25 Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is our safe haven, the refuge we go to at the end of the day to rest and recover. It’s our personal space that reflects our personality and decorative interests. It’s a fun space to decorate and truly make our own.

We created a list of 25 awesome bedroom wall decor ideas to inspire you to give your bedroom a spark of personal flair and character. Without further ado, check out the following 25 incredible wall decor ideas for your bedroom!

Cozy bedroom interior design with high quality furniture and wall decors, 25 Wall Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

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1. Natural Wood

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Warm and cozy themed girl's bedroom interior design with shutter style bed and hardwood floor

Light-colored natural wood, plentiful natural light, minimal decor, and vibrant and bold accent colors make up the sought-after Scandinavian design aesthetic. Warm textiles can be seen throughout the design and complement the light tones that are frequently seen.

These walls are decorated with light-colored natural wood in the form of shelves, racks, and frames.

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2. Large Framed Photo

Stylish pink and gray luxury bedroom interior design with high quality furniture

Install a large framed photo above the bed for a minimal look that carries a lot of intrigue. If the framed photo is large enough, you won’t have to worry about having anything (or as many) additional accent pieces on the same wall. A clock is always a welcome addition to any room.

3. Mirror Duo

Stylish and luxury interior with design honey yellow armchair, gray mock up frame, palm, gold mirror, retro small table and lamp

What’s better than one mirror hanging on the wall? That’s right, two! Use mirrors in the same design or change up the look by using different styles and sizes of mirrors. Mirrors are well-loved wall decor pieces since they can brighten up a room, make it seem larger, and bring a nice touch of design.

3 Piece Decorative Mirror Set

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4. Repurposed Skis

Mountain cabin bedroom with two single beds and skis decoration mounted on wall

We’re sure that when you think of skis, you simply think of the sports associated with them. However, thinking outside the box with vintage or unused skis can lead to some pretty cool designs. Hang the skis in a unique pattern one of the room’s walls for a funky yet awesome look.

5. Floating Shelves

Modern white and gray interior designed bedroom with LED string lights and house plant

Floating shelves are a wonderful addition to the bedroom. For one, there’s no additional bulk from an entire shelving system. Two, they carry their own nice aesthetic that adds to all kinds of design styles. Place picture frames, books, potted plants, or any other little trinkets along these nifty shelves.

Pair Of Floating Shelves

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6. Driftwood Hanger

Modern bedroom of a condo house with blue wall, parquet floor, teal duvet cover and view of the city

Bring home a long piece of driftwood from your next beach vacation. It’s a wonderful organic decoration that can be used in a variety of ways. Like in the photo, you can suspend the piece of driftwood from string and also have strings hanging down from it where you can use clothespins to pin pictures or other prints.

7. Metal Art

Luxury designed bedroom interior in hotel room with beautiful wall decoration

Metal wall art comes in all kinds of designs, styles, and sizes. It can be modern, contemporary, rustic, shabby chic, or anything in between. Find a piece that takes up a large portion of the wall if you want it to be the only art on the wall. Or you can find a smaller piece of metal art and use it in a collage-style group of wall art.

8. Framed Collage

Black chandelier in navy blue bedroom in tenement house with framed art decor on wall

Use frames that differ in size and color and create a collage on the wall. The differing sizes add dimension and intrigue, preventing things from looking too ordinary. Use art prints or your own photographs in these frames, or a combination of both. Let the photos express your personality.

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9. Adhesive Cutouts

Bed dressed in a contemporary chic style

Adhesive cutouts are a great option for wall decor. All you have to do is peel and stick then your design is all set. If you get tired of the design you picked out, just peel it off the wall and start again. There are so many customizable options out there that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

10. Shabby Chic Accents


The shabby chic aesthetic is soft and sweet and all things romantic. Use a natural wooden frame to put around a distressed wooden letter. Offset the centerpiece with floating shelves and a few little sprigs of greenery. For the shabby chic look, try to use as many vintage or flea market finds as you can. Or at least distress the items to give them that aged appearance.

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11. Pair Of Prints


Your bedroom will have a cohesive look when you use the same color shade throughout the room. This room’s bed, nightstands, artwork, and even the baskets at the foot of the bed match each other. When you use this approach, accent colors definitely stand out. This pair of wood-framed prints bring a nice touch of silver sage color to brighten up the walls.

12. World Map


World maps are the sign of an adventurer. Show your love for travel by placing some sort of world map on your bedroom wall. When it’s placed above the bed, it serves as the focal point in the room. The minimal yet geometric design adds an intriguing touch to the room.

