What Color Curtains Go With Blue Grey Walls?

There is a good reason why blue grey has become so well liked in magazines about house interiors. If you selected the same hue for your home and are now considering what shade of curtains will go best with it, don’t worry. We conducted extensive research to give you ideas on what color you should have for curtains.

The following curtain shades can complement a blue grey wall:

  • Navy blue
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yellow

Selecting the ideal drapes for your walls might be difficult, but this guide can help you choose what color you can go with. Keep reading to learn more about each color that can go with blue grey.

Open space living room interior with poster on grey wall with wainscoting, window with drapes and pink armchair, What Color Curtains Go With Blue Grey Walls?

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Curtain Colors That Complement Blue Grey Walls

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 Modern living room with sofa

Blue grey is a cool color that can work well with several shades. Here are curtain colors that can complement a blue grey wall:

Navy Blue Curtains

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Blue on blue is a classic contrast that never goes out of style. Among the most gorgeous curtain hues for blue grey walls is navy blue. This bold, rich color glows with this wall color without making the space feel overly gloomy.

You might choose bolder and richer tones like navy blue drapes like this room. The navy blue drapes are striking and fashionable against the cool blue grey walls. The inclusion of an orange drape made the room more imaginative. 

Find this navy blue curtain on Amazon.

Cream Curtains

[PIN id=”345369865193013941″ size=”large”]


A modern farmhouse-inspired design would be appealing in any living space. For instance, the cold blue grey color of the walls with the cream-colored draperies make a stunning contrast.

Gray Curtains

[PIN id=”366550857158296423″ size=”large”]


The adaptability of gray as a hue is undeniable, even for window coverings like this curtain. This would look stunning against a blue grey background.

The deep gray curtains’ straight, wide pleats enhance this living room’s setup and create a sensation of more space.

Teal Curtains

[PIN id=”101260691609142480″ size=”large”]


Since teal is a little more green-grey variation of turquoise, it can be an eye-catching element in your space. With the appropriate furnishings, it can give the illusion of your walls changing from blue to a greenish hue.

The blue grey walls in your rooms are brilliantly highlighted by the color of your curtains, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

If you want to play it safe, this product can work well with your blue grey walls as an intermediate medium to a dark blue grey wall.

Check out this teal curtain on Amazon.

White Curtains

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White is a timeless and cozy color that naturally serves as the foundation for everything. White acts as a contrast against light-toned and dark-toned walls.

The main drawback with white is that it can show dirt. White curtains, however, are a terrific investment for blue grey walls.

Compared to drapes of other colors, white ones let more light into the space. White conjures up feelings of calm, cleanliness, and purity. This example demonstrates how uniform white is with its tidy, sleek, light, and serene look.

Yellow Curtains

Another hip and fun option for your blue grey walls is using yellow curtains. Blue and yellow are complementary colors; yellow curtains can brighten the subdued appearance of a blue grey wall.

Yellow also is linked to feelings of excitement, vigor, joy, and cheer. You can choose a yellow curtain that is printed as well.

Blue grey will tame the lively tone of yellow, while yellow will help boost the cool tone of blue grey. This combination can create many looks based on your hue selection.

Check out this yellow curtain on Amazon. 

What Is The Composition Of Blue Grey Paint?

Handyman is mixing colors in basket with help of drill for painting walls during renovation.

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Blue is added to gray to make the hue blue grey. In some of these vibrant hues, blue predominates over gray, while in others, gray predominates over blue.

These hues with chilly undertones might also be referred to as slate colors. They function as neutrals when paired with brighter hues.

Additionally, they stand their ground when combined with shades of white, deep blue, cream, and other colors.

Where Are Blue Grey Hues Appropriate?

Like neutral colors, blue greys can be utilized in almost any room in your house. You can use this color on your house’s exterior. A façade with a striking effect can be created with a dark grey-blue paint hue.

Blue grey is neutral so it doesn’t feel excessive. Bedrooms are among the best areas to use blue grey.

It makes perfect sense to use blue grey in a bedroom since it is a calming, soothing color that encourages relaxation and helps you relax and go to bed.

Additionally, even if you leave the rest of the room neutral with a splash of color, it doesn’t feel dull. Bathrooms are also a good place for blue greys because they are relaxing and tranquil.

Blue greys are ideal for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.

Why Is Blue Grey Such A Popular Paint Color?

Painting on wall

Blue grey color combinations are light and contemporary and go with any type of decor. In every home, they seem upscale and fashionable.

They are well-liked since they complement every type of interior design. Such color combinations work especially well in bathrooms and bedrooms as soft, calming, and peaceful tones.

If a paint hue can aid in improving our sleep, all the better. Most people enjoy working with blue grey hues, particularly when attempting to create a contemporary seaside atmosphere.

Popular Blue Grey Paints

Man painting wall

Making the perfect blue grey paint is challenging. The wrong paint color can make a room look entirely blue, gray, or minty. Finding a high-quality bluish grey color is crucial if you want the color to fit the room.

Below is a list of blue grey paints that have gained popularity over the past two years.

Boothbay Grey From Benjamin Moore

[PIN id=”241927811223486425″ size=”large”]


This paint has a light shade of blue grey. The gentleness of blue is present, although it tends more toward grey. It looks lovely and feminine and is perfect for use as a wall, countertops, and door color.

Santorini Blue From Benjamin Moore

[PIN id=”105342078775409605″ size=”large”]


Another of those hues that look stunning when combined with bright white paneling. This is a blue-based paint color with a grey undertone.

However, a space with even less natural light makes the grey side more noticeable. It would look gorgeous on a kitchen counter or even laundry room cabinets. It’s a terrific choice for a blue grey bathroom wall color.

Gentle Grey From Benjamin Moore

[PIN id=”589760513707405247″ size=”large”]


Colors that are blue grey are not just used in bathrooms and bedrooms. Spread a gentle blue grey color, like Benjamin Moore’s Gentle Grey, all through your home’s main level to evoke a relaxed, coastal vibe.

Icy (SW6534) From Sherwin Williams

[PIN id=”518828819582891589″ size=”large”]


Icy (SW6534) from Sherwin Williams has a grey undertone on an otherwise blue color. It looks great in light and darker spaces, making it ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Silver Strand From Sherwin Williams

[PIN id=”542613455112686166″ size=”large”]


If you want to keep the decor on your walls neutral, Silver Strand is a fantastic option. A lot of greenery and white make the lovely light gray with such a blue accent stand out. It has a fresh, tidy vibe.

Final Reflections

Picking the perfect curtain color for blue grey walls can be challenging. There are many recommended hues, but choosing what fits you best is important.

You can choose from navy blue, cream, gray, teal, white, and yellow to fit your blue grey walls.

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