How to Design a Superhero Style Bedroom (10 Sample Rooms Analyzed)

How to Design a Superhero Style Bedroom (10 Sample Rooms Analyzed)

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Superheroes have long been a phenomenon in popular culture, one that has only thrived in popularity as the years have gone on. Now, so many universes full of powerful characters have infiltrated households across the world. They’ve even managed to take up residency in hundreds of thousands of bedrooms!

Superhero themed bedrooms are nothing new. But now it’s easier than ever to get everything you need to deck out your sleeping space with your favorite iconic heroes. You’re never too young or too old to enjoy the whimsy and wonder inspired by the productions of Marvel and DC comics. Don’t believe me? Continue reading to see how you can infuse your beloved childhood heroes into your own bedroom – or your child’s.

Get Inspired by These Super Bedrooms

Batman Reigns Over the Night


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Who doesn’t know of Batman, the caped crusader defending Gotham under the cloak of night? In contrast to Batman’s characteristically dark aesthetic, this bedroom infuses white into every space. This decorating genius made use of little details to make a lasting impact. Note the Batman mask decals on the wall above the bed and the various trinkets that keep the room definitely Batman-themed, but not overly dark.

The Dark Knight


Here’s another glimpse of the bedroom shown in the image above, which is as Batman-packed as the last. This person really paid attention to the details and emphasized the contrast between white and yellow against black to make every space of this child’s bedroom dynamic and eye-catching. Whatever superhero theme you’re thinking of going with, fabric storage cube dressers like this one are a fully customizable way to pay homage to your favorite hero’s color scheme.

Red, White, and Blue: Colors of Heros


The various Marvel universes have brought to us the most dynamic characters and collaborations ever witnessed. This bedroom pays homage to Marvel’s awesome contribution to pop culture by adding elements containing different heroes’ influences: A Spiderman pillow, Captain America nightstand, and a bedsheet that showcases different superheroes. Add a pop of red, and this Instagram user has created a low-key masterpiece in this room.

The First Avenger


The theme of red, white and blue perfectly embodies the aesthetic that we all naturally attribute to the First Avenger, Captain America. White walls and floors make for a perfect canvas for a project like this, as they allow these colorful elements to really stand out. Cap’s shield really makes for a great accent in any Marvel or superhero-themed bedroom.



DC and Marvel don’t have to be celebrated separately! In this bedroom, the decorator implemented aspects of both to create a super bedroom that any kid (and many adults) would love to sleep in. The comic book-themed sheets and wall mural really add an extra “POW!” to this space.

Hulk Smash!


Avengers assemble! This bedroom has captured signature elements of a few of Marvel’s iconic Avengers troupe, namely Captain America and the Hulk. Wall decals and murals are a great way to add an element of something unexpected but cohesive to the theme of the room, but this user’s creativity in designing this room doesn’t end there. They’ve used the area surrounding their lighting fixture to create a beautiful ceiling mural depicting Captain America’s shield. The Hulk throw pillow and Iron Man action figure add valuable little details to really tie this super space together.

Avengers Assemble!


Can’t decide on a favorite hero? Who says you have to? In this bedroom, “superhero” is the theme, rather than focusing on a specific Marvel or DC character. The bedsheets are a nice, subtle touch that doesn’t draw away from the eye-catching Thor, Hulk and Iron Man throw pillows. The mural above the bed plays to the “defender of the city” theme that runs throughout superhero franchises.

The Incredible Hulk


Whoever’s lucky enough to sleep in this bedroom is smashing into sleep in super-style. This Hulk-themed room perfectly uses the hero’s well-known green and purple theme without being “too much.” Again, this is a case of white walls really lending themselves to a multitude of colors and designs. In this room, the creator of the design utilized different representations of the Hulk: his smashing fist, a brooding and dark print, a cuddly Hulk plush, because no matter the form we all know the Hulk to be an incredible character all on his own.

Larger than Life


This bedroom goes above and beyond a simple sleeping space with hero elements and instead is a den that any hero would love to catch some Z’s in. The mural of the classic Avengers behind the bed is a tremendous feature but look at that bed frame! The geometric shapes of the headboard and footboard (which includes the Avengers logo in the distinct red on blue) are the first thing I see when I look at this impressive bedroom design.

