Should Couches Always Match?

Choosing the perfect couch for your living space can feel impossible. There are so many different colors, styles, and textures to choose from. Should your couch match your other furniture, or should you have more variation? These all immediately come to mind when deciding and designing a living space. We’ve researched the best design strategies to help you coordinate your furniture.

Couches do not need to match. Although charming and cohesive, matching sofa sets can get boring after a while and fade into a space. Having a little splash of color in your living room can add a sleek and contemporary design and open up the space like never before. That is not to say that you are forbidden from buying a sofa set, but it is always more fun to mix it up. Variation in the palette is key.

Throughout this article, we will cover the basics, from choosing the perfect couch to giving a little insight into your space’s complementary colors and styles. Choosing a new couch can actually be very fun if you have a plan ahead of time. We encourage you to check out our photos and living room inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Should Couches Always Match?, Bright Living Room with gray couches

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Can you mix leather and fabric furniture in the same room?

Mixing leather and fabric furniture in a common space is definitely ok. We have seen it all when it comes to the design and styling of living spaces. A great example of successfully mixing these two materials together is by having a fabric sofa and pairing it with an artsy leather chair. This creates diversity in your space while maintaining a good style.

A statement chair is an easy and affordable way to allow for extra seating and that pop of color and style every home needs. Most couches tend to be fabric or faux leather materials, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. Actual leather furniture has fallen out of style in recent years and has been replaced with a more colorful and eco-friendly design. Mixing and matching styles and materials can really give your space that impactful design or change it desperately needs.

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Living room with colorful pillows

The living space photographed above is a fantastic example of mixing materials in your home. The white tone sofa paired with a soft blue accent chair is both livable and style forward. You do not have to choose one color and be trapped with it. More homes have picked up this specific style of decor, and it is considered to be fairly mainstream when it comes to interior design. 

Modern living room interior with a grey armchair

The example shown above is a more neutral palette that has a very clean and elegant feel. Mixing materials and colors does not always have to be bright and colorful, but can be on the more subtle side. This design follows a more grey/white contemporary style and is very monochromatic and on the color wheel’s severe side. 

Composition with sofa and armchairs and colorful throw pillows

Shown above is another living room that is on the more colorful side. This is definitely a more vibrant and artsy option than the other examples given. The mixing and matching in this space come out cohesive due to the designer matching the pillows to the alternating sofas and chairs. You can see how even with bright colors, you can create a unified and stylish space without losing your artsy ambiance. 

If you want to get started mixing and matching, check out these compatible pieces:

We found this fabric sofa on Amazon. This specific style is versatile and cost-effective, which is why we recommend it to you. Follow this link to check it out on Amazon.

Following a more earth-toned color scheme, we have found this faux leather chair to pair with the blue sofa above. Mixing and matching these two different materials works very well due to them complementing each other’s style. Brown and darker colors tend to look quite well together and give a sophisticated look to a space. Follow this link to view this chair on Amazon.

What is the most popular sofa color?

When it comes down to the most popular sofa color, the crown goes to grey. This is most definitely due to the neutral and compatible palette this color creates. You simply can not go wrong with a lighter grey sofa and vibrant pillows or even a throw blanket. Grey sofas are easy to clean and do not show dirt or wear as much as white or very light colors will. You can also have so much fun with your accessories and art surrounding your grey toned sofa because of its design’s softness.

Modern bright interiors 3D rendering illustration

Above, you can see a great example of grey not being so cold in design. The warm-toned lighting and softer palette really create a comfortable and livable space in this home. This particular design follows more of a farmhouse modern aesthetic and is a sure win for your home and living space.

Modern interior of living room with black couch

The living room photographed above is a great example of a darker grey aesthetic. The grey here on the sofa is very dark and has more of a contemporary style to it. This is great for a brighter space because natural light balances the darker palette of the couch. You would not want to do this in a darker room because it would turn out too intense. 

Does couch and loveseat have to match?

This really does come down to preference, but following our accent piece philosophy, we recommend switching things up. Color variation is always a good idea when it comes to home design. A theme can be adhered to while also showing a little bit of individuality and vibrance. Loveseats are usually more artful in design due to their smaller size versus a regular couch. Extra seating does not always have to be boring but can actually be the star of the show. 

modern living room with white couches and sriped throw pillows

This example above is a great way to remain in the same color palette while still adding a pop of color and diversity to your space. The striped loveseat across from the sofa gives this room a full feeling while achieving cohesiveness. You can also see how the details in this living space really end up giving it that complete look.

Should Couches Always Match?, Bright Living Room with gray couches

This photo above is a great example of matching colors in a space to give off a clean and simple aesthetic. If you prefer a matching set, this is the blueprint you should use in your design efforts. The palette for this room is very light and modern while staying comfortable and livable. 

Should I get a sectional or two sofas?

When deciding whether or not two sofas or a sectional will be most beneficial, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What aesthetic do I wish to achieve?
  • How many people are going to be using the space?
  • How many separate pieces of furniture do I want to purchase?
  • What is the most cost-effective option?

Sectional versus sofa has always been a dilemma. Some people are absolutely obsessed with their sectionals, while some cannot stand them. Our personal recommendation to you would be to assess what your needs are and to decide from there. In our opinion, you cannot go wrong with a sectional. 

Click here to see this L-shaped sectional on Amazon. If you want extra seating on top of this, we recommend an accent chair or loveseat. You cannot go wrong with mixing it up and adding that extra splash of color in your living space. 

Here we have found a great accent chair and extra seating option to pair with your sectional. This adds that extra seating while allowing for a yellow burst of color to be showcased in your space. This is eye-catching as well as usable and essential in a living room environment. Click here to see this accent chair set on Amazon.


Whether you have been matching your living room decor since the dawn of time or just hate the idea of it, you’ve got options. Design is entirely subjective and is up for your personal interpretation. Staying within a neutral palette for your main sofa will help you stay stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Accent pieces are there for a reason and should be utilized in every space. If you do prefer a matching set, try adding some vibrant pillows or blankets to brighten up your living room. We recommend having fun and doing some research prior to buying your sofa, loveseat, sectional, or accent piece. 

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