7 Great 12×12 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The place you rest and relax at the end of a long day. What you choose to place in your bedroom can either help or hinder the peace it creates.

Whether your bedroom is large or small, it's important to include items that fit the space. Too much clutter or extra furniture crowding the room can erase all the relaxing vibes you hoped to find.

You probably agree that everything you choose for your bedroom should help create an atmosphere that enables you to get a good night's sleep. But how you decide to arrange it matters, too.

We've collected seven great layouts of 12x12 bedrooms to help you visualize the bedroom of your dreams.

Modern interior of a luxurious bedroom with matching curtains and gray carpet, 9 Great 12x12 Bedroom Layout Ideas

1. A Simple Retreat

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A spacious and luxurious modern bedroom with carpeted flooring matched with brown walls and beautiful beddings

This bedroom keeps things simple by only including the essentials.

A plush comfortable bed is, of course, top of that list. Positioning it slightly off-center but still in the middle of the wall allows space for both you and your partner to easily climb in and out.

A nightstand on each side lets you keep necessities close at hand. And two lamps mean you can each choose when you're ready to set down your book and turn out the lights.

The decorative round table between the windows doesn't take up much space while giving you a place to add some personal touches to the room. A candle and a vase of flowers are small details you can incorporate into any room.

The comfy chair in the corner by the windows gives you a place to sit and relax and enjoy the view.

Matching the headboard to the neutral wall color keeps the style simple and understated, while the pattern in the bedspread and the color of the throw pillows keep the room from being too plain.

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2. A Fresh Perspective

White inspired bedroom with white beddings, white walls and black furnitures

There's something about waking up in fresh, crisp white sheets that can brighten your day. Decorating the whole room mostly white can only add to that bright perspective.

You'll wake up each morning ready for a fresh start without bold colors and flashy decorations to distract you.

If your room features a tall wall of windows like this one, allow them to be the star of the show by centering your bed right in front of them.

With this placement, the windows act as a frame for the whole room. And the windowsills can serve as nightstands, eliminating the need for those extra pieces of furniture.

Adjustable lamps on stands let you focus the light where you want it. A dresser to one side and a simple chair beside it provides what you need without getting in the way.

When your room lets in lots of light, take advantage of it by including some live plants. The greenery will freshen the air and liven up the space even more.

And make sure you include curtains to block out the sun when it's time to rest. Opting for tall floor-to-ceiling ones will elongate the space and make the room seem bigger.

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3. A Calm Center

White inspired bedroom with white beddings, white walls and black furniture's

No matter what chaos exists in your house- a sink full of dishes, overflowing laundry baskets, kids' toys covering the carpet- let your bedroom be where you escape it all.

Choose a soft cushy mattress you can sink right into, and include lots of pillows and soft, thick blankets. A thick faux-fur rug centered under the bed will increase the coziness factor even more, when climbing in and out at night.

This is another bedroom where the bed between the windows lets them act as a frame for the central masterpiece. If you don't need to keep a lot at hand while you sleep, opt for a small side table rather than a full nightstand.

It's the perfect spot for a colorful vase of flowers or whatever else might make you smile when you open your eyes to it in the morning.

A small vanity and chair fit nicely along the wall parallel to the bed. The room's natural light makes it the perfect spot to get ready each day.

4. A Darker Oasis

Luxurious modern bedroom themed in gray and white

If you sleep best in a cocoon of full darkness, opting for darker paint for your bedroom walls can help you achieve that.

Here, one wall is painted a dark gray while the other is left white, dampening some of the brightness without making the overall space too gloomy and dim.

Centering the bed on this focal wall and opting for a dark headboard and base that match it makes the bed and wall feel like one connected and cohesive piece. This can also help make a small room feel bigger.

Two nightstands fit easily on either side of the bed, and a table and chair by the window provide the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee while catching up on the latest bestseller or the morning news.

Layered options are always a good choice when choosing curtains for your bedroom.

A sheer white allows for privacy during the day while letting in filtered light, while dark blackout curtains on top will let you block everything out when it's time to sleep.

For a final decorative touch, striped pillows and a patterned rug bring together the room's light and dark elements.

5. A Complete Creation

Interior of an ultra modern hotel bedroom with white painted walls, brown and yellow curtains with white beddings

Along with a place to sleep, a bedroom also usually provides a place to store your clothes. And sometimes, a simple dresser or closet isn't big enough to contain everything you want.

In that case, a floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobe might be just what you need.

While separate pieces could do the job, one custom unit designed to fit the space will let you maximize the storage area without contributing to the clutter.

This example provides room for hanging clothes above, folded clothes in the drawers below, and even a lighted counter area to feature anything else you might need.

A built-in unit on the wall opposite the window is the perfect placement for this room, and it allows plenty of space for the bed and two nightstands to be centered in the open space.

A couple of pillows on the wide windowsill provide an inviting place to sit without squeezing in chairs.

And including a single color that's carried through the bedding, curtains, and pillow tassels brings a sunny, carefree personality to this bedroom.

6. An Extra Element

Interior of a luxurious modern bedroom with white beddings and orange beddings and dangling lamps

If your favorite way to unwind is to curl up before a movie, you might find it even more relaxing to watch that movie in bed.

But a large entertainment system will take up too much space in many bedrooms.

Luckily, an easy solution won't make you sacrifice screen size. Choose a flat-screen TV and mount it directly on the wall facing your bed.

Centering your bed between two nightstands on the wall perpendicular to the window will let you center the TV in the room, too, and you won't have to worry about anything disrupting your view.

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7. A Cozy Corner

Classic themed bedroom with two huge black wardrobes and blue beddings

When deciding the layout of any room in your home, you want to make the most of whatever space you have. Opting for a tall narrow wardrobe in each corner lets you do just that.

While a single larger dresser could fit in this space on one side or the other, it wouldn't allow the bed to be centered.

This layout is far more functional since it allows two people to move around the bed easily. And a separate cabinet for each allows you to keep your things organized just as you like them.

An armchair in the corner by the window provides a cozy spot to rest and relax.

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In Closing

How you design and furnish your bedroom can greatly impact whether it helps you get the best night's sleep. And the layout you select is an integral part of that.

Whether your bedroom is 12x12 or any other size, choose furniture that fits the space and doesn't try to crowd in too many extra pieces.

The less cluttered your bedroom is, the more functional and stress-free it--and you--will be.

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