Wall

In a long, narrow living room, make the most of the space you have. One way to really spruce up the area behind your TV is through the use of an accent wall. Pick colors that match your aesthetic.

12. Large Sectional

A large sectional couch does an incredible job of filling space while also forming a beautiful look. Dress up the sectional with cozy throw pillows and blankets.

13. Floor Pattern

Creating a pattern on your living room floor for additional intrigue. With limited space, a patterned floor can make up for lost decorating space.

14. Hybrid Room

Create a hybrid room by forming a living area and dining area in the same space. In a long, narrow room, you can easily create two separate spaces to break up the feel of the area.

15. Lemonade Out Of Lemons

You may have had big dreams for your living room, then realized you only had a long, narrow space to work with. Don't let that stop you from creating the room of your dreams. Utilize all the space and make it work for your vision. You may be surprised at all the features you can fit in the room.

16. Color Pop

The pairing of a vibrant couch and a rug can work wonders in a long, narrow space. You'll start to realize that you won't notice the more confined area.

17. Conversation Nook

At one end of the room, form a conversation nook by positioning two cozy chairs and a small table between them. This ensures you get the most of your narrow room.

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