15 Nordic-Style Bedroom Ideas To Inspire you

What images bring to mind Nordic and Scandinavian influences? Is it the maximum of six to seven hours of daylight during the winter months? The clean and yet fluffy look of snow? Or is it the few colors that are accented by the backdrop of a simplistic nature?

However and whatever the impressions, Nordic style bedrooms combine minimalism, space, cleanliness, and light to make a serene and relaxed environment for those who dwell there. Here are a few ideas to bring your bedroom to life – the Nordic way.

1. Bright Light

Even the Nordic countries get light from time to time. It may not be a long time, but the light brings about an atmosphere of peace. How can the sun shining through the windows not invoke images of a beautiful day no matter what your schedule looks like?

Make use of the natural light by using only sheer or translucent curtains if you must have something to cover the windows.

photorealistic bedroom filled with natural light through sheer curtains

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2. Soft Light Fixtures

Because light is more like a phenomenon when it actually happens in Nordic countries, using the lack of light to your benefit by only incorporating soft lights and light fixtures.

Using the giant chandelier, in this case, is a no go. Either small lamps or one hanging piece is a way to continually have the peacefulness in your abode and showcase the entire room.

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photorealistic bedroom featuring soft pendant lights.

3. Furs As A Design Element

One of the other factors of the cold is to keep warm. Adding a fur rug or fur throw to the bed is one detail that proves getting out of bed in the morning is a lot harder than it looks. Not only will you feel nice and cozy in bed, but your room will look more welcoming.

Of course, there’s no need to use real fur. There are plenty of wonderfully warm and luxurious faux fur alternatives!

photorealistic bedroom adorned with a faux fur rug or throw.

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of Contrasting Colors

In traditional Nordic interior design, the walls should look white and almost blandish. However, modern designers often go with walls of solid colors, even very dark ones. If you are going to have walls that have color, add a strong accent for a little more liveliness.

There is plenty of life even in the cold, frigid areas of the north. Bring the intensity of the calm before the snowstorm and show the deep boldness of the one that lives there – by incorporating strong contrasts in your color scheme.

hotorealistic bedroom showcasing contrasting color accents.

5. Bring Nature Indoors

Having a few potted plants is not only encouraged, but it is also almost mandatory for a Nordic style bedroom.

Not only has science proven that greenery supplies an overwhelming sense of tranquility and harmony to a place, but the look provides a dash of color amidst all the white in the room.

photorealistic bedroom adorned with potted plants for a touch of greenery.

6. Add The Midas Touch Of Gold

One of the best supporting colors to add to these types of bedrooms is either wood for a furniture piece, or add a gold touch to strengthen the look and feel of the bedroom among all the neutral colors.

This type of highlighting demonstrates a striking distinction between the soft pastel colors and the pop of color throughout the bedroom itself by introducing warm tones.

photorealistic bedroom featuring a warm gold accent.

7. Make It Spacious

Nordic style is all about space and a lack of clutter. Your bedroom does not have to be big to look roomy, it just needs to be simple. Add a few details that illuminate style and freedom. The room should be orderly and look fresh as a new blanket of snow. Even the smallest of bedrooms can look massive with everything in place.

photorealistic spacious Nordic-style bedroom.

8. Your mom doesn’t have to know you don’t make the bed!

This is one exception to the rule that everything needs to look presentable and neat throughout the bedroom. Even though for years we were all told to make our beds, in this case, it’s completely acceptable. Show off colored sheets, and have a rumpled or crumpled bed looks incredibly inviting; that is the exact look you are going for.

photorealistic bedroom with rumpled and inviting bedsheets.

9. A Lack Of Color

You can have an all-cream bedroom and it is normal. Picture a sophisticated albeit immaculate look that is wholly tolerable and sufficient. Resembling a monochrome photograph is a similar look to resemble.

photorealistic bedroom with the bed placed on the floor for a minimalist look

10. Bed On The Floor

Saving money by not having to purchase a frame or even a headboard is exciting! Nordic bedrooms can get away with the bed on the floor which emphasizes more open space and less furniture and hodgepodge.

photorealistic all-white Nordic-style bedroom.

11. Hang The Right Kind Of Canvas

If looking at all white colored walls screams insanity then add a canvas or two that are a bit colorful or have a highlight of the wood or gold that was mentioned before.

Either add one giant piece above the bed or add a few small pieces sprinkled throughout the bedroom for a little touch of personality.

 photorealistic bedroom featuring carefully chosen canvas art pieces.

12. Clean Cut Furniture

You will definitely need furniture that has a look of either modern design or old wood that looks smooth. The furniture should be minimal and functional because it is all about purpose.

A desk, small dresser and a nightstand may be all that you need for storing all of your personal items.

photorealistic bedroom showcasing minimal and functional furniture.

13. Add a Bit of Texture

Your choice of texture shows character and composition in a room. You can add texture to a wall, bedding, canvas or ceiling. A sleek designer room does not have to be void of quality and charm.

Nordic rooms are not meant to be boring, they utilize the minimum amount of pieces and colors to create something utterly beautiful. So throw down that extra throw rug down!

photorealistic bedroom incorporating texture in various elements.

14. Which Colors To Use?

If you can picture the Nordic countries, specific colors come to mind. Obviously white, silver, grey and black are the most obvious. However, light pastel pink or a dark midnight blue or green are colors that are recommended for boosting a Nordic-themed bedroom.

The colors should either be pronounced on an accent wall, subtle as the color of the bedding or drapes or pop in an array of white on the wall.

photorealistic bedroom highlighting specific Nordic colors.

15. Flooring Does Matter

Those shag carpets we all remember from the 1970’s? Leave it there. It has no place now and never in a Nordic bedroom.

The bedroom floor should either be painted white or be a light wood for the room to allocate the aspect of even more natural light coming through.

photorealistic bedroom with white or light wood flooring.

A new modern while comforting look is the Nordic style. Immerse yourself in a serene environment even if the rest of your home and life is chaotic. You can be sure that having your very own sanctuary will give you the sense of peace that you are looking for.

Close your eyes and imagine a giant snow-capped mountain in the distance, listen to the flowing brook with the forest vegetation behind you; how can you not help but be transformed into a more state of relaxation? Open your eyes and recognize you are home.

In Summary

Feeling inspired? To sum up all the nuances of a Nordic bedroom, here’s a list of the tips shared in this post:

  1. Have natural light coming through with minimal amount of window treatment.
  2. Soft lighting adding just one of two pendant lights is a great look.
  3. One or two furs on the bed or the floor.
  4. Don’t be afraid of contrasting colors.
  5. Plants and greenery are a must.
  6. Wooden frame or a golden highlight in the room can be great.
  7. The bigger the room seems, the better.
  8. You are no longer required to make the bed!
  9. Headboards or bed frames are not needed.
  10. White walls are encouraged.
  11. It’s okay to hang a canvas or a few small prints.
  12. Furniture must be modern or look clean cut.
  13. Include texture in some format of the bedroom.
  14. Use only specific colors: soft pinks, dark blues and, of course black, white, grey and silver.
  15. No carpeting, white or wood is recommended.
15 Nordic-Style Bedroom Ideas To Inspire you




an image of nordic bedroom
an image of nordic bedroom
an image of nordic bedroom
an image of nordic bedroom
an image of nordic bedroom
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