Wine-Themed Kitchen: 17 Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you love wine and you love decorating, why not combine your passions? And your kitchen is the ideal room for creating a vino-inspired theme! That’s something I’ve been playing with lately, and I’ve come up with some fantastic ideas. These can give your cooking area a distinct personal flavor – without making it look like a bar.

Like a good winery, I’ll Just give you a taste here in the very second paragraph of this post to some of my ideas. Keep on reading, as there are X more down this post – and I’m going to elaborate on them all (including these sample ones).

Ideas to get a wine-themed kitchen going –

  • Use corks
  • Place beautiful wine glasses on display
  • Use wine colors – like burgundy – for your palette
  • Display some of your bottles right in the kitchen.

Intrigued? I’ll explain more – and give you some practical tips and ideas – further down this post. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, stay with me and let’s sip some of those intoxicating fantasy design ideas!

Wine-Themed Kitchen: 17 Ideas That Will Inspire You

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#1 Use wine-themed colors for your palette

One of the first steps of every design project is focusing on a palette of colors to work with. Choosing your main colors can help you create a unified harmonious look in every room.

For a wine-themed room, most people go with deep rich shades of reds and browns, not unlike those of types of wine. After all, there is such a thing as “wine color” and it’s a shade of dark red, much like the color of a good wine.

Two other common wine-based color names are Bordeaux (or claret) and burgundy. Both are also names of counties in France where these wines originated from.

According to Wikipedia, there’s also a color known as “wine dregs”! The wiki entry also specifies the exact shade in hex codes (that’s a way to represent colors on a computer screen), so I went ahead and turned these six shades of wine colors into a wine glasses for you

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For your wine-themed kitchen, you could pick any of the above as your main color or mix them together. They are very close to one another and you can be sure they won’t clash.

#2 Opt for materials that spells out luxury

Wine is all about luxury and this is something you need to echo in your choice of materials. This doesn’t mean you have to choose very expensive items necessarily. Simply avoid cheap plastic items and focus on materials that are closely associated with wine such as wood (especially oak) and leather.

#3 Wine decor for your kitchen walls

Whether you paint your kitchen walls with a shade of wine or not, you can add wall decor items that will convey your theme. In the kitchen, a single large canvass should be enough.

It doesn’t even have to be all about wine. A large “Old World” canvass like this one conveys a sense of tradition and history, including food and wine – very appropriate for any kitchen –

Though of course, you can go with a print that’s more wine-themed. In fact, why not try a series of them, like here –

It’s a great way to introduce your theme very clearly, as well as bring in those gorgeous wine colors into your kitchen.

#4 Wine-themed curtains or drapes

If you must, you could use curtains that actually have wine-related prints on them. However, in most kitchens, that might be a bit over the top.

In most cases, a more sensible way to tie in your wine theme and window treatments would be to stick to drapes or curtains in the wine shade of your choice. And there is no shortage of those around. Like these gorgeous wine-colored sheer drapes –

And if these are not practical within your kitchen – as is often the case with full-size drapes – a short valance can bring in that touch of burgundy color without being too dominant –

#5 Use wine bottles as a decorative element

One of the best ways to bring in your theme element is by using glass bottles and decanters. These will sometimes be “real” wine bottles (more on that in a minute) but they can also be merely decorative elements.

For example, why not get a vase that’s shaped just like a wine bottle? Check out this beautiful design which actually makes use of recycled wine bottles!

#6 Add grapes to your kitchen

Grapes. The fruit of origin.

It’s perfect as a decorative element in any wine-themed room, kitchen included. The possibilities are endless. From a stylish figurine embedded with Swarovski Crystals –

Grapes offer you a way to stay within your theme while using a slightly different motif. The subtle connection between grapes and wine allowing for a more sophisticated overall result.

#7 Use cork (and actual corks)

Cork is one of the best materials for any wine-themed design. It combines the best of both worlds –

  1. A natural material that works very well on its own in your kitchen space.
  2. In the form of actual bottle corks, it is also directly related to your theme.

Simple and affordable, cork coasters are a classic way to introduce cork as a material into your kitchen decor –

For using actual bottle corks, how about this picture frame?

The one pictured here is available for purchase from Amazon but if you’re crafty, you could make a similar one using your own old corks.

And of course, since we’re talking about a wine-themed decor, corks could be a motif in its own right. Even pictures of corks work, like with this set of non-slip kitchen mats. Who says decor motifs can’t be practical?

