20 Tropical Bedroom Ideas [and How to Achieve the Look]

Tropical themes are typically identified by and comprised of elements like a mixture of warm and cool colors, lots of light, unpainted wood, and flora, which can be found solely in patterns, or with the incorporation of real plants as well.

20 Tropical Bedroom Designs [and How to Achieve the Look]

Becoming more popular in part due to a tendency towards minimalism and a light, airy ambiance, tropical themes are a great way to brighten up your room, while keeping a quiet, natural feel.


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Beautiful hotel room

Incorporation of wood? Check. Plant related decor? Check. Lots of light? Double-check. This is a great example of what little it takes to create a tropical theme. Embracing minimalism brings extra attention to what little detail you do choose to include in your room, which, in this case, is the fruit.

Something like a wooden bowl is easy to find and easy to incorporate! While keeping it on your bed may not be the most realistic option, placing it on a dresser or table with some items to highlight is never a bad idea.

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Palm City

White tropical bedroom interior

Like all decorating, you can pick an element you love, and create around it. In this case, the element was palm leaves. With the choice to select mainly white and grey decor, the greens of the palm, both in the plants themselves and carefully selected plant elements, the focus is immediately brought to the tropical theme.

Your bedding is a great way to casually incorporate elements you love into your bedroom. A comforter with a tropic theme is a great way to get started!

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Through the Window

View through the window of tropical cottage room

Using wood in the infrastructure of the house, an organic roof, and having a window that opens right up into palm leaves instantly gives away this theme. Organic is the key to the tropical aesthetic of this room!

Incorporating wooden crates, like the one on the corner of this room, is a smart way to bring design and function into a single object that can be used in a plethora of ways, from the organization to the display.

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True Neutral

Tropical wicker bedroom

Though this room possesses no pops of color that grab your attention, the overall light hues in the room give room to dark accents to make a statement. Vinal stickers on the wall, a dark wood mirror, and several palm printed pillows give this room a very pleasing aura without being understated.

Pillows are an easy, fairly cheap, and low hassle way to incorporate desired elements into a bedroom, especially since the vast majority of bedrooms will naturally include pillows.

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A Floral Fancy

Tropical theme bedroom with wooden ceiling

This mixture of cool and warm themes brings a fresh feel to this bedroom. Warm tiles and furniture near the window, with a cool bedspread, say all they need to without adding any other decor. With a simple floral design as the chosen emphasis, we're free to admire the room as a whole, appreciating each element individually.

For minimalist rooms, sometimes the only statement you need to make can be said with your comforter. A floral bedspread is both classy and comforting, making great for your tropical theme, and great for you.

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Sunny Symmetry

Tropical resort room

Natural wood, light, and tropical plants. It's important to notice that, in this case, the plants aren't even inside the house, but they are most certainly part of the decor. Drawstring blinds that get secured above the window make sure that no attention gets drawn away from the leaves and neutral colors in the remainder of the room create a gorgeous focus for the greenery.

For your tropical look, you're going to want a lamp with a wooden base to keep a natural, organic look that will be given focus by the light.

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Island Breeze

Tropical resort bedroom with yellow walls and wooden french windows and balcony

The orange bedspread and curtains give an absolutely gorgeous, almost tangible warmth to the room, but the pattern of leaves keep them soft, and from becoming too overwhelming. The most unique part of this room? All the cool tones come from outside, and it works beautifully.

End tables and coffee tables are a great way to accessorize and add accents to a room without buying decorations that don't serve a specific purpose. Bamboo furniture will bring a nice touch to your room without being overstated.

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High Noon

Tropical hotel room

A more earthy toned option, this example proves that you don't have to be showy to be tropical. With bamboo, natural wood, open features, and the assistance of a yellow wall, a tropical theme is brought to life.

Adding a wood chest or trunk is a great way to enhance any theme because it adds a certain timeless feeling that few other objects possess. In a bedroom, it can be great for storing blankets, a clean set of sheets, or your extra pillows.

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 Cathedral of Trees

Tropical bedroom interior in a resort

For a change of pace, you can make the bed the centerpiece, instead of the decor. Whereas some designs will draw your attention to woodwork, this room is full of it, as well as other earthy tones. The clear focus? The white bed, cleverly given the illusion of floating by using a bed frame in the same dark shade as the floor, and "suspended" from the ceiling.

This futon, with its natural wood frame, will help push your room toward your vision of having a tropical theme. With cushions that come in a variety of colors, you're sure to be able to find one that perfectly fits your color scheme!

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A Blank Slate

Hotel room

A prime example of minimalism, this bedroom as several qualities that make a tropical theme. Light and airy, with natural wood, what would you do to add an extra, tropical touch? An accent pillow? Potted plant? The options are nearly limitless, and you get to make the choice!

