Do Bathroom Mirrors Need To Be Tempered?

Are you looking for the perfect mirror for your bathroom? You’ll be surprised that there are many things to consider when shopping for a bathroom mirror.

For instance, does the mirror need to be tempered or not? We did the research for you and are excited to share what we’ve learned below.

It is recommended that you use tempered glass for your bathroom mirrors. These are more durable and safer to use, and their surface won’t stain despite the heat and humidity inside the bathroom.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of using tempered glass mirrors in the bathroom. We’ll also tell you the other factors to consider when choosing the perfect bathroom mirror. We’ll also answer if bathroom mirrors need to be sealed. Let’s get started!

What Type Of Mirror Is Best For The Bathroom?

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A bathroom is not like any other room in your house. It is constantly exposed to water and temperature changes making its interior prone to moisture issues.

Given these conditions, the materials you use for your bathroom shouldn’t be like those you’d ordinarily use in other parts of your house. They should withstand heat and moisture to last a long time.

It is common to find a mirror inside a bathroom. Aside from checking your appearance while brushing your teeth, washing your face, or after a shower, a bathroom mirror is also used for decorative purposes.

It helps enhance the look of your bathroom and complements existing elements inside. A mirror also makes the room appear more spacious and brighter.

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you should consider what your bathroom mirror is made of. This is how you make your investment last longer.

Mirrors are made of materials with polished and reflective surfaces, such as glass. However, there are different types of glass, and you have to choose carefully which glass type you’ll use for your bathroom.

Using Tempered Glass Mirrors In The Bathroom

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Experts recommend tempered glass mirrors for bathrooms.

Tempered glass is also known as toughened glass or safety glass. Tempered glass is said to be four times stronger than ordinary glass. Its strength has been enhanced through a chemical process.

This is an additional step during manufacture to ensure that it is durable and safe to use under different circumstances.

Because of the meticulous manufacturing process and the quality of its outcome, tempered glass is more expensive than ordinary annealed glass, but you get your money’s worth.

See this tempered glass mirror on Amazon.


Tempered glass is recommended in bathrooms because it can withstand temperature changes. Bathrooms are notorious for their humidity.

This means that excess moisture in the air can affect the materials used in this part of the house.

Yes, even glass mirrors. Heat and humidity can cause stains on the glass surface after prolonged exposure. These factors can also cause damage to the backing of the mirror as well as its edges.

Safe To Use

Bathrooms are also considered high-risk areas for accidents like falls because the floor can get slippery with water on it. As such, you need a mirror that won’t break easily in case there’s an impact.

If it does break, tempered glass reduces the risk of getting hurt from sharp broken pieces because it’ll turn into small granules with blunt sides.

Thus, tempered glass is safer for your bathroom mirror to minimize the risk of injury if it ever breaks.

This is why ordinary glass mirrors aren’t recommended for use in bathrooms. It is safer to use tempered glass as it doesn’t break into sharp pieces and it can resist moisture.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Bathroom Mirror

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Now that we’ve established the necessity of using a tempered glass mirror in your bathroom, here are other things you need to consider before purchasing the perfect bathroom mirror.


Measure the location on the wall where you want to plan to hang your bathroom mirror. Bathroom mirrors are usually located above the sink, but you can also put mirrors on your bathroom walls.

Experts recommend getting a mirror the same length or a little shorter than your countertop. Its height should be tall enough to give you a good view of your reflection (this is what a mirror is for).

Size is a personal preference. Bathroom mirrors are available in different sizes. Just ensure you get the dimensions you need so your mirror will fit in your bathroom perfectly.


A good quality mirror has a smooth and even surface. There shouldn’t be any blemishes or visible marks resulting from impurities on its coating.

Check also what your reflection looks like. It shouldn’t be distorted or blurry.

Mirrors come in different thicknesses. Choose a high-quality mirror with a thickness of 1/4 inch so that it is sturdier.


Bathroom mirrors are available in different styles, from plain to decorative ones. They come in different shapes and finishes.

Rectangles, rounds, and squares are common shapes of bathroom mirrors, but you will also find ovals, hexagons, and other geometric shapes. You can also have one customized according to the shape that you like.

See this round-tempered mirror on Amazon.

It’s also a good idea to have the fixtures and finishes in the bathroom match each other.

Look at the color of your shower head, faucet, lights, and towel bars, and look for a mirror with a frame that complements what you already have in your bathroom.

Do you have a theme for your bathroom? See how the mirror will fit in. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb. Again, you can opt to have yours customized if there’s a specific look you’re aiming for.

Frame and Structure

Some mirrors have frames; some don’t. Some bathroom mirrors have a cabinet or shelf; some don’t.

Having frames will not only define your mirror’s shape but also lend support to the glass. But some like the minimalist look of a frameless mirror.

Just know that the backing or supporting material matters also, as it will yield over time especially given the humid conditions inside the bathroom. Choose a durable material so that it’ll last longer.

Find this frameless mirror on Amazon.

Bathroom mirrors with a cabinet or shelf attached to them increase their functionality. They can help you keep your bathroom stuff organized.

It’s more hygienic, too, since your stuff isn’t exposed to possible bacteria that can grow in damp spaces.

See this mirror with a medicine cabinet on Amazon.

If you choose bathroom mirrors with frames, cabinets, or shelves, take note of these components’ material. Metal can rust over time, while wood may warp.

You can choose stainless steel, acrylic, copper, brushed nickel, and some moisture-resistant types of wood.

Consider these factors carefully before purchasing your bathroom mirror so that you can make a wise investment for your bathroom makeover.

Should You Seal A Bathroom Mirror?

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Considering how these mirrors are constantly exposed to humid conditions, it is a good idea to have the bathroom mirrors sealed.

This will keep moisture from seeping into the backing of the mirror, which can lead to the deterioration of its material. In other words, once you seal your bathroom mirror, you help it last longer.

Bathroom mirrors aren’t usually sealed yet upon purchase.

But you can do the sealing yourself since it’s so easy. Here’s how:

Materials To Prepare

  • polyurethane sealant (for the frame)
  • clear silicone caulking
  • foam brush
  • painter’s tape
  • paper towel

Find this clear silicone sealant on Amazon.


  1. Put painter’s tape around the mirror’s perimeter to protect it from dirt and damage.
  2. Use the brush to apply a coat of polyurethane sealant on the entire surface of the mirror frame.
  3. Apply a second coating once the sealant has dried.
  4. Once the second coating has dried, hang the mirror on the wall.
  5. Apply clear silicone caulking on the space between the mirror and the wall.
  6. Use a paper towel to remove excess caulk.
  7. Allow the caulk to dry.

There you go! That’s how to protect your mirror from moisture so it’ll last a long time.

Our Final Thoughts

Bathroom in a modern style with gray and white tiles. There is a large mirror with luminous lamps, tabletop with wooden drawers and sink, bath with shower.

In areas with a higher risk of accidents and moisture damage, it would help to invest in tempered glass to enhance your safety and improve its durability against heat and humidity.

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