11 Fabulous Wall And Ceiling Color Combinations

You might think that this topic is not necessary because ceilings are always white. That's where you'd be surprised. Ceilings don't have to be white. Having a different colored ceiling can affect a room's mood and space and is an interesting option. We've gathered eleven fantastic wall and ceiling color combinations for you to take a look at. Perhaps one of these will inspire you to do something other than white on your own ceiling!

empty living room with wood floor, gray ceiling and wall. 11 Fabulous Wall And Ceiling Color Combinations

1. Dark Turquoise Ceiling With Light Turquoise Walls

Dark Turquoise Ceiling With Light Turquoise Walls

This room has made creative use of two different tones of blue. On the ceiling, they've painted it a rich seaside turquoise with pure blue tones. The walls are a slightly lighter turquoise with a subtle hint of green in the coloring. Bright white trim, especially the crown molding, helps separate and highlight the use of two colors.

2. Match Beige Walls To A Beige Ceiling

Round bed with a suspended ceiling in a luxurious bedroom. Match Beige Walls To A Beige Ceiling

One way to create a unique but cohesive look is to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls. This lovely circular bedroom does this with a soft sandy beige paint color. The carpeting is slightly lighter to add a bit of variation between the tones.

The overall effect is very soothing. If you had a trim in this room, it could also be matched to the color, though typically trim is painted in a semi-gloss finish, whereas the walls are flat or eggshell finish.

3. Olive Green Ceilings With Olive Green And White Walls

Olive Green Ceilings With Olive Green And White Walls

This contemporary living room has made great use of color in the space. The ceilings have been painted soft olive green. In some cases, this darker neutral might cause a room to look smaller, not the issue here.

The use of bright white on the walls, combined with the tall ceilings and natural light, means that the darker ceiling helps anchor the room in coziness. An accent wall on the left has also been painted the color of the ceiling. 

4. Deep Sand Ceilings With Sage Green Walls

Deep Sand Ceilings With Sage Green Walls

This is such a soft and lovely color combination. The tray ceiling's interior has been painted a rich golden beige sand color that radiates warmth and calm. The walls are a slightly lighter and soft sage green. The color difference is subtle, but it creates a soothing, elegant space.

We love the way the seagrass rug on the floor mirrors the color of the ceiling above. White trim delineates the two colors, though you could easily choose one or the other colors as your trim color.

5. Green Ceiling, Cream Walls, And Bold Blue Trim

Green Ceiling, Cream Walls, And Bold Blue Trim

If you want something bold and playful, then this look may strike your fancy. In this antique home, bold blue and green with neutral creme are brought together in a fun and striking way. The ceiling is painted a muted grass green.

The trim on windows, walls, and even the window seat is a high-gloss, not quite navy blue. The walls sport a neutral cream color that the floor matches, and the bedding borrows from the green of the ceiling.

6. Deep Purple Ceiling And Neutral Warm White Walls

Deep Purple Ceiling And Neutral Warm White Walls

If you want your bedroom to feel cozy and cave-like, then a dark ceiling may be the right choice. Here a sumptuous purple color on the ceiling has created the feeling of a royal bedroom. The walls are a light greige and the carpet only slightly darker than the walls.

The accent color of sage green has been used for the curtains, and on the bed, purple and green have been utilized for the bedding. This is the perfect room for deep sleep and long mornings in bed.

7. Pale Blue Ceiling With Lightest Linen Walls

Pale Blue Ceiling With Lightest Linen Walls. Modern living room in pastel colors with sofa and bookcase on background

Pastels are such a lovely family of paint colors. Many barely white shades have a touch of another color, and you may consider using one of these for the walls and a corresponding pastel for the ceiling. Here, a lovely light robin's egg blue covers the ceiling.

A soft neutral linen color graces the walls and the bit of ceiling trim. Corresponding pastels are used for the sofa and throw pillow arrangement.

8. Grey Ceiling, White Trim, And Grey Walls

Detailed trim white wood tray ceiling with a ceiling fan in a beige greige gray new construction house. Grey Ceiling, White Trim, And Grey Walls

With grey being such a popular color, it makes sense to bring you this color combination. This grey ceiling matches the grey walls. Plenty of white trim creates separation between the spaces. And a ceiling fan with greige blades brings attention to the uniquely colored ceiling.

9. Red Ceiling With Pink Walls

Love drama. Want a room in your house to feel like Old Hollywood? Then take a look at this beautiful powder room. This homeowner has utilized the beautiful period details and taken this small bathroom next level. A deep rich red is on the ceiling.

The walls glow with a soft, pampered pink. Details like the fringed curtains, the crystal chandelier, and the artwork framed in gilt frames contribute to the sumptuous feel of this small space.

10. Sunny Yellow Ceilings With Bright White Walls

We usually think of white on the ceilings and color on the walls. Here, that look has been reversed. In this cozy high-rise apartment kitchen, a bright yellow ceiling brings the sunshine right inside. White walls, with a barest pink white in the bay window, lighten up the space even more. The yellow accent repeats in the lamp, seat cushions, and other accessories. It's a happy, bright look that will make breakfast enjoyable.

11. Rose Pink Ceiling With Sand Colored Walls

This delicious room is both feminine and soothing. Rose pink ceilings contrast with warm-toned sand-colored walls. A warm white trim in a glossy finish separates the colors. Decor in tones of pink, white, sand, and orange tie everything together in a complementary fashion. Such a gorgeous room. We simply love it.

Ceiling Paint Can Be As Creative As You Like

There are no rules when it comes to the color of your ceiling. Though white and slightly off-whites will keep things lighter and brighter, if you have plenty of natural light and taller ceilings, then most colors won't change that all too much. If you're trying to create a cozier look in a large room or want a cozy and den-like space, then a darker color is the way to go. It adds drama as well as style.

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