14 Fun Rubber Ducky Bathroom Accessories

Rubber duckies have long been synonymous with bathrooms. But just because rubber duckies and bathrooms have been a widely-known association for decades doesn't mean they're obsolete.

Bathtub placed near building window with crack texture decorative wall paneling design, 14 Fun Rubber Ducky Bathroom Accessories

These brightly colored toys might have started as mere bathtub accessories, but they have recently developed into an entire theme of bathroom decor. That's right- you can decorate a bathroom with a rubber ducky theme. This decorative style adds a splash of color and some unique personality to the room.

Sound fun? If so, keep reading to check out these 14 amazing rubber ducky accessories for your bathroom!

1. Floating Ducky Bathroom Vanity Accessories

If you love rubber duckies, you'll love these floating guys. The design makes it look like the ducks are always suspended in liquid. They'll bob and move as the vanity accessories are moved about, adding to the intrigue of the set.

The set includes a soap dispenser, tumbler, soap dish, and a toothbrush holder. All toiletry needs met! The acrylic construction makes the pieces tough and durable.

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2. Shower Curtain Hooks

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Show your love of rubber duckies in the little things. These 12 carefully crafted shower curtain hooks will hold your curtain up with their ducky strength. The metal hooks are rust-proof, ensuring you can slide the hooks down the rod with ease time and time again.

Customers who have bought and used this product say that the hooks are so cute and perfect for their intended use.

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3. Adhesive Bath Treads

Find your footing with the help of these non-slip tub treads. The package comes with 5 adhesive bath treads to ensure your tub is well-covered. Bathing will be both fun and safe with the addition of these guys.

They're super simple to install. First, make sure the tub is clean. Then, arrange the duckies in the pattern you desire. Proceed to remove the backing from each piece and stick it to the tub. Let it stand for 12 hours before using your tub. Their grip is reliable, and you'll enjoy them for years to come.

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4. Light Switch Plate

Brighten your bathroom with the help of these rubber ducky friends. This light switch plate features a family of rubber duckies swimming along under the sunshine. The ducks are resin-based and have a partial 3D shape, adding extra depth to the room. The plate covers a standard two switch electrical component and comes with color coordinating screws.

People who have bought this product comment on the little details of the plate and its well-made, sturdy quality.

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5. Ceramic Dispenser

This ceramic and stainless steel rubber ducky dispenser is the perfect addition to your vanity. Its cheerful color and shape will bathe the vanity with a fun feature. Fill and refill the 15-ounce dispenser with lotion, soap, or any other liquids you wish. Plenty of liquids will fit in the dispenser, so you won't need to refill it very often.

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6. Rubber Ducky Shower Curtain

Don't let your love for rubber duckies go unnoticed. This shower curtain is covered in bright rubber ducky figures. The curtain is standard size, 72 inches x 72 inches. It comes with 12 rust-proof metal shower curtain hooks. But we encourage you to try out those adorable rubber ducky shower curtain hooks seen above to enjoy a full ducky bathroom!

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7. Faucet Extender

Extend your faucet water flow with the help of this cute little guy. It fits on the majority of faucet heads with no problem. He's made from a combination of silicone and soft, durable plastic. Flip the head down to employ its extending purpose. Easily detach it when you don't wish to use it or want to wash it.

The duck head design will be unforgettable to all your guests; this piece of decor will leave an impression on anyone that uses your bathroom. Customers think it's great and it works exactly as it's supposed to.

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8. Quack Bath Mat

Keep from slipping in the shower or bath with the help of this quack bath mat. Suction cups on the bottom of the mat keep it firmly in place, and the material on top allows you to maintain steady footing. If there's a time you don't want to use it, you can easily roll it up and stow it away for next time.

The sunshine yellow rubbery ducky mat measures 32.5 inches by 16 inches, covering a significant portion of the tub. Customers who have used the product say that it's very cute and functional.

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9. Wall Clock

Keeping a clock in your bathroom is a helpful way to always have a handle on the time. From a decorative standpoint, a clock helps complete a room. And if there's a clock in the bathroom, you may as well make it a rubber ducky one!

This clock measures 9.45 inches in diameter. It features a silent mechanism that won't produce an audible ticking noise. The clock is crafted from high-quality PVC, is unframed, and has no glass cover.

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10. Rubber Ducky String Lights

Add warm light to your bathroom with the help of these rubber ducky string lights. Drape the lights around the ceiling, your mirror, or anywhere else you can think of. Each strand measures nearly 10 feet in length. The lights are battery operated and require 3 AA batteries.

The lights have two lighting options: flashing or steady. They're long-lasting, safe, and reliable - perfect for accessorizing a bathroom and taking the fun to the next level.

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11. Jumbo Rubber Ducky Bath Toy

Bigger is better, right? This jumbo rubber ducky is the perfect addition to your bathroom. He sits at 8 inches tall, much larger than your average sized rubber ducky you've seen! He's strong and durable and will last for a very long time. It will spark conversation, that's for sure.

Customers who have bought this product love it and the fun it brings with it wherever it goes.

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12. Rubber Ducky Wall Decals

Stick and re-stick these adorable little guys all over your bathroom walls. These removable vinyl wall decals come in two sheets and feature an assortment of rubber ducky characters and bubbles. Create scenes with them or simply scatter them randomly. Change them up as frequently as you want.

Removing the decals is easy and won't cause damage to any surface. Each duck measures between 10 and 12 inches in height. Customers comment on the high quality and fun features of the vinyl decals.

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13. Rubber Ducky Hand Towel

Scrub a dub dub. Hand towels are a necessary accessory for any bathroom, so go ahead and make sure it's covered in rubber duckies! This towel is super soft and constructed from microfiber on the front and sturdy cotton on the underside. The towel is lightweight and very absorbent. It measures 16 inches by 30 inches - standard size.

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14. Ceramic Vase Or Holder

Is there a corner of your vanity that's looking a little barren? No worries, this cute ceramic rubber ducky vase/holder will gladly fill the space! Add your favorite mini bouquet of florals or a nice succulent to the duck for a finished look. If you don't want to fill him with flowers, you could also use it as a small toiletry holder.

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