Are Fleece Sheets Warmer Than Flannel?

Finding the perfect bedding can feel like an impossible task sometimes. Are you torn between fleece sheets or flannel ones but don't know which is warmer? Are fleece sheets or flannel sheets the better option? What's the main difference between these fabrics?

Luckily, we've done plenty of research and have these answers, among others, below!

You can expect fleece to get hotter than flannel sheets, but that doesn't always mean you'll like it. Generally, fleece blankets trap heat very well but can't regulate it. Flannel bedding, however, will get warm, too: but it won't make you start sweating.

So, even though fleece is warmer than flannel, in terms of comfort, we recommend a flannel blanket for your bedding.

As we start this article, we will cover all things fleece and flannel sheets and discuss which material is warmer. Whether you need new bedding for the holidays, want to stay warm on vacation, or have additional related questions, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right in!

a warm, white, plush micro fleece blanket fabric is swirled into a circular pattern background, Are Fleece Sheets Warmer Than Flannel

Which Gets Warmer: Fleece Or Flannel Sheets?

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You can expect the fleece ones to get warmer between fleece and flannel sheets. As we covered, fleece tends to trap heat better than flannel.

However, this can become an issue for ventilation while you're sleeping, as your bedding can get very hot and uncomfortable. According to pros, fleece can't usually regulate your temperature, meaning it can get hot through the night.

Therefore, if you are somewhere with heat already, your fleece blanket could send your body into overdrive. Even though it's nice to feel warm while you sleep, waking up in a pool of sweat isn't fun either.

On the other hand, flannel bedding can still get warm, but this will be less "hot" than fleece. The benefit of using flannel over fleece is that it can regulate your body temperature, releasing excess heat into the surrounding area.

So whatever warmth your body needs, flannel sheets will keep it, while fleece will trap all heat: good or bad.

Which Is Thicker: Flannel Or Fleece?

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closeup of purple plush micro fleece blanket with pompoms. soft texture with folds

When it comes to thickness, you can expect fleece to be thicker than flannel. The main reason for this is that fleece is made by wrapping threads around each other (knit).

In contrast, flannel sheets are made with loosely woven cotton and feels more lightweight. In general, fleece materials and products have a heavier feel, explaining why they do a great job trapping heat.

Furthermore, your flannel sheets will have a softer, more comfortable texture than fleece, as they aren't knitted or grainy. Again, that doesn't make one better than the other, but it can affect comfort.

According to Sewing Is Cool, flannel sheets are usually made with either cotton or wool, while fleece is mainly synthetic fibers. Even though you'd think synthetic fibers would lose warmth faster than real ones, this is the complete opposite.

Like buying a flannel or fleece coat, the synthetic version is typically the one you'll sweat in after moving around. That's because faux fibers can't regulate heat or expel it properly.

So, from a comfort and quality standpoint, we recommend flannel sheets.

Is Fleece Better Quality Than Flannel?

Overall, we would say fleece is not better quality than flannel. As we covered above, fleece products typically consist of synthetic fibers, which aren't always great at insulating heat.

Even though your blanket may get warm faster than flannel, you might run into trouble with sweating and discomfort throughout the evening.

Material-wise, you also want to note that fleece is not always made with 100% natural fibers. In contrast, you will most likely have luck finding a wool or cotton flannel blanket, which will feel better on your skin and through the night.

Fleece can be amazing for extremely cold weather, but if your home is already temperature controlled, it can become a sweat-filled death trap.

You also want to factor in that fleece is sometimes a bit scratchy in texture, so if you have sensitive skin or younger kids using the sheets, it might not be ideal over flannel.

Which Is Softer: Fleece Or Flannel Sheets?

Although this can depend on the quality and fabric type of your bedding, flannel is generally softer than fleece. As we mentioned, fleece is knit fabric, which isn't usually soft to the touch.

Flannel, however, is cotton or wool and is not knitted, making it more even on the skin. On top of that, flannel will even become a bit softer as it ages if you care for it well.

That also goes for flannel clothing, as the fibers can loosen over time. Fleece won't get softer as it ages and could become itchier if you don't take good care of it.

