Genevieve Palaca

Genevieve Palaca

How To Put A Bedskirt On A Sleep Number Bed

Woman removing mattress, How To Put A Bedskirt On A Sleep Number Bed

A bedskirt, also known as a dust ruffle or valance, can enhance your bedroom’s aesthetic while hiding under-bed storage. If you’re wondering about fitting one on a Sleep Number bed, don’t worry—it’s straightforward. Sleep Number beds offer unique, adjustable support,…

Does House Wrap Stop Wind?

An almost finished house with wrapping on the walls

When it comes to building a house, protecting it from the elements is crucial. One common tool used for this purpose is house wrap. But how effective is it really, especially against wind? In this article, we’ll explore what house…

Can You Staple House Wrap?

residential exterior wrapping, Can You Staple House Wrap?

Are you ready to take on the exciting task of building or renovating your dream home? As you dive into the world of construction, you may have come across a term that’s causing some confusion: house wrap. This seemingly simple…

How Deep Should Footings Be?

Concrete footings and reinforcing rod for new building under construction, The concrete formwork and reinforcement steel for construction foundation. - How Deep Should Footings Be?

Are you planning to build a new structure or renovate an existing one? Whether it’s a home, a commercial building, or a backyard deck, one of the most important elements of any construction project is the foundation. The foundation, or…

How Often To Lubricate The Garage Door?

Garage Door - How Often To Lubricate The Garage Door

Even if you probably have a long list of household chores, lubricating your garage door is one maintenance task you should never forget. A door is less noisy and operates more effectively with proper lubrication, decreasing friction between moving parts.…

What Size Should Deck Joists Be?

Building a new above ground deck, What Size Should Deck Joists Be?

Want to know the deck joist dimensions? You are on the right page! We’ve researched this topic to help you address all of your questions. Your deck joists’ dimensions are determined by the International Residential Code (IRC). The most popular…