What Color Appliances With White Cabinets?

White cabinets give the space a clean and polished look, which is why they are commonly found in most kitchens. However, appliances can really make or break its look. You do not want to have a confusing array of colors that interrupts the color scheme, so you must be asking yourself which appliances can blend with your white cabinets. We have found designer-approved options for you!

When it comes to appliance colors, sticking to a singular color palette is the key. 

  • Pastel-colored appliances
  • Monochrome white appliances
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Dark slate appliances
  • Bisque-colored appliances

Selected correctly, your appliances can elevate your kitchen’s overall look. You can go for unconventional colors as long as it does not clash with your interior, so don’t be afraid to explore other palettes. If you want to learn more about eye-catching kitchen designs, keep reading below!

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What Colors Go with White Cabinets?

When choosing your color scheme, remember that white cabinets are versatile and can carry a myriad of other colors. There are various colors for appliances available on the market, so do not be afraid to explore options apart from steel, white, or black.

Here are other appliance colors that go with white cabinets.

Pastel Appliances

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Pastel green appliances give a refreshing feel with their earth-toned color scheme. These appliances go perfectly with white cabinets since it follows the interior’s white tones. 

The splash of color livens up the space and inspires you to whip up tasty meals. This color is especially ideal if you have a window that opens to green spaces outside, making it a faux kitchen extension.

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Pastel colors in retro shades of pink and blue are reminiscent of the 1950s interior design, where colors were newly welcomed into the kitchen.

If you live in an open floor plan, sticking to a colorful scheme might be overwhelming for you. However, pastel colors have a way of blending into any type of interior while giving the space a burst of energy that is absent with steel, white, or black appliances.

You can incorporate these bold color choices if it matches your entire space’s color scheme. Pastel colors blend well with white cabinets, and they will add a unique touch to the kitchen.

Monochrome White Appliances

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If you simply want to have a clean and no-nonsense look, go with similarly white-colored appliances. However, these appliances may need to be cleaned more frequently as they show dirt more easily. 

One advantage of white appliances is that they make the area feel airy, especially if there is a lot of space and natural light. If your kitchen space is narrow, a white fridge and stove can give the illusion of wideness.

If the lack of color bothers you, install bold light fixtures and backsplashes. This should break the monotony of the space.

Stainless Steel Appliances

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Steel appliances are generally preferred by many since they are easier to clean and hide dirt better than white appliances. They also give a more modern touch to your kitchen space, especially paired with white cabinets.

Try to minimize wood furnishings in your kitchen when you have predominantly steel appliances. This can cause an odd contrast, and the visual appeal will be lost. 

If you opt for steel appliances, stick to a more modern vibe or a more neutral color scheme to make the colors work together.

Dark Slate Appliances

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Slate and white color schemes are popular among modern kitchen designs, especially in apartments located in busier areas. This color scheme makes it easier to look at and decorate since both are neutral colors, or you can leave it as it is and embrace its cosmopolitan look.

Pairing white cabinets with slate appliances creates a lovely contrast that introduces depth and structure to the space. You can also explore the color spectrum here and go for dark grey fixtures and light gray curtains.

Bisque-Colored Appliances

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Bisque, or biscuit, was a popular color finish during the 80s and 90s. They have an almost rose-gold tint which makes them a unique appliance choice. They go best with warm-toned cabinets, but they complement white cabinets well too. 

This finish can make your space feel luxurious and unique. It can adapt to any aesthetic, from rustic to classic.

Can Pastel and Steel Appliances Go With White Cabinets?

You can mix and match colors and textures since the white cabinets anchor them together. However, it is better to go for light-colored steel appliances when mixing them with pastel appliances so that the contrast will not be visually odd.

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To add texture, you can incorporate patterned tiles on the backsplash. If you do not want to stray too far away from the white and steel scheme, go for cool pastel colors such as pastel blue, mint, or lavender. Take advantage of the natural light in the kitchen to really make the colors pop and blend together. 

Can Black and Pastel Go With White Cabinets?

Mixing black appliances with pastel might be visually chaotic since they exhibit very different appeals. The white cabinets will be lost in the chaotic play of colors, and it might make all the kitchen fixtures look out of place.

Instead, stick with neutral elements when you have black appliances or incorporate complementary colors to make the white cabinets tie everything up neatly. 

If you opt for black appliances, make sure it will not make your cooking space feel cramped. Make sure you have enough floor space and natural light that the dark fixtures can give structure.

Are Matte Appliances Worth it?

Matte appliances have a luxurious finish that prevents staining and fingerprints on the surface of appliances. Although they are not shiny, their muted finish makes the colors more vibrant and rich, which can elevate your kitchen’s look.

Matte kitchen appliances are also easier to clean, generally low maintenance: a feature ideal for kitchens! Matte slates also have a variety of colors that can blend with white cabinetry. 

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How To Achieve your Aesthetic with Appliance Colors

White cabinets are essentially a blank slate that you can match with any appliance color to achieve the aesthetic you want. Here are some design inspirations that can help you decide which appliance color to choose.

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Light Green Wooden Kitchren with Window

To achieve a retro look, combine penny-tiled backsplashes with bursts of pastel on your appliances. The white cabinetry can tone down the rich colors, and you can combine other neutral-colored elements to make the colors work together.

If you want to truly embrace a retro look, install bold curtain colors that match the appliances.


Rustic kitchen interior with brick wall and white wooden shelves, front view

If you want to go for a rustic look, combine white cabinets with wood finishes and bisque-colored appliances. The play of warm colors will make the space feel more intimate and homey, and the rose gold undertones will elevate its casual appeal. 

Stainless steel can also blend with rustic kitchen interiors. If your white cabinets are made of wood, you can add other wood accents that can make the space feel more rustic.


Interior Design. Architecture. Computer generated image of kitchen. Architectural Visualization.

If you want a more cosmopolitan look, incorporate dark-colored appliances with a light-colored interior and cabinetry. This will create structure and make your space sleek and free of playful colors. 

Elegant and Classic

Empty classic kitchen with table, decoration

Stick to the classics and go with an all-stainless steel appliance with white cabinets. This will make your kitchen space feel more put-together and gives off the vibe that you are more into functionality than aesthetics. 

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Redditch,Worcestershire English Midlands UK. Interior of newly converted and refurbished apartment house home with modern design

Transitional styles blend both contemporary and classical interior designs that exhibit a laid-back elegance. It incorporates timeless pieces and colors that can transition to any season, mood, and aesthetic making it adaptable to any user. 

Transitional designs are also ideal for open-floor layouts since they can easily blend into the rest of the house. It will not feel like another room entirely, but a part of the whole design. 

Incorporate a color palette that is already present in your home to make the transitional design effective and visually appealing.

Final Thoughts

There are many color options on the market that might confuse you and tempt you into buying every eye-catching appliance without considering lighting, space, and color schemes.

In theory, white cabinets can go with any appliance color, but it is the space and how colors complement each other that will determine how good it will look.

As with any home design project, go with your preferences and personal style!

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