Should Curtains Match In An Open Floor Plan?

Curtains can be the standout item of your decor and can really frame a space. Open floor plans tend to give off a roomy and vast feeling in a space, so you might wonder whether curtains should match or not to help designate separate living areas. We’ve researched the best curtain styles for open floor plans to help you decorate with ease. 

Curtains arranged in an open floor plan should display a cohesive style. Even though your space might be large and diverse, your curtains should be the one component that stands unified -either via color scheme or pattern. Add vibrance to your rooms by accessorizing with creative, bold decor.

As you continue reading, we will get into the nitty-gritty about curtain colors and patterns to use in your space. We will recommend some of our favorite products and styles for you to try. Less is more when it comes to your window treatments for an open floorplan. 

A spacious living room with a wooden vinyl flooring, yellow curtains, huge windows, and a sectional sofa with a black coffee table, Should Curtains Match In An Open Floor Plan?

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Do Curtains Have To Match In The Same Room?

Curtains definitely should match within the same room. If you refuse to follow this guideline, try coordinating patterns to create a similar vibe throughout your room. Curtains usually come in sets, so that should be an incentive to stick with the same design for either an open floor plan or a divided area.

A color palette should definitely be chosen before buying curtains or any accessories, so you can follow a basic guideline and remain on track while decorating. If you like lighter colors and aesthetics, try going with a pastel color scheme. If you are more on the boho-chic side of the pond, go for a neutral or earth-toned palette for your curtains.

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Follow this link to see an array of blackout curtain colors on Amazon. This casual style blocks out the sun and help with noise reduction. Open floor plans do tend to echo, so this may be the perfect product for you.

The linen, patterned curtains above are much lighter than blackout curtains. These may be best for you if your windows do not face the sun or a busy street. You will definitely want to match these throughout the room due to their pattern and unique style. Follow this link to check this set of curtains out on Amazon.

How Do You Use Curtains To Define Spaces In An Open Floor Plan?

Using curtains to define your open floor plan can be fairly easy with the right color choice. A bright pop of color can be chosen if the rest of your living area falls into a more neutral design or vice versa. Curtains have a sophisticated look to them naturally, so achieving definition is much easier than you think. A robust color or patterned curtain can really transform a space and double as art on your walls, whereas a dainty, neutral curtain can accentuate open space and highlight your windows. 

A spacious living room with a white sectional sofa, black coffee table, brown wall unit and yellow curtains

The example depicted above is a perfect visual for using curtains to define a space. This room used a gold, long curtain to act as a luxurious frame to the room. These also work as blackout curtains, which is a plus to increase heating and cooling efficiency in your home. The designer here also made sure to match the couch pillows to the curtains, tying the whole space together. This room is a very open concept yet feels luxurious

A white romantic themed dining area with a bay window with white curtains, four accent dining chairs and a red velvet table

The dining room shown above looks absolutely stunning. This is an example of using light curtains to frame the space while also achieving that grand look. This room looks like it was taken right out of Paris and creates such a bright ambiance in the space. Open concept layouts desperately need to be styled and treated appropriately, and this hits the nail right on its head. The red and black accents pop with this white curtain backdrop. 

What Are The Best Window Treatments In An Open Floor Plan?

The very best window treatments for an open floor plan would be Roman shades or some type of mechanical blind. Wooden blinds tend to look very dated and clash with curtains, which is something to try to avoid. Roman shades are a decorative cloth material window treatment that pulls up and down without looking bulky. They almost go into themselves when opened, allowing for your curtains to really shine.

The Roman styled shades above are perfect for your open layout. They have a simple yet elegant look to them, which is a huge plus. Hanging curtains in front of them is easy and will look cohesive. This cloth material is actually quite dense yet bright. The concept for an open layout design is to create a larger and more bright living space, which these window treatments provide along with privacy. Follow this link to see them on Amazon.

The Roman blinds above can be paired with either white or earth-toned curtains to create an elegant and soft look. These also allow for natural light to permeate your space and open it up even more. Follow this link to see this set on Amazon. 

How Do You Match Curtains To A Room?

Matching a set of curtains to your room is dependent on your current color scheme. If you follow a lighter furniture and accessory palette, try giving your space a pop of color with a colored or patterned curtain. Having everything be the same color is not as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as incorporating contrast into your space.

You also can never go wrong with neutral curtains to create a pleasing frame for your room. Open concept floor plans make this difficult sometimes due to the immense amount of light entering the space.

A huge living room with dark blue ceiling high curtains, huge windows, gray colored furniture and a hardwood flooring

The room shown above is a fantastic example of curtains matching a room while making a bold statement. Floor to ceiling windows can become a major insulation issue if they are not treated with the correct curtains or materials. You want to choose a thick and durable curtain, such as this situation. 

Our Verdict On Matching Curtains in Open Floorplan

Matching the curtains in any open layout room is essential. Curtains must work as a frame to your space and its overall design. Adding vibrant curtains to can also create a thoughtful and comfortable aesthetic within your home. There are so many combinations of blinds and curtains for you to choose from. It is definitely possible to keep out the elements while doing it with elegance and style within your room or living space.


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