32 Beach-Themed Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You (Picture Post)

The bedroom should put you in a relaxed mood, and what better theme to achieve that than the beach? The colors of the sand, sea, and maybe even the sunset, can help you instantly calm down and unwind. Add some seashore motifs for total immersion and you'll have a daily dose of "beach time" for a mini-vacation right in your own bedroom.

Need some inspiration? We're here to help.

32 Beach-Themed Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You (Picture Post)

We've carefully selected 33 gorgeous images from Instagram, showcasing great real-world beach-themed bedrooms. Let's take a look and see what makes them so special - and how you can create a similar look in you own home.

1. Beach-themed mural in pastel colors

We loved the feminine take on the beach theme in this bedroom. The mural on the accent wall, complete with a dreamy foamy shoreline in pastel colors, and a couple of sea stars, really sets the tone.

It's complemented by the rough wood used for the bed frame and nightstand which brings to mind driftwood. All it takes to complete the look is the soft hues of soothing bed covers.


2. The Ceiling Hammock Takes All the Attention

Seek the luxurious summer vibe in beaches from the comforts of your own room by integrating all the right elements. Anything that looks, feels, and tastes like the beach is a viable contender, including the ceiling hammock. For obvious reasons, only light to medium weight individuals should sit atop the cozy hammock. The tiki curtains further refine the beach theme to make it easier to imagine an amazing tropical location.

3. Project “Basement”

Overhauling the dull and lackluster décor of any basement can be a mighty undertaking, but this DIY project shows that it can be pulled off. The accented throw pillows feature prominent beach hues that make all the hallmarks of a stunning exotic vacation. Tiny details such as the frame on the beach themed frame on the wall further authenticate the look and feel the designer was hoping to create.

4. Dreaming About the Beach

The rustic wallpaper is clad with a faux wood texture that sets the right tones in the room. White contrasting walls surround beach themed bedroom. Beach throw pillows snugly sit front and center, inviting you to retreat into a cozy slumber. The ceiling with eclectic light fixtures does a pretty good job of creating the right ambiance. This bedroom project is a great example of what you can achieve with just a tiny bit of foresight.

5. Beach Bedroom Makeover

Three frames on the wall, each carrying beach murals in continuous succession. The golden white wall adds with stunning light fixtures placed by the side act as the perfect backdrop. Whoever designed this bedroom made it a point to choose matching bedding and throw pillows. Since the rest of the room has a very neutral color scheme, it becomes easier for a guest’s attention to gravitate towards the bed.

6. Cozy Bedroom

This bedroom allows you to sail to a beautiful paradise destination, with beautiful beach themed frames on the wall and turquoise colored curtains. The window shutter slats in the background subtly add more visual flair to the room. A few beach-themed throw pillows perfectly match the color scheme of the room. This bedroom looks perfect for both children and adults alike.

7. Heavenly Spring Theme

If you are looking to create a beautiful summer atmosphere in your home, then take a closer look at this bedroom. Depicting bright, bold colors that instantly appeal to your senses, this beautiful room is guaranteed to uplift your mood. This interior designer made sure to use matching colors for a more cohesive design. You can learn a lot about using throw pillows and how different sizes complement each other to add more flair to a room.

8. Blue Colored Bedroom

Create a beach them and surround yourself with natural textures by using beach themed bedroom floors. Throw pillows, as usual, play a vital role in creating the right mood. The ceiling fan with complementary light fixtures adds more luster to the room, highlighting the most desirable features of the room. Contrasting the color palette are the white curtains which do a good job of blocking sunlight, indeed, creating a peaceful space to live in.

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9. Thatched Fixture with Beach Themed Room

Here’s a small room that perfectly demonstrates how you can give an eclectic makeover to tiny spaces, even if you’re on a budget. The turquoise wallpapers help create those ocean vibes, green plants brighten up the ambiance. As shown in this fun space, it’s a good idea to use a woven pendant to hand from the ceiling. It’s always a good idea to use sea-inspired throw pillows to further refine the beach theme.