#8 Consider your lighting options

Lighting should be an important part of any room decor project. The right light can really add ambiance to your design.

The kitchen presents us with a real challenge in that respect. With anything wine-themed, you’d want to go with a soft, intimate setup. Something which echoes your mood as you’re sipping from el vino with a loved one or a good friend.

However, this is the kitchen. Which means you need a very good light on your workspaces. Keep safety in mind – especially so if you prefer to cook with a glass of wine in your hand!

The solution is to have both types of lighting available. Stick to good old “harsh” lights in the kitchen work areas but also have an alternative light source which you can use once you’re done chopping and cooking.

And one source of alternative lighting is the one we’ll discuss in the next tip!

#9 Use candles – they can be wine-themed too!

Candles are awesome for your home decor projects, including this one. First, the right setup of candles can help you create that intimate lush atmosphere when the “cooking lights” are out.

What’s more, candles can add scents too! Whether lit or not, a wine-scented candle can put your guests and yourself in the right mood. And yes, “wine-scented candles” are a real thing.

You can – and should – carry the wine theme over to the candle holders as well. Here are a couple of interesting options:

Merlot-scented candles incorporated into wine corks! A conversation starter as well a great items for your wine-themed kitchen –

Candle holders that are shaped like wine bottles. They’re safer then just regular lit candles  –

#10 Place your wine fridge in a prominent spot

You do have a wine fridge, don’t you?

Make sure you place it in the kitchen, in all its glory. It deserves to be displayed on a (metaphorical) pedestal in any wine-themed kitchen.

And if you don’t have one yet, get one. It can even be a small one, like this model, which you can place on top of the counter.

#11 Invest in a worthy wine rack

Not all wine needs to be cooled in a fridge. Show off your other bottles in a beautifully-designed wine rack. There’s no shortage of gorgeous designs.

The size of your wine rack will differ based on the size of your wine collection. There’s nothing sadder than an almost-empty wine rack, so stick to a size that you can keep nearly full.

That in itself becomes an element in your kitchen decor. After all, nothing says wine more than wine itself. You can go the extra step and get a wine rack that literally says “wine” –

#12 Have room for wines in the serving cart

Arguably we’re taking the theme out of the kitchen here, but only a little. Serving carts are often stored in the kitchen area until you need to use it to haul dishes out to the dining room.

If your setup is that formal, make sure your serving cart has room for wines – and shows it too. Here’s a suggested design (and it’s Merlot color too!) –

#13 Invest in quality wine glasses

Eating utensils are functional but there’s nothing stopping them from being beautiful too. If you’re a wine connoisseur then you know just how important the right glass can be. If you don’t have them yet, now’s the time to invest in a set of quality wine glasses.

#14 Show off your quality wine glasses!

This is where your quality glasses can become an actual decorative element. Display your glass collectio! proudly in your kitchen!

Don’t forget that they need to be placed upside down so that they don’t collect any dust. The best way is to use a wine glasses rack like this one –

If you’re short of space there, or just want to create a smaller exquisite collection, try this gorgeous freestanding table-top rack –

#15 Go crazy with wine openers and bottle stoppers

Speaking of practical items, your kitchen should have the best-looking wine openers – preferably on display. Even if you’re only keeping them in the drawer, just having the right ones to pull out when you crack open a new bottle will, in fact, add to your overall themed kitchen atmosphere.

Bottle stoppers are also worth investing in. Small items that can help add details to your wine-themed kitchen.

Here’s a beautiful set that’s all about being decorative and pretty –

Of this whimsical set that’s perfectly in line with your color theme too –

#16 Get geeky with wine gadgets!

And yes, they can become a design element too.

Electric bottle openers are all the rage, and some of them are very pretty too. Adding them to your kitchen will show your level of passion for wine and add a unique elegant touch too. Here’s a great option –

#16 The intellectual touch: Add books about wine

Books can be a great design item. Just think of design magazines where beautiful books are so casually on display on tables and by the side of beds. There’s no reason not to have something similar in your kitchen.

Place your favorite books about wine in your themed kitchen, on a beautiful and prominent shelf. And if you don’t have such books, now’s the time to order a few! Just see these awesome Wine books on Amazon.

#17 Don’t forget to have a sense of humor!

It’s always good to introduce a sense of humor into your themed-room, especially with a topic like this one. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of funny wine-related items. You can have them on cups, posters or even coasters like these –

So, there you are! 17 ideas or tips which should help you get going!

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