11 Awesome Patio Color Schemes

Outdoor living spaces have recently become hugely popular as an extension of your home space. Just as the interior decor in your home, your patio should represent your family's style and appeal to your personal taste. 

Decorating your patio will give your outdoor space a personalized touch that will create an alluring area to hang out with family and friends. Patio furniture is the perfect way to add some color to a dull-looking patio.

Although decorating your patio can add tons of life to your outdoor space, the upkeep can be an issue for some. Choosing furniture and accent pieces that fit your family's lifestyle can prevent dissatisfaction in the future. 

Finding furniture in colors that won't easily fade or stain is another way to keep your patio looking brand new with little effort. Keep this idea in mind when choosing your perfect patio decor. 

Be sure to remember that lighting can affect your furniture color when choosing a decorative color scheme for your patio. Look at furniture and decor in natural sunlight when possible. 

Choosing just the right color scheme for your patio can seem like a daunting task. We have done the leg work to provide a comprehensive selection of patio color schemes to inspire you. Without further ado, let's get to it!

New modern screened porch with patio furniture, summertime woods in the background. New home addition concept - 11 Awesome Patio Color Schemes

1. Ash Grey And Natural Wood 

Wooden patio connected to a private building, with seating area and cozy lounge zone, open window with entrance to the house.

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Pairing a light shade of grey with a golden natural wood tone can create the perfect warm and cool contrasted look. This color scheme adds an understated and sophisticated look to your outdoor space. 

Cool neutral grey is the perfect mixture of black and white and is one of the most popular colors in home decor. Muted warm tones of light natural wood pair with this contemporary shade for a subtle and elegant color scheme.  

Rustic Stone Grey And Natural Wood

Deeper shades of grey can add a more rustic look to your outdoor space. Natural stone decor is a great way to bring in some naturally deep stone grey tones. 

Large natural or handmade wooden pieces can add to this rustic ambiance. Accent this look with natural greenery and fur blankets for a natural uncultivated look. 

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2. Grey And White

Wood panel vaulted covering on outdoor gathering area of new home

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For a crisp clean contrasted look, consider the use of white and grey for your patio space. Shades of white add a simple brilliance to your space that creates an expansive illusion. 

A slightly dark shade of grey will add a sense of depth and definition to your patio. White hardwood floors can make a huge impact on your grey and white color scheme. 

Grey And Cream

If a stark shade of white is too much upkeep or too bright for your tastes, consider pairing grey with a slightly warmer shade of cream. Shades of cream act much like white as far as creating an illusion of space but without the upkeep. 

Cream colors hide stains and dirt better than stark white shades, making this color better in some dusty areas. Light neutral shades can bring the blue undertones out of grey tones for a rustic country look.

3. Country Blue, Red, And Brown

New modern screened porch with patio furniture, summertime woods in the background. New home addition concept.

Deep shades of chocolate brown woods pair with dusty shades of blue for a country look that is classic and inviting. Barn-inspired shades of red combine with country blues and rich browns for a bright contrasting color palette. 

A rug or decorative accent piece is the perfect way to bring in a bit of vibrant deep red, livening up the brown and blue color combination. Cool shades of blue are eye-catching and will easily become the focal point of any space. 

Modern Blue And Black

If a country style isn't quite your cup of tea, consider a modern spin on a blue color palette. Painting your patio floors a blue shade is sure to bring a modern splash of refreshing color into your space. 

Pair these brilliant blue floors with natural shades of light wood, black, and grey for a modern twist. 

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4. Brown, Cream, And Gold

Luxury home exterior at sunset: Outdoor covered patio with kitchen, barbecue, dining table, and seating area, overlooking grass field and trees.

Pairing shades of brown with neutral cream colors can give your patio a warm contrasted look that is chic and cozy. Cream colors add the same expansive illusion as white without the upkeep.

Gold accents add a rich luxurious feel to this simple color palette. Adding a patterned rug can also give your outdoor space a fun feel. 

