11 Awesome Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

When upgrading your bathroom, it’s easy to think about new paint colors for the walls or tiles for the floor. You may want a new vanity or to transform your old shower tub combo into a luxurious free-standing clawed bathtub. These are all great places to start, but they certainly aren’t the end. Bathroom ceilings are also ready for an upgrade, and it can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom.

Changing up your ceiling can add height, or even just the illusion of height, to a smaller bathroom. You can add tons of lighting, both through fixtures and opening up room for natural light. And you can create a ceiling design that is entirely unique to you and your home. If you haven’t considered a ceiling upgrade, or are just looking for inspiration for your next bathroom remodel, check out the ideas we’ve put together to help spark your creativity!

Modern attic bathroom with wooden ceiling, 11 Awesome Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

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1.Upscale Lighting

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Modern Victorian themed bathroom with white painted cabinetry, octagon shaped bathtub and a small window

A beautiful way to add sophistication to your bathroom is by upgrading your lighting with a chandelier. Chandeliers are perfect for creating a focal point in your bathroom, whether that is over your tub or a stylish double vanity. Chandeliers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, which makes them perfect for almost any bathroom decor style. 

If you want better lighting than simply generic, recessed lighting common to bathrooms, then drum or candle chandeliers can add elegant light above your tub or vanity. However, if you’re just looking to add a bit of sparkle in a bathroom with sufficient or even ample natural lighting, then a beaded or crystal chandelier can capture dazzling light and disperse it around the room.

A gorgeous white walled bathroom with a bay window

If you’re thinking about adding a chandelier to your bathroom ceiling, keep in mind that this style of lighting takes up more space than other options. Chandeliers work well in larger bathrooms with higher ceilings so that they aren’t overtaking the entire room. Be aware of building and electrical codes as well when changing the lighting in your bathroom to ensure there is an appropriate amount of space between your tub and chandelier.

2. Skylight

A modern attic with a blue tiled bathtub and white ceilings, and a sunroof

If you’re down for some major remodeling, adding a skylight to your bathroom can change everything. Gone are the days of a boring bathroom meant for quick showers and rushed mornings getting ready for work. A skylight will turn your bathroom into a tranquil and relaxing room to wash away the worries of your day. You can relax in your tub and enjoy a gorgeous blue sky or a candlelit bath under the stars by night. 

Skylights create a bright and airy space, and they also make a room look larger as they bring in natural light and open the ceiling. One large or two smaller skylights can elevate your entire bathroom aesthetic. Although they aren’t an easy DIY project, they are fairly quick work for a professional.

3. Faux Skylight

Spacious bathroom with gorgeous brown tiles, small bathtub, and a huge vanity area with cream colored cabinets

Sometimes skylights aren’t doable, whether that’s because it’s a large project or your bathroom is on a bottom floor. So what’s the next best thing? Creating your own! You can choose an elegant handpainted skylight, as pictured above, for an ancient Roman look. This is perfect for large stone bathrooms for a touch of classical art.

If you aren’t one for hand painting or want something a bit more reminiscent of the real thing, you can use a wall or light decals to give the impression of a blue sky above. Adding a frame with wall trim to the ceiling around a sky decal can trick the eye into seeing a skylight. However, if you have recessed fluorescent lighting, using stickers made specifically for those fixtures will illuminate the panel creating the illusion of a real skylight.

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4. Recessed Rope Lighting

A gorgeous small bathroom area with a classic designed vanity area

If you have vaulted ceilings, adding rope lighting around the trim can create even more height to your bathroom ceiling. These lights are perfect for a soft relaxing glow or just a simple way to bring more light into your bathroom.

Flexible LED strands are easy to install, making this a quick upgrade for your bathroom. If you want to add a little more fun, you can even get remote controlled color changing strands and play around with colors.

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5. Wood

A narrow rustic themed bathroom with white tiles, huge mirror, and a small window

For a rustic or cottage style bathroom, wood-paneled ceilings and beams are a beautiful alternative to lackluster white ceilings. Rich and heavy woods look expensive, sturdy, and contrast well with the light-colored decor. 

Interior of a rustic contemporary bathroom design matched with wooden flooring, gray walls, and indoor plants on the side

Wood paneling can also be used for a modern or minimalistic style as a way to mimic the flooring creating a visually interesting looped effect.

6. Skinny Slats

Modern bathroom with vertical wood slats with even spacing on the ceiling. Long white horizontal wooden paneling on the walls and a round mirror

Wood slat ceilings are an easy alternative to a heavier remodel of full wood ceilings. Skinny slats can be a DIY project to add to your existing ceiling that will add character and texture. These slats only require measuring, cutting, and then using a nail gun to attach them to the ceiling. Slats also come in different sizes and can be stained in different colors, so you have options to customize to your liking.

7. Pop of Color

Square panels laid out on the ceiling of a bathroom with vibrant colors. Modern themed bathroom with white aluminum panels and a gorgeous vanity on the side

Splashes of color in one tone bathrooms is the easiest way to spice up your space. But there’s no rule that says you can’t add that color to the ceiling. Using brighter colors on the ceiling will create depth while still keeping the room open and light. Like the picture above, it’s better if the ceiling isn’t the only bit of color in the room but is instead an accent to other splashes of color. This will keep the room looking uniform as opposed to a bright ceiling looking out of place.

8. Color and Height

Modern contemporary themed bright lime green ceiling and the upper part of the bathroom

If your bathroom has shorter or angled ceilings and you want to add height, you can overpaint your ceiling. Using a fun color and painting the ceiling and the upper part of the wall keeps the eye from determining where the walls end and the ceiling begins, masking shorter ceilings.

9. Skinny Slats

Tin ceiling of a modern contemporary bathroom

Tin ceilings were a unique and beautiful element of 19th-century Victorian homes that are fairly easy to replicate today with faux tin ceiling tiles. These tiles look like the real thing, coming in different finishes and pressed with the classic tin ceiling designs.

These tiles are perfect for bold character and tons of texture for your bathroom ceiling.

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10. Paint It Black

Minimalist inspired bathroom with a black bathtub and gray tiled flooring

Add drama to your bathroom with a bold black ceiling. Black ceilings are another way to make your bathroom seem larger, as it hides the limits of the room. Bathrooms with black ceilings can be just as tranquil and relaxing as those that are bright and airy. You can use the black to play up pops of color in the room, making them really stand out. Black ceilings are also perfect for a gothic style bathroom.

11. Stencils

The bathroom wall was painted navy blue, with a white patterned ceiling. A small round mirror was above the sink, and a large ornate bronze light fixture was over the vanity. Orchids in a vase sat on the countertop

Stencils are an inexpensive way to add a creative touch to your bathroom ceiling. You can easily change the style of a stencil by what color you choose. Golds and brass are perfect for more posh styled bathrooms, or you can use the same stencil in a blue or lavender to add a wash of color to an all-white bathroom.

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Final thoughts

We hope this list brought you some inspiration to spruce up your bathroom ceiling. If you want to see more bathroom inspiration, you can check out this post: “9 Types of Bathrooms (Layouts and Floor Plans)

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