10. Add Blue Colors to Your Bedroom

Many children love the beach, which makes the blue color one of the most popular choices for a kid’s bedroom. As shown in this picture, it’s always a good idea to add bright, blue colors when decorating a child’s bedroom with a beach theme. Another excellent choice is to go with beach themed bedroom comforters. Splashes of white color perfectly contrast with the blue colors. It always helps to add a bit of vegetation to further drive the feeling of a summer home.

11. Getting Natural with Colors

One of the primary reasons why the sea appeal so much to our senses is because of all the natural elements. These include wood and rattan, both of which are on display in this picture here. The throw pillows feature stars on both front and back, which helps bring the beach vibe into this space. The impressive use of light further shows the importance of using the right light fixtures.

12. Who Doesn’t Like Surfing?

While not everyone has the skills to surf against the momentum of incoming tidal waves, it is definitely possible to integrate the surfers as part of your bedroom. It is a fun and unusual design, but one that definitely adds a ton of flair to your room. Notice also that you always have the free room to add your own favorite frames with vastly different murals without distracting away from the beach theme.

13. Accented Throw Pillows

Accented throw pillows work well in most beach-themed bedrooms, as shown here in this picture. Bedding with a neutral design is a good choice as well, perfect for those who don’t want to go overboard with the beach themes. A faux wooden wall serves as an ideal backdrop to hang your favorite murals in style. Notice that the interior designer made use of transparent white curtains to refine the beach theme.

14. Beach Palettes

Both the beach and the deep blue sea share the same palette, which this bedroom takes ample advantage of, not fearing to go overboard. It will definitely help you think about the vast beach with its watery blues, comforting sea form, and soothing soft turquoise waters. This bedroom is very easy to pull off because no elements here are expensive to purchase. The throw pillows, for instance, can be sourced from Amazon at a bargain

15. Transform Your Bedroom into the Beach

A beach bedroom, especially if it has accented throw pillows, is a great choice for teenagers and younger people in general. It also helps to make use of interesting wall art as well. The bedroom wall itself is extremely neutral and sets the right décor in the room. The sea theme bed sheets adorn the bedroom, adding all the right colors you would ever need.

16. Sea Themed Motif

One of the most common motifs in any beach bedroom is sea life, this ranges from subtle – a few shells or turquoise colored throw pillows, to full-fledged attention seeking designs as shown in this picture. The motif on the wall is totally unexpected and yet wonderfully beautiful in a way that adds a huge amount of interest and pattern to this rather tiny bedroom. If nothing else works, you can always make use of small and accented throw pillows.

17. Hats in a Room

If you want to add a powerful punch of the summer vibes to your bedroom without losing the minimalistic edge, then why not add a few accented hats near the center of your bedroom. In this picture, the artist utilized very few colors but did a fantastic job of creating the beach themed décor they were rooting for. It always helps to hang up some hats for extra design points.

18. Light Accented Throw Pillows

It is typical for many beach themed bedrooms to feature elaborate designs and ornate murals all over their walls, but not in this case. In this room, the only thing defining a beach theme is the throw pillow with a caption that says, “BEACH”. This room is highly versatile in terms of design, making it possible to switch over to a completely different design if you feel like it.

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19. Neutral Palette with Elaborate Light Fixtures

Most beach themed bedrooms are full of blue colors, which his to be expected. But in this case, the designer proves that it is possible to create a tropical paradise in your room with nothing but the right choice of upholstery to create a more casual look.  The light fixtures by the side create more attention towards the center. Adding more character to the room are ornate pillars on each corner of the bed.

20. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Overboard

If you really want to commit to bringing the beach into your room, then it’s time to go on a shopping spree and buy as many throw pillows and beach themed bed comforters you possibly can. Make sure to also buy miscellaneous accessories you would typically use in a beach, such as a surfer, straw hat, and rattan bench. This will go a long way in completing that beach look.

21. Yellow in the Bedroom

Most days on the beach are bright and sunny, and the resulting vibe is beautiful and colorful. One of the most common hues on the beach is yellow, so even if you’re not using an overpowered combination of blue and teal, it always helps to go with yellow. To further complete the beach theme, you can choose a beach themed frame as is depicted in this picture, where a surfer rides gentle waves behind him.

