Study Area in Living Room: 17 Photo Examples

When it comes to creating a viable study area in your home, sometimes you just have to improvise. One of the best ways to do so is to create a study space in your living room. The living room is generally the most spacious room in the home, making it relatively easy to transform it into a little study space!

The challenging part of this venture is getting the study to seamlessly fit in with — and even contribute to — the overall design scheme of the room. After all, you don't want your living room study to be an eyesore that detracts from the aesthetic you've worked so hard to create in the space. But with the right decor, this is no problem at all. In fact, when executed well, a small study in the living room can be an amazing addition to the space both visually and functionally.

To make the process easier for you, we created an inspirational photo list of living room study areas to give you some ideas. Are you ready to transform your living room into your own personalized study space? Without further ado, let's get into it!

Black and white colored living room with white flooring and furniture and other materials for decoration, Study area in living room: 17 Photo Examples

1. Study With A Minimalist Footprint

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Spacious living room with grey sofa, white table and rack with books

This living room study space has a particularly minimal footprint due to the small white desk. The desk is not only small, but it has no clutter on it. The desk also seamlessly fits in with the room's overall color palette, supporting the decorative vision.


2. Corner Study Nook

Office avant-garde. 3d render

This homeowner has decided to insert the study space in the corner of the room so that it's completely out of the way. But the design elements of the study — namely the classic wooden accents — fit in perfectly with the rest of the room's aesthetic.

3. Modern Study

Office avant-garde. 3d render

The L-shaped desk in the corner of the living room functions as a subtle barrier between the study and the rest of the living space. Its dark tones also fit in almost seamlessly with the room's color palette, so it's the farthest thing from an eyesore. Decor like the desk lamp also helps the space fit in with the room's modern aesthetic.

Modern Desk Lamp

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4. Seamless Living Room Addition

New design home interior with window, TV, large sofa and white furniture set

This concept shows a great example of a study that is a natural extension of the living room. Here, the white desk matches the color and style of the entertainment center perfectly. Guests won't even notice the study at all!

5. Hidden Chic Study Space

Multifunctional, black and white room with sofa, plants, desk, chair

Can you find the study space? It probably took you a few seconds, didn't it? This study space has been perfectly interwoven into the chic decorative scheme of the living room. The study consists of a stylish minimalist desk, cool chic leather chair, and a free-standing lamp for some added light. A study space like this is sure to inspire.

6. Cute Foliage Accents

Modern scanidinavian interior of home office

There's no better way to liven up a study space than by adding some greenery. Even a simple hanging wall planter goes a long way toward creating an all-encompassing vibrance. And when it comes to a study area, what more could you want?

7. Sleek And Modern Attic Study

Modern Attic room interior. 3D rendering concept.

This study has all the hallmarks of a sleek and modern study space — neutral tones, white furniture, lots of natural light, and an assortment of smaller pieces that complete the look. A space like this is cozy and quaint.

Mid-Century Modern Chair

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Matte Finish Bronze Desk Lamp

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8. Modern With A Hint Of Retro

Mature man working from home in his studio office space with his dog sitting on his lap.

This study makes use of the landing space at the top of the stairs. A small and simple desk is tucked neatly underneath the television. When you're done studying, simply push in the chair, sit back on the couch, and relax!

9. Rustic-Chic Concept

Loft room with cozy design

This is one cozy study setup. It features a rustic-chic array of warm furniture with a neat and simple desk overlooking a foggy forest. It would be impossible to work in a space like this and not get inspired.

Chic Leather Chair

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10. Light-Colored Wood

Interior of modern design office with white sofa 3D rendering

Light-colored wood is the primary accent in this sleek and modern study. The goal here is minimalism; minimize clutter to stimulate the mind. The gray tones and bright yellow and green function cohesively to create a visually appealing study area.

11. Hideaway Study

Interior of a new modern apartment in scandinavian style

If you're looking to create a study setup with a truly small footprint, this is the perfect concept to mimic. The small desk and chair are tucked neatly away behind the wall.

12. Corner Study

Empty study room decorated with art and personal items.

This is another study that makes good use of the corner of a room that would otherwise go unused. Simply put a desk and a chair out of the way in the corner, and you're ready to get some work done!

13. Focal Point Study

Elegant and luxury office interior design. Please feel welcome to check out my huge quality library of interior design pictures.

In this living space, the study is the bold focal point. The large desk spans half the length of the room; it's even big enough to accommodate two additional chairs. It doesn't ruin the aesthetic, however, as the desk matches the couch and other decorative pieces perfectly.

14. Floating Corner Desk

Design a small room with a sofa. 3D rendering.

This is truly a one of a kind design. The study consists of a floating table placed neatly in the corner of the room. In this space, there's no shortage of natural light flooding in through the large window.

15. Slightly Hidden Study Space

Dark blue living room interior with three clocks, simple poster, bright sofa and home office corner with laptop on hairpin desk

If you want to keep your study space mostly out of sight, this is another concept to mimic. Here, the desk and chair sit right behind the half-wall that divides the living space. The idea here is to create a study area that's still cozy without compromising space in the living room.

16. Subtle Study

Interior of modern living room with couch and workplace with laptop

This small study setup sits apart from the rest of the living room, but it ties in with the overall decorative scheme perfectly. The light tones coupled with the dark couch create a trendy modern vibe everyone is sure to appreciate.

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17. Bright And Vibrant Space

Picture of small apartment interior design.

This living room study space is everything vibrant and lively. From the bold yellow accents to the abundant natural light streaming in through the windows, this space is chock-full of energy that's sure to get your creative wheels turning.

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