13. Painted Frame


Instead of a headboard, paint a portion of the wall above the bed to serve as one. The painted spot serves as a great backdrop for a floating shelf full of framed photos. The warm neutral color highlights the objects hung on top of and around it. Though simple in design, it makes for a gorgeous aesthetic.

14. Floral Decor


Unique wall paintings are a lovely use of space above the bed. Instead of using more traditional wall decor items, go with something against the grain. These floral paintings are gorgeous and bright against the white walls of the bedroom. If you feel confident, paint your own designs. Or you can hire someone to paint images on your walls for you.

15. Stars, Sun, And Moon


The stars, sun, and moon are trendy images in the design world. They’re whimsical, dreamy, and bring a nice boho flair to the room. These tapestry-like hangings droop, softening the walls. The shelf installed above the bed houses overflowing greenery, giving the room that perfect boho vibe.

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Moon Wall Decor

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16. Pine Tree Mural


Just by looking at this mural, you can imagine the smell of fresh pine and feel the warmth of the sun. Murals like these ones will absolutely transform your room and transport you to the area they represent. With wall decor like this, you won’t need to add anything else to the room.

17. Twinkle Lights

[PIN id=”686728643165078042″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


There’s just something so charming about twinkle lights that make them the perfect addition to any bedroom. The warm glow that they cast has so much beauty. String lights no longer have to only come out during the holidays; they’ve made it known that they can brighten up rooms during any time of year. Use them as a nightlight or let them shine all day long.

Twinkle Star Lights

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18. 3 x 4 Grid Gallery Photo Wall

[PIN id=”498914464970468390″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Pick out 12 of your absolute favorite photos and 12 identical frames. Create a patchwork of these framed photos on one of your bedroom walls. Grid gallery photo walls showcase your favorite things in a precise, symmetrical manner. Change out the photos over time to represent your changing favorite photos. The sleek lines the grid creates are much appreciated.

19. The Mountains Are Calling

[PIN id=”155303887195807842″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If you haven’t noticed, figures of mountains are a very popular decorating image. Single mountain peaks or mountain ranges can be seen on various decorative items. Wall decor is no exception. The matte black metal mountain range is simple yet stunning in this space. It’s bold without making it an overstatement. Pair it with a mini gallery collage of framed pictures to the side.

20. Fluttering Butterflies

[PIN id=”98657048076495669″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Incorporating butterflies into your design is an excellent way to represent happiness and joy. Butterflies add a lot of personality to the walls, especially in the way they’re situated across the wall. The butterflies are seen floating across the frame and beyond. The 3-dimensional butterflies add an extra dimension to the piece, seemingly making the piece come to life.

Easily do this project at home, too. Gather as many butterfly figures that you want to cover your wall and paint them whatever color you wish. Fasten the figures across the wall in any pattern.

21. Wall Stripes

[PIN id=”823103269385280430″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Design your own accent wall behind your bed. With only the help of peel and stick adhesive, you can create your very own interesting geometric pattern like seen in this photo. Stripe the wall vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any pattern in between.

22. Woven Baskets

[PIN id=”517139969715593605″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


When you think of the utility of woven baskets, you probably didn’t imagine hanging them on the wall. It turns out they make for an incredible decorative accent. Hang an assortment of woven baskets across the bedroom wall for warm texture. There are so many styles of woven baskets on the market, you won’t have trouble in your search.

You can even find woven baskets that have been handmade in other countries where the proceeds directly benefit the people who made them. Get creative with the baskets and have fun designing an unforgettable space.

23. Greenery Framed Letter

[PIN id=”350858627202402673″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Simplicity is not bad by any means. Take this wall decor for example — all it takes to create a beautiful display is a couple branches of greenery and a wooden letter. Laurel leaves can be used at any time of year and are perfect for dressing up a bedroom wall. Throughout the changing seasons, you can stick seasonal decorations into the laurel leaves for an extra festive touch.

24. Tapestry

[PIN id=”746119863253889698″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Tapestries provide the desired color and style of traditional wall art, but with the additional element of texture and warmth from the fabric. Tapestries come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, ensuring you’ll find one that fits your design aesthetic. Personalize your space with the help of a tapestry.

World Map Tapestry

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25. Juju Hat Decor

[PIN id=”56787645292015300″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


Have you ever seen such a stunning focal piece to go on your bedroom wall? Juju hats are ceremonial crowns worn by African tribes that bear great cultural significance. The hats are worn by the people during the ceremonial dances and are made of beautiful feathers.

Amazingly, due to the incredible look of these hats, they have become a favorite in the design world. They’re full of rich texture and color!

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