22. Beachy Bedroom

Using worn wooden panels as a visually stunning backdrop is the surefire way of making your room look as ‘beachy’ as possible. In this case, the artist chose to not go overboard with elaborate designs and obvious motifs, preferring instead to stick to a blue and grey color palette. Blue curtains towards the right do a good of letting just the right amount of natural light into the spaces.

23. Beach Side Resort

It is definitely not hard to recreate the same feeling you get in a beachside resort. In fact, you can pull off the same vibes during the winter too. Notice there is only one beach themed motif, and it’s not even blue! This goes to show that teal colors aren’t the only dominant palettes of the beach. The furniture’s worn finish adds an overall serene vibe in this bedroom.

24. Fish and Seashells

Fish seashells and coral are the most common motifs to choose in a beach inspired room. There’s no reason not to do the same here. To further accentuate the beach theme, you can go with more colorful motifs on the wall that adds tons of appeal to the bedroom. As the artist demonstrated here, an above-bed painting is both unusual and fun at the same time.

25. Coastal Themed Bedroom

This bedroom does a very good job of capturing all the elements that can be found in the beach, these include natural elements such as rattan, wood, seagrass, sea shells, and of course a teal color palette. The room itself is not overwhelmingly blue, which is good if you plan on switching to a different design. There are lots of eclectic throw pillows that add more charm to the beach layout.

26. Exaggerated Beach Theme

It is never a bad idea to go completely overboard with the beach layout, especially if you’ve got a large bedroom. This room incorporates all the natural elements you would expect to find in a beach but without making use of any elaborate motifs. The clever use of throw pillows creates one of the most homely feelings possible. Unfortunately, this room is not a simple DIY project and is fairly time-consuming.

27. Extreme Beach-Themed Bedroom

Flowery pastels, beach motifs, painted frame, teal lava lamp, and a limitless amount of decorative accessories make this room extremely cluttered. There is so much stuff in the way, that it could be a little difficult to snooze off. Safe to say, this room is not going to be easy to pull off, it requires both time and money. But we definitely recommend you to try.

28. Go Gentle with the Blue

This room demonstrates that you don’t really need fancy wallpapers or large real estate property to pull off a beach themed design. All you really need are a few frames carrying a beach motif to hang on your wall and call it a day. These days it is incredibly easy to create a beach cottage bedroom with a distressed wood finish, the key is to choose the right bedding to create perfect moods. There aren’t many throw pillows on the bed either, which is fine too.

29. Dream Under Starfish

Despite sharing very few elements with the beach, this bedroom manages to pull off those classic beach wives. The bedding is white with lots of throw pillows added in to nestle your hide inside. The nautical theme of the bed’s tall frame should add more comfort to your back. It’s the starfishes of varying size that ultimately add those beachy vibes to this room. A neutral colored background makes it easy to change the beach theme at will.

30. Navy Blue Room

The bedding is definitely the most visually striking element in this picture. It is surrounded by light blue walls and an above-bed mural that showcases lots of surfers in a row. Wall murals are a great way to show off your interest of the beach without breaking the bank, as shown in this picture. Even the throw pillows match the color theme of the bedding.

31. Sea Horses Under the Deep Blue Sea

Sea Horses are majestic creates of the deep blue sea. Their design value is often underestimated, but as can be seen in this picture, they do a fairly good job of bringing the beach into the bedroom. The motif on the bedding is fairly varied, incorporating most elements that are commonly found in the depths of the ocean. The wall adds serves as the perfect backdrop that enhances the visual appeal of the room.

32. Adding Textures from the Beach

The driftwood tables by the side and the creamy texture of the bedding make this room visually appealing. Even the cute wooden display with an off-white luster manages to add a more beach style to the room. From the green textures on the bed to the eclectic throw pillows, this room perfectly captures the serene and calm of a day spent near the beach.

The rattan box completes this room, although it needlessly takes up space in the room, cluttering it in the process.

We hope you found these images inspiring!

Not everyone has the free time needed to visit a beach every now and then, but they can still celebrate the vibes of the beach. All it takes is choosing it as a design theme! The visually thrilling views of the beach ignite your passion for the deep blue sea and motivate you to plan your next holiday in a tropical paradise under the sun.

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