Here’s What Should Be On Your Bedside Table

There are numerous items that go great on the bedside tables of both men and women. But there are ways to personalize both his and her bedside tables to make each unique. So, what should men and women have on their respective bedside tables? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

Men should have the following on their bedside table:

  • Masculine lamp
  • Manly candle
  • Gadget organizer
  • Journal

Women should have the following on their bedside table:

  • Flowers
  • Sweet-scented candle
  • Ladylike lamp
  • Framed photo

If you still have some lingering questions about what you should have on your bedside table, don't worry. In this guide, we'll explore the topic in greater detail. We'll also talk about the functionality of a bedside table and give you some tips for picking the right one. Without further ado, let's get started!

Plant on cabinet bedside table between patterned armchair and blue bed in bedroom interior with lamp, Here's What Should Be On Your Bedside Table

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The Purpose Of A Bedside Table

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Cropped shot of an empty and neatly arranged bedroom at home during the day with bedside table

While a bedside table is commonly viewed as a vital piece of bedroom decor (and it certainly is), it's actually much more than that. Bedside tables definitely enhance the aesthetic of a bedroom, but they also provide much-needed storage space for small everyday items. 

Bedside Table Items For Men

For the men out there, you might not know it, but there are a few key items you should absolutely have on your bedside table.

Masculine Lamp

It should go without saying that a lamp is a necessity for any bedside table. A lamp not only serves a critical function, but it can also dress up your bedside table to make it reflect your masculinity. 

A simple bedside lamp with a minimalist aesthetic is a perfect option to create a masculine aesthetic while still providing the functionality of a lamp.

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Square Bedside Lamp

Click here to see this lamp on Amazon.

Manly Candle

If you thought candles are strictly feminine, you couldn't be more wrong. There is a myriad of candles on the market that cater specifically to men with a particularly manly taste in scents. A manly candle will make your bedside table look great and your room smell amazing.

Whiskey And Tobacco Candle

Click here to see this candlle on Amazon.

Gadget Organizer

Guys carry around a lot of stuff on a daily basis—a watch, keys, wallet, cell phone, and the list goes on. A simple gadget stand is a simple yet effective way to organize all of a man's daily essentials at the end of a long day. When you wake up, all of your daily necessities are neatly organized for your convenience.

Men's Gadget Organizer

Click here to see this organizer on Amazon.


Do you ever have great ideas that pop into your mind during the night and vow to yourself that you'll remember them in the morning? It happens to the best of us. Keep a journal (and a pen!) on your bedside table to make sure your great ideas are written down right as you have them. Leather is a great choice for a masculine look.

Moonster Leather Journal

Click here to see this journal on Amazon.

Bedside Table Items For Women

Plant on cabinet bedside table between patterned armchair and blue bed in bedroom interior with lamp, Here's What Should Be On Your Bedside Table


There is also a wide selection of items perfect for making a woman's bedside table a uniquely feminine piece.


It doesn't get more feminine than flowers. Incorporating some fresh flowers onto your bedside table will enhance the aesthetic while freshening the room's scent. A small and dainty vase is perfect for bedside table flowers, as it won't take up too much space. 

Small Flower Vase

Click here to see this vase on Amazon.

Sweet-Scented Candle

Ladies should definitely have a candle on their bedside table. A dainty candle with a sweet scent will enhance your bedside table's aesthetic and when you light it, it'll make your bedroom smell fantastic.

Lavender Candle Set

Click here to see these candles on Amazon.

Ladylike Lamp

As mentioned, a lamp is a critical item to have on any bedside table. And for the ladies, a lamp is a perfect way to spruce up your bedside table with some feminine flair.

Bedside Table Crystal Lamp

Click here to see this lamp on Amazon.

Framed Photo

A framed photo is always an excellent statement piece for a bedside table. Frame a photo of your family or significant other to give your bedside table even more character and personality. Since bedside tables have limited space, a small frame (such as a 5" X 7") is preferable.

Beaded Photo Frame

Click here to see this frame on Amazon.

Do You Need A Bedside Table?

There are many pieces of furniture that can be considered "optional," but a bedside table isn't one of them.

A bedside table is a necessary component of a well-thought-out bedroom. Bedside tables complete the aesthetic of any bedroom, and they are the perfect place for phones, chargers, watches, and other gadgets. Bedside tables are undeniably the most convenient place to store these kinds of items, so having one is essential.

And as mentioned, bedside tables are the perfect way to incorporate character and personality into a space. In fact, you can generally learn quite a bit from a person simply based on what they keep on their bedside table.

Should Bedside Tables Be Higher Than The Bed?

When choosing the right bedside table, the height of the table is an important factor to consider. Generally speaking, a bedside table should be approximately the same height as the bed, if not shorter. If a bedside table is taller than the bed, it should be no more than a few inches taller for a couple of reasons.

Wooden bedside table with a lamp, plant, clock, and papers

First, a bedside table that sits more than a few inches higher than the bed will look somewhat odd, as it will make the bed look too low to the ground. A bedside table should merely be an aesthetic complement in the space, not the focal point.

From an aesthetic standpoint, it's most ideal for a bedside table to be the same height as the bed or slightly shorter than the bed. This ensures that the look is balanced and cohesive. 

In terms of functionality, it's much easier to reach over and grab something (such as a book or cell phone) from a bedside table that sits level with or lower than the bed; if the bedside table is too tall, it might be difficult to do so.

How Do You Choose A Bedside Table Lamp?

Modern bedroom wit bedside table lamp

When it comes to choosing a bedside table lamp, style and functionality are the most important considerations. 

In terms of style, a bedside table lamp is an important piece of decor that can serve as the focal point or the aesthetic anchor of the bedside table's decorative arrangement.

As such, think about how to best reflect your style when choosing a lamp. If you are a minimalist, consider a bedside table lamp that doesn't have too big of a footprint, like this one:

Click here to see this industrial lamp on Amazon.

If your style is less modest and you aren't afraid to make a statement, consider a larger bedside table lamp:

Click here to see this modern ceramic lamp on Amazon.

From a functionality standpoint, consider what your needs are in regards to a bedside table lamp. For example, if the lamp will often be used for reading at night, you should get a lamp that is easy to turn on and off. 

If you're short on outlets to charge your devices, consider getting a bedside table lamp with auxiliary ports and other more modern features.

In Closing

We hope this guide has helped you better understand the usefulness of a bedside table as well as the items you should have on yours. Before you go, be sure to take a look at these other guides that might be of interest:

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