10 Marilyn Monroe Bedrooms [Inspiration, Ideas, Pictures and More]

Nearly everyone is familiar with the iconic late model and actress Marilyn Monroe’s signature style. She has been a fashion inspiration, not only for cosmetics and clothing but for home décor.

10 Marilyn Monroe Bedrooms [Inspiration, Ideas, Pictures and More]

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In this inspiration post, I will show you how others have infused Marilyn’s look into their decorative schemes. I’ll also show you where you can find similar products through the online retailer superstore, Amazon.

1.  Black and White Art Pops Against Darkness

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bedroom featuring iconic Marilyn Monroe wall art as the focal point

In this bedroom, Marilyn Monroe is less of a theme and more of a statement. The large black, white and red wall art hanging above the bed immediately draws the eye. The iconic red lip remains in place, making it easy to stylize your other bedroom décor around this timeless color. Against a dark wall, such as in this example, Marilyn’s image become more prominent and striking.

Black and White

Marilyn Monroe New York 3D Poster Wall Art Decor Framed Print

Though this print sold by The 3D Art Company Store bares a more realistic resemblance to the Hollywood icon, the same black, white and red combination suits dark walls and bright red accents equally as beautifully. You can hang this beautiful piece above your bed or dresser, or even use it to decorate a lonely looking corner in your room. Click here to check out this piece on Amazon.

2. Add Old Hollywood Glam to Your Vanity Corner

a vanity space adorned with Marilyn Monroe imagery, adding a touch of glamour to your daily routine

Is there a more appropriate place to have Marilyn’s image looking over you than while you prepare yourself to face the day? Vanities are incredibly popular for modern and fashion-forward. With the addition of some lighting and a few snapshots of this beloved icon, your vanity space will be transformed into your own private dressing room!

A Legendary Beauty

Marilyn Monroe Mirror Lipstick Make UP Poster

This Marilyn print from hse is the perfect addition to a space like this, as it depicts the model and actress behind a makeup table of her very own. Click here to find this print for yourself on Amazon.

Vanity Lighting

Hollywood Style Led Vanity Mirror Lights Kit - Vanity Lights

An illuminated mirror is a classic touch for any glamorous looking vanity station. This vanity mirror from Rebel Poppy will make your getting-ready station truly “wow” worthy. Click here to find this mirror on Amazon.

3. Throw Pillows You’ll Never Want to Throw Away

a bed adorned with throw pillows featuring the iconic face of Marilyn Monroe, adding a touch of elegance and personality to the bedroom decor

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to inject a sense of personal touch and pizzazz into any space, including your bedroom. This user has decorated their bed with throw pillows bearing the familiar face of Marilyn Monroe. This simple effort adds a touch of class and breaks up rooms that could be seen as monochromatic.

Perfect Pillow Set

From Tian Tang Niao comes this 4-piece set of Marilyn Monroe throws. They are themed in the same coloration: red, black and white, so they can fit nearly any aesthetic with ease. Use these to decorate your bed, a chair, a footlocker or anywhere else in your bedroom that could stand to be improved with the addition of something special. Click here to visit Amazon and check out the pillow set for yourself.

Glamorous Canopy

Twinkle Star Bed Canopy for Single to King Size Bed

Canopies and netting immediately invoke thoughts of vintage glam. This canopy from Twinkle Stars is made in many sizes to accommodate any bed. Click here to find this breathtaking bed canopy on Amazon!

4. A Bubbly Accessory for Any Area of Your Bedroom

sophisticated print featuring Marilyn Monroe's iconic image, tastefully displayed above a bar cart to add a touch of glamour and intrigue to the space

If you’re familiar with the archives of work that bares Marilyn Monroe’s face, you’ve probably laid your eyes on this image a time or two. You can use this stylish print to decorate above a bar cart, like in this image, above your dresser or pretty much on any plain wall that needs something glamorous to fill the void.

A Perfect Copy

Pink Bubble Gum Wall Decor Blowing Bubble Canvas Art Modern Decor

You can have your own print of this image shipped directly to your home, right on Amazon. Click here to pick up your own canvas bubblegum portrait of Marilyn Monroe on Amazon.com.

5. Signature Red Lips to Brighten Up Your Wall

A striking Marilyn Monroe-inspired decal featuring her signature black cat eye and red lips, elegantly adorning a clean, white wall in the bedroom

Marilyn’s look is so signature to her that you can identify art inspired by her with a simple black cat eye and red lips, as you see in the bedroom above. Against a clean, white wall, a large decal such as this one can transform a space with minimal effort and expense.

A Stunning Decal

Sexy Marilyn Marilyn Monroe Face Red Lips

WillingCo sells a beautiful stick-on decal that evokes the glam goddess’ image on any surface you choose. Use it to highlight a wall as an accent or create a centralized theme, starting right above your bed!Click here to check out this brilliant wall decal on Amazon.

Pinstriped Perfection

Washed Cotton Dark Grey Duvet Cover Sets with White Stripes Pattern Simple Style Bedding Set

Black and white perfectly complements the Marilyn aesthetic. You can get your own comforter like the one in the Pinterest image above by clicking here to see Amazon’s offering.

