11 Gorgeous Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom Ideas You Need To See

Attics transform into beautiful living spaces like bedrooms when renovated and styled intentionally.  With the right furniture and decor, an attic bedroom with low ceilings feels like a cozy nook away from the rest of the house. 

An attic with low ceilings lacks space, light, and cool air. Approach these issues creatively by installing skylights, ceiling fans, and smart organization hacks like floating shelves.

Brighten the space by painting the walls and ceilings all white. Or embrace an attic's darker tones by using warm wood tones, exposed brick, and sleepy colors like light blue or green. For ultimate inspiration, check out our list of 11 low ceiling attic renovations to transform your attic into a fabulous bedroom.

A bright teenager bedroom on attic with study table, 11 Gorgeous Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom Ideas You Need To See

1. Large Opening Skylight

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Attic modern bedroom with white bed and skylight

Solve both issues of low light and lack of airflow by installing a large skylight that opens. Natural light in any room makes it feel clean and fresh, and it will help make a room feel bigger. By ensuring you install an opening skylight, you bring in the functionality of airflow so that your bedroom stays cool in warmer months. You also ensure your bedroom will smell fresh and avoid getting too stuffy. 

2. Built-In Platform Bed

Adorable attic bedroom with unique design

If possible, bypass the need for a bed frame by building your bed into the wall.  When you want a space for reading during the day, getting work done, or even just an oasis to escape, opt for a cut-out nook like this one. Or think about installing a murphy bed to be put away during the day. This is a great option for multifunctional rooms. 

3. All-White Shiplap

Wide bright bedroom in the attic

Shiplap looks charming in more spaces than just the living room or kitchen. Use it in a bedroom for a relaxing farmhouse feel. The combination of a low ceiling with a white shiplap makes a bedroom feel bigger. It also highlights the bed as the focal point of the room. 

4. Multifunctional Loft 

Bright teenager's room on attic with study table

Make your teenager happy by decking out an awesome attic bedroom for them in your home. This gives them privacy while also giving them a truly unique bedroom style. Most teenagers need a desk to study and space for all of their things. Create more space for stuff by using a bed with built-in storage and by hanging floating shelves above a desk. 

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5. Exposed Brick Wall And Wood Beams

Wooden bed in attic bedroom with brick walls

Take advantage of exposed brick by leaving it natural or by painting it all white. By painting it white, you bring more light and airiness to a typically dark area. Wood beams bring texture that draws the eye up, which makes the room feel larger. Keep your beams unstained for a natural, modern look.

6. Stained Glass Art Installation

Attic bedroom corner with a modern bed and bookshelf

If your attic bedroom is exposed to the lower levels, use it as an opportunity to show off an art piece like stained glass. Since stained glass tends to be expensive, look for any architectural element that breaks up the monotony as an alternative. Some great ideas include macrame hangings, potted and hanging plants, and string lights. These look great hanging from a railing or banister. 

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7. Dark Wood And Stained Glass Windows

Stylish king size attic bedroom

Sometimes old homes already have stained glass windows connected to the attic. If that's the case in your attic, be sure to keep them and highlight them in your bedroom. Since stained glass windows remain pretty traditional in style (though they're coming back!), amp up that vintage look with dark stained wood. Exposing wood ceilings and staining them dark makes for a dramatic bedroom statement.

8. White-Washed Scandinavian Style

Attic bedroom with rustic design interior

Wood tones sometimes feel a little too warm, especially when the ceiling, walls, and floors are made of it. Lighten up your attic bedroom by white-washing the wood. White-washing allows texture to show through, so it still feels organic. The Scandinavian style looks great with white-washed wood. Create a cozy bedroom by putting the mattress directly on the floor. Style with plenty of warm blankets and large, overstuffed throw pillows. 

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9. Exposed Loft With Metal Railing

Loft house interior bedroom on the attic

If your attic bedroom opens as a loft to the lower levels, install a metal railing for a sleek modern look. Modern railing brings in metal instead of wood to offset all of the gorgeous wood tones on the ceiling. A metal railing looks especially great with boho-chic or mid-century modern decor. Complement the railing with an oriental rug, layered blankets on your bed, and plenty of plants. 

10. Modern Industrial Vibes

Modern loft bedroom interior with punching bag

Mimic an industrial loft or apartment by exposing functional elements like pipes, brick walls, and concrete. To keep your bedroom feeling cozy, make sure to install plenty of lighting with Edison bulbs for extra industrial style. If you also have a bathroom connected to your bedroom in the attic, consider an open layout. The open layout feels cohesive and more spacious while bringing more opportunity in to show off industrial elements. 

11. Mountain Cottage Feel

Interior of wooden cottage bedroom on the attic

To feel like you live in a mountain lodge, line your ceiling and walls with cedar or pine planks. This instantly makes a bedroom feel like a cabin. To keep a space like this feeling modern, be sure to incorporate some eclectic decor like sleek modern bedding. Otherwise, your bedroom's decor may fall flat instead of making a wow statement.

More Inspiration For Your Attic Bedroom

Now that you have ideas for your attic bedroom with low ceilings, don't stop there! Consider bedding materials, side tables, and lamps to complete your room. 

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