Animal-Themed Wallpaper for Your Nursery Walls (Inspirational Images and Tips!)

If you're looking for wallpaper for your child's nursery, you've come to the right place! No matter what the age of your child is, they're going to love these animal-themed wallpapers just as much as you are. There is plenty of great animal-themed wallpaper out there! Choosing wallpaper for a nursery can be really fun, and animal themed wallpaper doesn't have to be cartoonish or childlike. We've looked across the internet for the best options, and have collected them together in this post. To see a few examples of these wallpapers, keep reading and take a look at these inspiring Instagram posts we've pulled just for you!

Animal-Themed Wallpaper for Your Nursery Walls (Inspirational Images and Tips!)

Instagram Inspiration


The wallpaper in this Instagram post is olive-colored and monkey-themed, and it features dark, calming colors. One of the best aspects of this theme is that it's gender-neutral, so it can fit wonderfully in any nursery! The addition of the stuffed monkey and the children's books really give this room a childlike feel. 2. The wallpaper above has a white background, with teal colored giraffes, elephants, roosters, ostriches, and kangaroos. This wallpaper theme would be ideal in any nursery, maybe even the nursery of an animal lover! 3. The wallpaper in this Instagram post is bright and brings the room to life! The background is a light beige, and the animals featured are their respective colors. This particular wallpaper even has a matching curtain design, which adds even more to the theme. It's a fun wallpaper and would fit perfectly in a nursery where the child, possibly a younger child, is learning about the different animals. 4. This last wallpaper from Instagram is incredibly unique! The wallpaper appears as though its hand-drawn, adding an artistic feel to the room. It showcases different plants, as well as a lion, a flamingo, a toucan, and a tiger. This wallpaper design would go great with a child who loves to draw, and it can help act as inspiration! These wallpaper designs are incredible and are inspirational for those looking for animal themed wallpaper. If you're sold on the idea of animal themed wallpaper for your child's nursery, below we have some amazing options that Amazon has to offer!

Animal Themed Wallpaper

Amazon has a lot of great deals on a variety of items, and wallpapers happen to be one of them! Take a glance below to see some great options.

1. York Rabbit Wallpaper

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This lovely wallpaper is decorated with a few different rabbits and delicate looking plants, and it comes in black and white. This particular wallpaper is 20.5" x 33 feet, equaling a total of 56 square feet. The wallpaper is packaged and sold in double rolls. This rabbit-themed wallpaper is easy to apply! You simply dip the wallpaper in water to activate the glue and apply it across your walls. It's easy to strip off when you're looking for a change, and you're free to scrub it without fear of damage! This great product can be found here!

2. Gray Jungle Wall Paper

This fun wallpaper features the silhouettes of a variety of animals! It has lions, alligators, monkeys, and many more! It's easy to apply to your walls; peel off and stick to apply! No need to worry if you position it crooked, because it fixes mistakes easily by re-positioning, without losing any of its adhesiveness. The jungle-themed wallpaper can fit any smooth, flat surface, and it comes in a 20.5" x 18 feet roll. It's perfect for a nursery that's gray or darker-themed. This great product can be found here!

3. Children's Animal Wallpaper

This unique design is perfect for any nursery and is a simple decoration. It's made out of eco-friendly materials, and is both waterproof and odorless! The colors are UV resistant, are delivered in a roll, and can be applied to any flat surface! The wallpaper is easy to stick to the wall; it even comes with instructions, and all you need is glue. This wallpaper can be found here on Amazon!

4. Rain forest Animals Wallpaper

This colorful wallpaper is very colorful and vibrant, featuring the different animals that can be found in a rain forest and a subtly leathered texture! It is highly durable and fade-resistant, able last long enough to grow with your children! This rain forest animal wallpaper is also mold, mildew, and water resistant, and is sized at 25" x 27 feet. You can find this lively wallpaper here on Amazon!

5. Rustic Woodland Wildlife Wallpaper

This amazing wallpaper design featured common woodland creatures, and it comes in four different sizes so you can determine the perfect one for your nursery! The design features a simple peel-and-stick application, which in turn makes it easier to remove and re-position the wallpaper. It can stick to any flat surface, and excess wallpaper can be used to line the inside of drawers or for crafts! The wallpaper is eco-friendly and free of harmful substances! If this style intrigues you, you can get this great find here!

6. Pheobe Birds Wallpaper

This stunning wallpaper features contains a white background, and contrasted against it are colorful birds sitting on tree branches. It has a glistening effect, and is incredibly easy to apply; you can simply sponge water onto it to paste it to your wall. Printed on luxury heavyweight paper, you can find this amazing design right here!

Optional Accessories

The wallpapers above are really incredible looking, and will look absolutely wonderful in your nursery! However, though they are mainly easy to apply, there are some accessories that Amazon offers that would help things run a lot smoother and can help with durability!

1. Flexible Smoothing Tool

This tool can help make smoothing out your wallpaper easier on you! Sometimes during the application, the paper wrinkles, and not all the wallpaper options are easy to re-position. If left wrinkled, the wallpaper can dry and chip off. That's where this handy tool comes in! It can aid you in smoothing out any wrinkled in your wallpaper, and it can even be used for painting projects! You can find this tool here on Amazon!

2. Heavy Duty Wallpaper Adhesive

Depending on how much adhesive you need, this product comes in three different sizes; one gallon can cover 280 square feet. Not all wallpapers come as peel and stick, or it's not as easy as dipping it in water; for some, you may need to purchase your own adhesive. This product is perfect for your wallpaper needs! It can be used on both lightweight and heavyweight wallpaper and can be removed without damaging the surface of your walls. You can find this adhesive here.

3. Primer

Primer is a great tool to add to your walls before wallpapering. Primers help to seal any holes in the walls, protecting the wall from moisture and deterioration; too much moisture can cause the paint behind the wallpaper to soften, and this can both stop the wallpaper from adhering to the walls and make it difficult to remove any wallpaper later. Using a primer can help stop these problems before they occur, and it also helps to cover up any stains or markings your wall may have. It's advisable that you prime your walls a few weeks before adding any wallpaper. If you think you may need a primer for your own wallpapering, Amazon offers it here!

We hope you enjoyed this collection of animal-themed wallpapers! If you're considering using one of these styles, or if you're using an entirely different style, let us know below! Need to add some throw pillows? Check out our guide on integrating animal-themed throw pillows into any room design.

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