6. A Classic Corner Collage

A captivating corner adorned with a collection of Marilyn Monroe images in stunning black and white, adding an inspiring touch to the sitting or artist's corner

A sitting corner or artist’s corner could always do with a touch of inspiration, couldn’t it? This collaboration of Marilyn images perfectly decorates this corner space in stunning black and white. No matter your chosen color scheme, you can’t go wrong with these classic photographs.

Iconic Film Footage

Marilyn White Dress

The 7 Year Itch has captured hearts since its debut, in no small part thanks to this iconic dress scene. Get your own immortalized still of this playful picture from The 3D Art Company from Amazon by clicking here.

Furry White Chair Cover

Faux Sheepskin Rugs Soft Faux Fur Rugs White Fluffy Rugs Chair

Fur adds a distinctive touch of sophistication and luxury – but real fur is not in demand anymore. Fortunately, you can purchase this faux fur chair cover. Perfectly mimic the look of luxury without resorting to real fur. Get this faux alternative today by clicking here to visit Amazon.

7. Black, Red and White Never Go Out of Style

A striking bedroom design featuring a deep red accent wall reminiscent of Marilyn's iconic lips, adorned with black and white prints

A deep red accent wall, much like Marilyn’s red lips, make an impact at first sight. The addition of black and white prints of the Gentlemen Prefer Blonds star fuse her beauty into this striking aesthetic easily. If you keep your bedroom within a cohesive color scheme of red, black and white, you can’t go wrong. Look to the accessories to truly appreciate this dynamic bedroom design.

Walk on the Wild Side

Luxurious and Silky Zebra Printed Pillow Cases

Animal print is a great way to add an element of unexpected fun into any living space. You can buy these zebra print pillowcases from Tealp by clicking here to go to Amazon.

A Touch of Red

DiamondHome Super Soft Warm Light Weight Fleece Throw Blanket

A red throw blanket is the perfect subtle accent to accompany a red wall in an otherwise black and white bedroom. DiamondHome offers a beautiful, lush red throw blanket, which you can check out by following this Amazon link.

8.Elegance in Simplicity

Marilyn-inspired bedroom, the focus shifts away from vintage bed frame and red accents

Not every Marilyn-inspired bedroom needs to be packed with vintage accessories and the color red. In this bedroom, you can plainly see that the red of Marilyn’s lipstick isn’t the focal point. In fact, it isn’t even present at all! The wall decal above the bed still showcases the Hollywood icon’s face, without the red that can make it hard to match to your preferred color scheme. Black and white by itself goes with anything!

A Stunning Silhouette

Marilyn M Face Silhouette Wall Decal - Famous Silhouette Wall Art Decor

Here is another black and white decal featuring Marilyn Monroe’s likeness. You can use this decal on any white wall to draw attention to a spot and invoke this classic theme without relying on the boldness of red. Click here to purchase your own black and white Marilyn wall decal on Amazon.

Bring the Past to the Present

Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Ruby Without Bed Frame Full

“Vintage” is one of the words most commonly associated with Marilyn Monroe, and for good reason. This white headboard from Hillsdale Furniture can make any modern bedroom look a bit more charming as if it was transported from the past and brought into the 21st century. Click here to buy your own vintage-inspired headboard, straight from Amazon.

9. The Bed is the Centerpiece of a Bedroom

a bold statement with a Marilyn Monroe-themed bedspread that leaves no doubt about your admiration for the iconic star

If you don’t want guests to have any questions about your love for Marilyn, a bedspread decked out with her image will silence them! Forget throw blankets, pillowcases, and little accessories when you can have your favorite Hollywood icon displayed all over your sleeping space.

A Showy Comforter Set

Marilyn Monroe Oil Painting Queen Size Bedding Sets

From wuy comes this beautiful Marilyn Monroe bedding set, embellished with roses to infuse that familiar touch of red into the style. Roses and Marilyn are both classic and beautiful, so I can’t think of a better way to deck out a Marilyn lover’s bedroom than with this bedding set. Click here to buy yours from Amazon today.

10.  A Quotable Woman’s Words

Marilyn Monroe's iconic quotes into your bedroom decor for a touch of timeless wisdom and glamour

You don’t need to use Marilyn Monroe’s personal image to add her influence into the style of your bedroom. Her quotes are just as legendary as her beauty. In this example, you can see the words “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear,” located right above the vanity station. Quote decals are a great way to add a personalized touch to any room without worrying about conflicting with your chosen color scheme and aesthetic.

Add Personality with a Quote

A Smile is The Best Makeup Any Girl can wear \" Wall Art Wall Saying

Picniva sells a decal depicting the exact quote above. Click here to purchase it from Amazon for your own bedroom, office, living room, or anywhere else!

Pop Art Pizazz

Beneath The Make-Up and Behind The Smile I am Just A Girl Who Wishes for The World

Do you want a Marilyn quote on your own wall, but you want something a bit more graphical, too? This “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world” quote decal is accompanied by a pop art variant of Marilyn’s familiar face. Click here to buy your own graphic quote decal on Amazon today!

Marilyn Monroe Still Inspires Impeccable Style Today

It really isn’t difficult to see how Marilyn Monroe’s signature style has left an imprint on the world of fashion and home décor as we know it in the 21st century. It’s easy to find elements invoking her image that you can use to turn your space into a Hollywood glam dreamland, so the only thing standing in your way is your own creativity!

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