What Color Door Goes With Brown Windows?

While often thought of as less important than the interior, your home's exterior design deserves careful consideration. If you have brown windows, you might want to consider them when picking out your front door. What color front door goes with brown windows? We've researched this topic and have come up with the best answers.

The best door colors to pair with brown windows are:

  • Brown
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green

We'll explain each of these colors and show you examples of how they can work with brown windows. But first, we'll give you a few things to think about when picking out a door color. Keep reading for all that and more!

Front view of a traditional house with two windows


Things to think about when choosing a door color

While pairing well with the windows' colors is important, that shouldn't be the only thing you consider when deciding what color door to use. Here are a couple of other things to think about.

Does it complement the rest of the house?

What color is your house? Will the door color you've chosen look good with the brick, siding, paneling, and roof? If not, you might want to pay more attention to that than whether or not it matches the windows. A bright blue door with a home that features lots of warm, red brickwork might clash and look haphazard.

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A blue walls porch with a brown door and brown window

Do you want your door to stand out?

For some homes, the door is the highlight of the exterior. Whether the rest of the exterior is bland or the door is decorative, you might want it to stand out. One way to accomplish this is to paint it a bright or unique color. For instance, these doors have special features that deserve to be highlighted.

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Home with orange door curb appeal

Green front door of a house

Closed modern red exterior door of a home

Red outside door with a patio and seating

What Is The Most Popular Front Door Color?

The most popular front door color is difficult to determine since so many other factors help make that decision. However, a couple of simple colors to complement the widest variety of homes are brown or red. These colors offer you plenty of flexibility, no matter what the exterior looks like.

However, plan on choosing the best door for your specific home. One easy way to choose is to match the door color exactly to the windows or shutters. While this isn't the same color for everyone, it's the most popular way to determine the right door color for your home.

Pale blue house with siding on a large lot with traditional windows and shutters in a subdivision

What Color Is Good Luck For A Front Door?

Luck is a tricky thing, but one time-tested way of measuring it is the art of feng shui. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief that the way a person interacts with their surroundings affects their health and emotions. Thus, proponents say that you should arrange your living space in a manner that creates balance with the natural world. 

For front doors, feng shui assigns an element based on what direction the door is facing. Then, a corresponding color is chosen based on that element. 

  • East-facing door: wood (brown, dark green)
  • South-facing door: fire (red, yellow, orange, pink)
  • West-facing door: metal (white, black, metal-colored)
  • North-facing door: water (blue, black, aqua)

Should The Back Door Color Match The Front Door Color?

Your back door can match your front door if you'd like, but it doesn't have to. Many people choose functionality over style for their back door since it usually isn't viewable from the street. This might mean a steel door for insulation purposes that remains the basic white color. 

Brown framed window

On the other hand, matching the back door to the front door is an easy way to make sure everything looks cohesive. If you have a backyard that you use to host guests, matching the two doors will simplify things. You've already done the hard work to pick out the best color for your front door; why not replicate it in the back?

Safety is another important factor when choosing a front door. Check out this article for details on how to make sure your door is as safe as possible: What Is The Safest Front Door? Here’s The Answer.

Best colors to go with brown windows

Here's a list of the best colors to complement your brown windows, plus an explanation and example of each.


A brown door is a popular, neutral color that goes with many different styles and colors of homes. You have two options within this color: match the windows exactly, or offset the brown colors.

Match the windows

If your windows are wooden, think about picking out the same type of wood door or using the same level of stain. This is a good option if you want to highlight other house features, like a powerful architectural style, a huge porch, or a unique color of siding. Many homeowners choose to match the door to the windows or shutters no matter what color it is.

That's what happens with this home where the door matches the window shutters: the columns in front of the porch and the wood siding are highlighted.

New beautiful suburban luxury house at sunny day

Mismatch the windows

Or, use the door to fit into a monochromatic color scheme on the home. That would be the goal of a door that's a lighter or darker brown than the windows. For instance, this home uses different shades of brown to give the house depth while allowing other parts of the home to stand out.

Large suburban house exterior

This also might be your best option if you have wooden windows but want to use a different material for your door. This home, for instance, has a fiberglass or steel door that still complements the window panes.

Front view of a traditional house with two windows


Red is one of the most popular colors for doors, no matter what color your windows are. But if you have brown windows, you should strongly consider adding a red front door. A red door gives you a splash of color that still interacts well with the brown windows. It also won't stand out too much like an orange or yellow door would. Brown and red are both considered warm colors, so they are on the same scale. 

Bungalow house with stucco and brick walls, red front door, and window looking out to the lawn


A black door is striking and can complement brown windows well. It can either lower the tone of the home or contrast with light brown windows. You should strongly consider this option if you have bricks with some black in them, like the ones below.

Another benefit of a black door is that dirt and shoe scuffs won't show up as clearly as some other colors. You can also find black doors in any common material.


Green is across from red on the natural color wheel. So, if your windows are on the red side of the brown spectrum, a green door might look fantastic. Even if they aren't red-toned, green can complement the natural brown color. Like red, green is a good way to give your home a splash of color without being too grandiose. This dark, deep green blends cleanly with the brown windows.

Green front door entrance of a house with wooden walls

If you want the door to stand out, lime green will contrast nicely with the earthy brown of your windows.

Green front door of a mid-century modern house

Have you decided to paint your front door one of these colors? Here's how to do it without taking it off its hinges: How To Paint A Front Door Without Removing It? [5 Steps].

In Closing

Exterior of a house in European house with stone walls and wooden windows and matching brown wooden door

If you want your front door to look good with your brown windows, go with brown, red, black, or green. But also make sure that it coordinates with the rest of the home and fits your specific needs. Hopefully, this article has helped you think through how you compliment your brown window with your front door!

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