Spidey-Decorating Sense


It seems that white, red and blue are a consistent theme throughout Marvel-inspired bedrooms, and not without good reason. This child’s bedroom is chock full of Marvel characters, but without any distinctive color clashing. By focusing on these specific colors and adding a touch of others (like the Hulk on the bedspread), this person has created a cohesive theme that looks flawless and fun!

Perfect Products for a Marvel Themed Bedroom

Watercolor Avengers

This set of 5 watercolor prints lets you decorate your or your child’s room with the dynamic presences of Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, the Hulk and Captain America. These prints are unique in the way that they are designed, without the darkness and foreboding characteristics that are so commonly infused with modern comic book hero imagery. Hang them anywhere!

Captain America Sheild Rug

Practical and awesome to look at, this Captain America shield play mat is everything that you need for your child’s play time. Not only does it have to do with America’s first Avenger, but it also folds up with drawstrings to secure your child’s toys if you ever need to travel around with their fun-time belongings. You can use this full-time at home or as a traveling accessory – whatever you need.

Avengers Lamp

Need to shine some light on a bedroom or playroom? This Avengers lamp is a perfect accent to any room, even if it isn’t superhero themed! This table lamp is small and uses a neutral gray tone, with accents featuring some of the Avengers’ crew, so it can fit in anywhere. Whether you’re trying to fit a superhero theme or not, this lamp is great to put anywhere – even mom or dad’s office.

Marvel Themed Bedding

This full 4-piece sheets set is a great addition to any superhero-themed bedroom, especially if Marvel is at the forefront of your mind. This sheet set, available in full and twin sizes, boasts imagery of the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. You don’t have to decide which Avenger is your favorite when you can have it all with this bed sheet spread.

Hulk Smash Wall Decor

The Hulk is one of the most recognizable (for obvious reasons) heroes associated with the Marvel franchise. This light, powered by 3 AAA batteries, illuminates any room that could use a punch of something super. The crack designs surrounding Hulk’s fist are included, so there’s no telling where you might decide to add an element of “Hulk smash” to your interior décor.

Dashing DC Comics Themed Bedroom Décor Products

Bat Curtains

The world’s Dark Knight can have a place on any bedroom wall with these high-quality bedroom curtains sold by JPI. Boasting the iconic Batman logo of yellow on black, these curtains are a great addition to any area that could use a touch of Bruce Wayne’s influence. The set includes the curtains and the tie-backs, to ensure that the Dark Knight doesn’t darken up your room when you need to let some sun in.

Super Heroines Rug

Boys don’t get to have all the fun! This adorable plush throw blanket has images of Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Super Girl, DC’s 3 ladies of justice. This can fit anywhere you need it to, from a twin sized bed to a throw blanket to go on your couch! If you’re a lover of superwomen, don’t forget about this luxurious throw from DC Superhero Kids.

DC Superhero Toy Chest

Batman, Superman, and the Flash all have lent their iconic imagery for the creation of this awesome storage box, which serves as a great toy bin for any playroom or bedroom. The sturdy wooden frame, paired with the bolstered leather upholstery, lets your child store any and all of their toys without worry that they may jam their fingers when closing the lid. This bin is the perfect toy chest for any superhero themed bedroom or playroom.

Wonderful Wonderwoman Rug

Wonder Woman makes another appearance, but this time on an area rug that will look awesome in any child’s room or playroom. The Amazon who defined superhero legacy for a generation of girls can now be featured anywhere that you decide a touch of something super is necessary. Are you or your child a lover of The Justice League, DC’s team of superhero combatants bent on defying the forces of evil? This analog clock, made out of a record’s vinyl, is a great statement piece to complete any hero-centered look that you could be dreaming of. This clock features the logos of Batman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern and many more of your favorite DC heroes! Even if your child can’t tell time, they will love seeing the familiar icons from their favorite good guys.

Creating a Super Room Requires a Superhero

There is something to be said for the folklore, the ingenuity and the creativity that revolves around Marvel and DC’s superhero icons. The products above, paired with the inspiration even further toward the top of this post, should help you to create the perfect Hero Cave for yourself or your child.




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