Where To Put A Towel Rack In The Bathroom

Though you can typically decorate your bathroom any way you choose, towels serve a function. And therefore, towel racks should be placed in spots that maximize that function. So we ask the question, where should you put a towel rack in the bathroom?
Towel racks should go in the following places in the bathroom.
  • Next to the sinks
  • Above the toilet
  • Next to the shower
  • Near the tub
  • Behind the door

We'll explore each of these locations and discuss the reasoning for them in the following post along with some standard measurements for where to hang bathroom towel racks and hooks.

Interior of a modern bathroom with a wooden cabinet and a white bathtub with a glass wall, Where To Put A Towel Rack In The Bathroom

Where To Place Your Towel Rack

In the bathroom, we typically use towels to dry our hands and bodies after bathing and showering. You don't want your towels a mile away from you when you're soaking wet. Therefore, it makes sense that we install towel racks in places that give us easy accessibility to the towels.

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Black towel rack in a beige bathroom

Next to the sink, we place shower rings or hooks for hand towels. They need to be close by for drying after washing your hands.

Industrial Pipe Shelf,Rustic Wall Shelf with Towel Bar

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The other commonsense place to hang your towel rack is next to the shower or near the tub. Some people may use towel hooks, others may use a heated towel rack at the foot of the tub, but as long as your towel is in arm's reach, the towel rack is in a good location.

Towel Warmer Wall Mount Electric Plug-in

This wall-mounted hardwired towel warmer is a beautiful thing to have in winter climates. Hang this on a wall near your shower for easy reach when you step out onto your bathmat. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as a cozy warm towel when you step out of the shower or tub.

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Wide 10-Bar Plug-in Towel Warmer in Brushed

If you want something freestanding for, say, the foot of your freestanding clawfoot tub, then consider this model. It can be moved where you need it and doesn't rely on a wall for placement.

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Where Should Towel Bars Be Placed In A Small Bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom, your space may be limited. Often a toilet is next to the sink, is next to the shower. You can utilize the area above the toilet for a shower rack as well as opposite the toilet. The back of the door can be a place for robes or towel hooks.

Wall Mount Metal Win

Using a towel rack like this is an excellent space saver for a small bathroom. Different sized towels can be rolled and stored above the toilet or behind a door. Pair with towel hooks for hanging wet towels. Click here to see this on Amazon.

How High Should A Towel Rack Be In A Bathroom?

Clean towels hanged on stainless steel towels racks

Industry-standard for towel racks is 48" above the floor. However, it depends on how it's going to be laid out and who is going to use it. A wider known range is 44"-56" from the floor. For a child's bathroom, you should hang them lower, of course. Towel rings should be 50-52" off the ground.

Moen Retreat Collection Brushed Nickel Bathroom Hand Towel Ring

Towel rings like these are more often used for hand towels than for bath towels.

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For robe hooks, you're going to want them to be from 65-70" off the ground to accommodate the length.

Do Towels Dry Better On Hooks Or Bars?

White towel hanged on a stainless steel towel rack

Anytime you can unfold a towel so that it is draped over a bar and not bunched, it's going to dry more quickly. Hooks will often cause a towel to drape in the area where it is hooked, which could leave a damp spot that dries more slowly. If you don't have room for a full-length bar, you could consider draping your towel over your shower bar to dry, then transferring it to the hook.

Rubbed Bronze Towel Bars for Bathroom Wall Mounted Swivel Towel Rack Holder

Another option is these arm model towel racks. Each dowel swings out and expands to give you more space and opportunity to stretch out your towels for drying. Something like this would also work well for a small bathroom.

Can You Use A Robe Hook For Towels?

You can, but not all robe hooks are made equally. Sometimes the terms robe hook and towel hook are used interchangeably, but other times, the robe hook may not be deep enough for a towel. Many robes come with a fabric loop inside at the neck/label area. This loop is what's put over the robe hook. So if you want a dual-purpose hook, pick something with a deeper hook like the ones below.

Ruavista Coat and Hat Hook

The deep curve of this hook allows plenty of space for a towel to grab hold of. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Artifacts Double robe hook

Here's an option for a double hook that gives you plenty of hook space for towels or robes. Click here to see this on Amazon.

Where Do Bathroom Hooks Go?

Again, you want to think about the function of your bathroom. Where is the logical place for a hook? Many people will place a towel hook just outside the shower if their towel bar is not within reach. That way, you can easily reach a hand out of the door and grab your towel without dripping on the floor.

White clean towels hanged on a towel rack

Behind the door is another popular place for hooks, this is most often the place you'll see robe hooks placed. Because robe hooks should be hung at least 65-70" off of the floor, the door provides the perfect height and amount of space.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Door Hanger

Over the door hooks are an easy way to utilize your door space without drilling holes into it. You get convenience and a whole bunch of storage for towels and robes.

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Hanging your bathroom hooks is as individual as your bathroom. But keep your focus on function, and you won't go wrong. If this post was helpful, please check out these others from HomeDecorBliss.com below.

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White towels on a chromed heated towel rail in a modern hotel bathroom
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