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5. Black, White, And Green

Bright garden furniture, grill and plants on cozy terrace with wooden floor and brick wall

To create a fun retro look, consider brightly colored painted metal outdoor furniture paired with classic black and white. This bright green metal patio set brings a vibrant geometric look to this outdoor space. 

Black and white cushions help to balance out this bright green tone while still adding some fun prints to the mix. Splashes of bright pink give this black, white, and green palette some warm, soft color and a polished look. 

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6. Orange And Brown

Dark and white wood ceiling over patio of new home Fireplace and comfortable seating as the day is winding down

This duo of warm hues pairs up for a rich, retro-inspired look. Orange is an energized color that adds some brightness to your patio, while brown adds toasty sophistication to this look. 

Add some dimension to your space by using various shades of brown. White accents give this color combination a brilliant light contrast that helps to balance this color combination. 

Orange, Brown, And Blue

Bringing in a little extra color to an orange and brown color scheme can be easily accomplished. While many colors would fit right into this palette, shades of blue bring in a cool contrast that adds just the right touch to this space. 

Mixing these colors using different textures and patterns can give your outdoor space some added life and a fun vibe. Use throw pillows or outdoor rugs to bring these three colors together and still create a unified look. 

7. White And Magenta

empty outdoor patio table and chair

Pairing white and magenta is sure to give your patio a fun fresh look. This bright and cheery color combination is eye-catching and creates a brilliant contrast for your outdoor space. 

Magenta is the perfect mixture of pink and purple, and it pairs beautifully with white, especially in natural lighting. Use natural floral accents in the same shade to create a cohesive outdoor look. 

8. White, Grey, And Pink

Real photo of a white pillow and pink blanket on a rattan chair standing in the garden of a luxurious house

Lighter shades of pink can give your outdoor space a subtle fun splash of color that is not overwhelming. Blush shades pair perfectly with charcoal and white shades for a soft inviting look. 

Combining this color scheme with light natural wood shades brings a nature-inspired feel to any area of your home, including the patio. Overlapped rugs in these shades add a unified eclectic look to your outdoor patio area. 

9. Red And Beige

Backyard cozy patio area with wicker furniture set and brick fireplace

Fiery shades of red are a great color contrast to soft beige tones. This warm color combination is inviting and bold. 

Orangy reds will accentuate the look of your outdoor space, especially against a bright natural green backdrop. Add some texture to this look with some patterned throw pillows in coordinating colors. 

10. Soft Red And Black Boho

High Angle View of Upscale Patio Set, Dark Wicker Luxury Furniture with Comfortable Cushions on Outdoor Stone Patio of Affluent Home

The bohemian look has become quite popular in home decor. This decor style works well outdoors and gives your patio a unique vibrant look with tons of personality. 

Muted tones of reds, purples, and oranges add some warmth and liveliness to this black and beige patio. An eclectic bohemian look is achieved by using various different colors, textures, and patterns. 

Multi-Colored Boho

For a more lively version of boho decor, use several different patterns with various colors throughout your outdoor space. Combining and layering different materials and textures gives this look some depth and detail. 

Geometric patterned pillows and rugs are perfect for this look. Hanging natural greenery and hints of gold polish off this eclectic look. 

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11. Turquoise And Green

There is a wooden floor terrace,white fence,furnished with wood and white fabric furniture.

Combining turquoise and green will give your patio a cool crisp look. This lively color duo will add tons of color to your outdoor space for a fun, lively ambiance. 

A bright rug is a perfect way to bring these two colors together and add some fun patterns to your space. Adding bright greenery to your patio accentuates the greens in this color combination and brings this look to life. 

To Wrap It Up

Outdoor spaces have recently emerged as a popular outdoor alternative to living rooms. Your patio should be an outdoor oasis and extend your available living space outside of your home.

The right color scheme can create the perfect ambiance for your patio space. We hope that the above selection of patio color schemes has helped to inspire your exterior decor. 

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