Pebble Tec Vs Pebble Sheen Vs Pebble Fina Pros & Cons: What’s Different?

Building or renovating a pool is already challenging enough. Choosing the right finish will make the job easier and more rewarding. Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, and Pebble Fina all come from the same brand, but are they all that different? How will each look in the finished pool? We have laid out the facts for you.

Pebble Tec has the largest aggregate pebble stones, bringing about the most natural feel out of the three. Pebble Sheen consists of smaller pebbles that offer a smoother but non-slip surface, while PebbleFina has the smoothest finish with its finely-crushed pebbles. The “best” choice is subjective, depending on the texture and appearance you want. 

Pebble Tec Pros:

  • More natural look
  • Less slippery
  • Least expensive option out of the three
  • Comes in 18 colors

Pebble Tec Cons:

  • Rough texture can bother some people
  • Possible Discoloration

Pebble Sheen Pros:

  • Smoother surface
  • Reflects light better for more shine

Pebble Sheen Cons:

  • More expensive
  • Requires more maintenance

Pebble Fina Pros:

  • Resists Etching
  • Smoothest texture
  • Lasts a long time

Pebble Fina Cons:

  • Color may become a little duller in certain lighting conditions

When building or reconstructing a pool, there are many things to consider, but the best way to weigh your options is to know what’s different about them. Keep reading below to learn more about the differences and unique features of Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, and Pebble Fina.

What Is Pebble Tec?

A pool that has been drained and demolished

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Pebble Tec is the brand’s original flagship product. It has the largest aggregate stones, so it’s a great option if you want to replicate a more natural atmosphere.

However, the texture is not for everyone, as some may find that their feet will hurt if they put their feet flat on the pool floor.

What Is Pebble Sheen?

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edge of a swimming pool cemented with the design of a pebble, Pebble Tec Vs Pebble Sheen Vs Pebble Fina Pros & Cons: What's Different?

Pebble sheen has stones that have been lightly grounded, resulting in smaller pebbles. This won’t take away the natural look of the pool, but it also has a smoother surface.

Pebble sheen gives you the best of both worlds, so it’s undoubtedly popular among many homeowners. It won’t hurt your skin, but it will have an aesthetically pleasing look and vibrant colors mostly present in visible aggregates.

However, since it uses smaller stones, you need to clean this finish more frequently so the color won’t dull.

You should also consider your budget since Pebble Sheen is pricier than Pebble Tec. If you upgrade from Pebble Tec, it could cost you around $3,000 to $5,000.

What Is Pebble Fina?

Pebble Fina is the smoothest finish of the three options since the aggregates have been crushed finely, making it ideal for people who want a perfectly smooth surface.

However, you can compromise a natural aesthetic since Pebble Fina resembles a traditional plaster more than a pebble aggregate, making it a bit less expensive than Pebble Sheen. It costs around $800-$1000 to upgrade.

Some homeowners also aren’t impressed with Pebble Fina’s coloring. Pebble Tec’s vibrant color comes from its large aggregates, so the more finely crushed PEbble Fina can appear duller in person.

Which One Is More Popular?

Among the three, Pebble Sheen is most preferred by homeowners because it has all the characteristics most people want for their pool: It’s smooth and durable, but it doesn’t take away the vibrant color of the aggregates completely.

Although it has two less colors than Pebble Tec (Pebble Tec has 18 color options while Pebble Sheen has 16), it still has the highest demand because of its quality and elegant appearance.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Pool Finish

Worker laying tile in the pool

Although you may be aware of each finishes’ features, you should still be familiar with the things that make a pool finish worth your money.

After all, it’s not cheap to install and upgrade one, and the assumption is that the pool finish should last at least 20 years.

If the finish is not of high quality, or if the installation was not done well, you’d be looking at hefty repair costs that are pricier than the original installation.

Of course, when hiring a contractor, make sure they’re finishing your pool with an authentic product.

Here are things to consider when choosing a pool finish.


The durability of the finish should be one of your top priorities. Other finishing materials last for up to 10 years only, but if you choose a reputable one despite the cost (such as Pebble Tec), it could last more than 20 years.

You should also check if the material can withstand a certain amount of stress, especially with water pressure.

It also shouldn’t be prone to mold or bacteria and shouldn’t need to be watched over every day. With proper maintenance, a durable finish should be able to withstand heavy foot traffic and the occasional strain.


Slip resistance is also an important factor, especially if you have kids running around the pool. It would prevent accidents, especially if you have Pebble Tec as your pool finish.

Generally, the rougher the surface, the safer it is, and Pebble Tec has this by the spades. However, if you don’t want your feet to hurt but also don’t want an overly-smooth pool floor, go with Pebble Sheen.

If you have slippery flooring, though, you need to hire a contractor to add grit to your pool floor. Expect them to use sand, aluminum oxide, or glass beads. The best anti-slip material is aluminum oxide.


The pool’s color is one of the most essential things pool owners consider since it would make or break the vibrant atmosphere around the pool area. Most, of course, would prefer a vibrant blue that can entice anyone to jump into the water.

Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen have some of the best color options. The colors range from dark to light blue schemes, and they look even better under the sunlight.

Pebble Sheen has a more refined look, and the smaller aggregates even have some shimmer to them.

Some of the most popular colors include the following:

  • Blue Surf
  • Aqua Blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Turtle Bay
  • Prism Blue
  • Bordeaux
  • Seafoam Green


Construction Worker Using Trowel On Wet Cement Forming Coping Around New Pool

How the floor would feel beneath your feet is just as important as how it looks. Most people prefer having smooth surfaces, but some would also like to have their floor have a certain grip for safety reasons.

Make sure you choose a texture that will let you have some peace of mind if you or other people are swimming in the pool.

Pebble Fina has the smoothest texture, but it can have blotches, especially if not maintained correctly. Pebble Sheen also has a smooth texture, but not as smooth as Pebble Fina. However, it is easier to maintain.

Do Pool Finishes Require Professional Installation?

Professional Swimming Pools Worker Finishing Composite Outdoor Pool Deck Installation

Pool finishes require professional installation because a lot of things can go wrong if you make even the simplest mistake.

Repair costs are often very expensive, and it would consume your time and energy. It is best to have a licensed contractor install your finish, so the quality is assured.

If a pool finish wasn’t installed correctly, the surfaces would often be rougher than it’s supposed to be. It could also be prone to damage and bacteria, which could ultimately ruin the entire pool.

Final Thoughts

Pool finishes require a lot of time, effort, and money, so you should be familiar with the finishes you intend to lay on your pool floor. The pool is easily visible, and it would normally attract attention, so you should choose one that could elevate its look and make it safe for everyone.

Pools also tend to be prone to mold and bacteria, so make sure to regularly clean and maintain them so it would last longer.

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