Nightstands are a great way to accessorize a theme, even if you're keeping your room more minimalist. Capable of making quiet statements while being a functional part of your room, natural wood end tables and nightstands are the way to go.

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Hotel bedroom

Most tropical themes want to focus on the more whimsical aspects of the tropics, like the airy breeze, or the ocean. But occasionally, you'll get one that was clearly inspired by something else, like the earth, or the trees. This room, heavier, with very specific geometry, claims stability and a strong foundation.

The elephant ear plant, like the one visible in the above picture, is wonderful for use in decorating. It can be kept indoors, but it will grow to be quite big, which is why many people will plant it just outside their rooms.

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Four poster bed with mosquito net in bright hotel room

Throw in some distressed wood to add an extra seaside flair, reminiscent of driftwood. Bringing elements of the tropics doesn't have to just be limited to palm leaves! Branch out, and find an element that you connect with. Polished stones, shells, driftwood, and other seaside findings will make stunning additions to your tropical theme.

Sometimes a throw pillow is all you need to complete a look. Easy to use, and easy to find something that fits your color scheme, they're a low-stress way to get where you want.

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Volcanic Accent

Four poster bed with curtains

With a red ceiling providing all the "pop" of color we need, it's safe to focus on the neutrals and small details for this specific design. Red throw pillows to connect the ceiling with the bed, and beautifully embroidered curtains tied back with tasseled ropes give this room an elegance that is beautifully balanced.

Do you want to frame your bed, but don't want to use mosquito netting? Sheer drapes are the answer to your prayers. Available in a variety of prints and patterns, you're sure to find one that fits your tropical needs, like this leaf print.

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A Subtle Touch

Double bed with white curtains

Sometimes it's not the big, noticeable elements we incorporate that make the room special, but the subtle, small ones that make it what we love. A rug lightly imprinted with leaves, light wicket baskets to contrast the dark wood of the bed frame and a throw on the covers for a pop of color.

Using baskets is a great way to decorate, as they can hide the functional parts of the room that don't really serve your theme.

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Island Getaway

Cozy white bedroom with mosquito net

Some rooms feel like they are more outside than in. This is done by using windows, mirrors, cool colors, and lots of natural light. This room, surrounded on the outside by greenery, and decorated on the inside using earthy tones, creates the illusion of being open to the elements, an effect that you can replicate!

When decorating a room, it can be easy to forget that there's an entire floor we can use! Keeping in mind your theme, look for a good rug or carpet that will enhance the room.

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Cultural Ties

Bedroom with native sheets and interior

Do you have an ethnic background that ties you to tropical areas? If you have cultural decorations that belong to your family, area of origin, or ancestry, incorporate them into your tropical design! The different patterns and hues can add a lot to your living area, and bring your family and heritage into your everyday life.

Are you wondering how you can take your decor to the next level? Find a chair or two that match a table, or your bed frame, and get some cushions that complement your bedspread.

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Sleepy Splendor

Bedroom with mosquito net in an island resort

Featuring a window to let in light in addition to semi-porous walls, "light and airy" is the perfect description for this room. With the abundance of natural wood, and the cool colors bleeding in through the window from outside, home is a paradise.

Adding a whimsical air to your bedroom using this ceiling suspended mosquito netting is a great way to bring the dreamy quality of the tropics right into your home.

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Emerald Desert

Bedroom with house plants and brick wall

This design was constructed around plants, with a very green color palette. But we're not left bereft of warm tones. A string of lights on the headboard complemented by a red brick wall just goes to show that you can bring the tropics even to the heart of your city.

Using colored lights is a great way to influence the ambiance of your room and shift it towards the theme you chose. Around your headboard, or framing a door or window are all great ways to utilize them.

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Concentrated Comfort

Bedroom interior in bohemian style with patterned bed and floral corner

Spacious, luxurious, and tropical. It's either a beach, or it's this bedroom. With a plethora of greenery, gorgeous earthy tones, and a peach accent provided by the comforter, this is everything you could want in a bedroom, especially a tropical one.

Adding a woven end table to your room is a great way to furnish your room without compromising on your tropical theme.

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Let's Go To the Beach

Beautiful tropical resort bedroom interior

Furniture crafted out of wood, lots of light, and a mixture of cool and warm tones. Time and time again, this formula delivers promising results.

Light, wood furniture is a great way to accessorize your room, especially if you're decorating tropical. With cushions that can be replaced with anything that suits the color palette you're using, they're a fairly versatile way to decorate.

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Interested in changing that bedroom look into something that reminds you about your last visit to the beach? If so, you should check out Coastal Home Decor guide to aid that reminiscing feeling about the ocean.

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