Another way to think of this is to compare polyester versus cotton or wool. Typically, polyester isn't as comfortable, to begin with, often degrading faster over time.

Many fleece products are polyester, so that can affect how they initially and eventually feel on your skin.

Do Flannel Sheets Age Better Than Fleece Ones?

Between flannel and fleece, you can usually expect the two to age at the same level. You can expect flannel to become softer over time if you properly clean it, while fleece may hold out its quality with good maintenance.

However, flannel tends to develop pilling as it ages, which isn't always comfortable. Pilling can be compared to your sheets forming little round balls, making them less soft and cuddle-worthy.

On that note, fleece bedding can also age poorly, often stretching out of shape over time. So, even if your flannel sheets keep their form over the next five or ten years, they could develop pilling.

Your fleece might also feel the same after a decade, but there is a greater chance of stretching.

You also want to remember that sheets aren't made to be forever, so enjoy your flannel or fleece while you have it and need the extra warmth!

How Much Do Fleece Sheets Cost?

a warm, white, plush micro fleece blanket fabric is swirled into a circular pattern background

You can usually expect fleece sheets to cost between $25 and $50. Of course, your price tag will depend on the brand, thickness, and overall fleece quality, so this varies significantly.

Even though fleece is mainly synthetic fibers, many brands sell it for luxury pricing. For example, if you purchase a fleece blanket with an intricate design or custom embroidery, you could spend nearly $100.

On that same note, purchasing a no-name fleece blanket online could cost under $20, so there are ways to get one without breaking the bank.

As we said, fleece is a thicker, heat-trapping material, so you don't need to buy more than one blanket to stay warm during the colder seasons.

On top of that, you can also usually find fleece sets for your bed, which can be good for multiple people.

Great Bay Home Super Soft Micro Fleece Set

This bedding set comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and a pillowcase; it is made of 100% polyester, is a super soft microfleece material, comes in various colors, and comes in a few bed sizes.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon here.

How Much Do Flannel Sheets Cost?

Cute Cat Feet on Flannel Sheets

For those wanting to buy flannel sheets, expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a set. Like fleece sheets, you can also typically find single flannel blankets for less money, although a set can be better long-term.

Since many people switch their bedding around the holidays, finding a flannel blanket set is better to keep your bed looking high-end and well-planned.

As we mentioned, flannel will keep you warm without the night sweats, so you can double up if necessary. Furthermore, flannel sheets typically have a holiday vibe, making them perfect for Christmas gifts.

Especially if you live somewhere with cold falls and winters, giving the gift of warm bedding is always a winner when the big day comes.

Bare Home Flannel Sheet Set

This flannel sheet set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases; it has a plaid pattern, is made of 100% cotton, will keep you warm, is high-quality, and comes in different colors and sizes.

View this flannel bedding set on Amazon.

What Are The Best Sheets For Winter?

When the weather gets colder in the winter, you may need to change your bed sheets. Therefore, it's essential to find a sheet or set that keeps you warm: but not to the point you're drenched in sweat.

According to experts, you want to stick with these materials for winter bedding:

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Flannel
  • Linen
  • Fleece
  • Silk

Of course, these materials are all different textures, thicknesses, and quality, so the choice comes down to your needs and budget.

Generally, silk, bamboo, and cotton sheets will be the more expensive options, although, with certain brands, any of these can set you back upwards of $100.

Furthermore, you want to factor in where you live and how cold it gets. Some people may need thicker fleece sheets to stay warm through the night, while others might only need linen, bamboo, or silk.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you have super cold winters or need new holiday bedding, you've likely considered purchasing fleece or flannel sheets. We found that fleece is warmer than flannel, although it doesn't release excess heat into the air, which can make you sweat.

On the other hand, flannel sheets will keep you warm, but not to the point you'll become hot. Therefore, we recommend them over fleece as they're a bit softer.

Regardless, you want to make sure and find a high-quality bed set for your space, look for cotton or wool material, and take good care of your bedding, so it lasts a long time.

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