Bedroom Carpet Inspiration: 35 Photos and Design Tips

These days, the popularity of hardwood floors abounds in communal living spaces. Oak, Maple, and Cherry floors can be seen in kitchens, living rooms, and hallways across the globe. Wood floors do create a clean, rustic aesthetic. But in the bedroom, the most intimate room of the house, carpet still reigns supreme. The bedroom is a space that necessitates comfort. At the end of a long day, your feet will crave the soft support that a carpet can give. If you are looking to give your bedroom floors a rejuvenating lift, this post includes thirty-five photos of wonderful, plush, lush carpeting to inspire your renovation.

Before delving into the delicious inspiration, let us first explore the basics of different kinds of carpet one could install.

Textured Carpet, also known as a cut pile carpet, is soft and provides a traditional aesthetic. This kind of carpet will feel soft on your feet. When cut pile carpet extends beyond 1/2 an inch, it is known as Shag carpet. Some say Shag may have died in the 70s, but in the world of style, everything returns with a vengeance.

Twist carpet, or Frieze carpet, create a modern, chic look for any room. This kind of carpet is known to be durable, so perfect if your bedroom floor sees a lot of commotion.

Berber Carpet is a kind of looped carpet and is extremely durable. If your bedroom is a high-traffic place, with kids romping around or rigorous exercises taking place, this is the carpet for you. However, if you have a furry friend, their claws may be likely to get caught in the loops of a Berber carpet. You can read more about it in our Berber carpet guide.

Bedroom Carpet Inspiration: 35 Photos and Design Tips

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Now that you are familiar with the common types of carpet, let’s get inspired.

35 Inspiring Bedroom Carpet Photos

1. Chic Shades of Grey

Here we can see a rather chic and effortless room. If you’re looking for inspiration for a sophisticated, clean style, going with simple muted colors is a sure-fire bet. The clean white walls open the space up, while the steel-colored carpet in gradients from light to dark grey adds a sharp intensity to the room. The gradients also open the floor up, creating the illusion of depth. To step up the style even further, consider matching bedding, pillows, and curtains to the carpet at hand.

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White and grey master bedroom with fireplace, large windows and double bed

2. Rustic Shag

If you are into an earthy aesthetic, like this incredible lodge-like bedroom set, consider an earthier rug like shag. This soft luscious carpet is bound to feel like clouds on your feet. The earth-like color of this carpeting will add to the quaint rural, rustic aesthetic. Here, the crimson curtains offer a contrast to the lighter-colored rug. With the darker wood and stone walls, the light carpet truly opens the room.

The interior of a bedroom in a modern yet rustic log cabin in the mountains

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3. Plain White

This simple white carpet adds a sense of sophistication to this room. The light color widens the space. The patternless carpet compliments the louder accessories–a cheetah print blanket, a leafy green plant, and several paintings. If your room is really busy with decor, you may want to consider monochromatic carpeting to lend some balance.


Spacious luxury bedroom

4. Looped Light Grey

This light grey carpet has a pattern that, while subtle, still catches the eye. This entire bedroom is styled in a muted steel-grey, and the softness of this carpet makes a big stamp on the room. Don’t you just want to sink your feet in?

modern luxury bedroom suite

5. Playful Stripes

If you really want your floors to make a statement, a patterned carpet may be for you. This fun and flirty striped carpet catches attention with alternating colors. The colors here, purple, blue, and white, all share the same mood and create a cohesive look. The purple pillows and chairs really make the purple stripe pop and pull the whole room together.

Modern brown yellow bedroom interior in a luxury house hotel resort

6. Soft Ice Grey

This soft ice grey carpet looks like a treat for your feet. The level of plush on this flooring adds a regal, royal vibe. The light color opens the room and contrasts delightfully with the sheer, dark blue curtains. With the dark bedding and dark curtains, the lighter carpet is certainly needed to add a sense of depth to the room.

Modern bedroom with a carpet floor space illuminated using sunlight and decorated using dark bedding items

7. Luscious Lavender

This lavender carpet is certainly the focal point of this room, and it truly pops against the white walls, white bedding, and muted decor. If you want your carpet to be a statement piece, consider a big pop of color, such as lilac or lavender.

Master bedroom in suburban home with black fireplace

8. Living in Lilac

This light purple rug is another perfect example of carpeting as a statement. Here we see the carpet color matching the couch and pillows. The walls are a muted purple, too. This room seems to be designed for lovers of purple. Note that the difference in shades between walls and carpet keeps the room from feeling too claustrophobic or overwhelming.

Master bedroom in luxury home with lavender carpeting

8. Clear and Clean White

Check out this clear, clean, refreshing room. White lends a huge amount of depth, widening the room, and allowing a relaxing vibe.

Master bedroom in luxury home

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9. Textured, Patterned

If you are feeling a flirty or fun vibe for your room, why not try a textured and patterned carpet? The texture adds dimension, and the diamond patterns here add style.

Luxury House with regal elegant bed room

9. Black and White

This chic black and white design is tasteful and adds flavor to this room. The dark walls and dark floors add a deep mood.

Luxury hotel bedroom with nice decoration

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10. Light White Stripes

If plain white is too plain for you, consider a light pattern. Simple, yet it adds dimension to the room!

Luxury bedroom interior

11. Sky Blue

This room is a true mood. The antique style is amped up by the sky blue carpet, which complements the blue walls and vintage curtains.

Iron Bed in Teal Bedroom od Old Victorian Home

12. Soft Pink

Soft pink is uniquely perfect. It makes a statement and is muted at the same time.

Interior of modern bedroom with cozy double bed

13. Funky Patterns

If you really want your floor to make a statement, consider a funky pattern. This pattern pairs perfectly with the color scheme of the room, an updated 70s lava lamp brown.

Interior design of master bedroom in luxury home

14. Curly Loops

This carpet has the appeal of a funky pattern with a modern twist. The simple color palette allows for a crazier design without dizzying the eye.

Hotel room with modern interior

15. Regal Leafs

Check out this regal room, with a leaf design and a curved window. The shapes, the patterns, everything screams royalty.

Hotel room

16. Lattice

This tight diamond pattern creates a wonderful optical illusion that captures the eye. No need for a rug or over-decoration, this floor piece says everything.

Hotel bedroom

17. A Bright Pop of Blue

This bright blue rug pairs perfectly with the floor to ceiling windows, an amazing mirror of the great blue sky!

Great design for bedroom with glass wall. Blue carpet floor well matched with light blue bedding and white wood storage cabinets

18. Soft Steel

Don’t you just want to sink your feet into this one? This soft steel rug certainly turns this room into a cozy retreat.

Elegant large bed in a dark frame in an attic bedroom

19. Brown and White

This pattern is simple yet still catches the eye. The darker colors draw the eye, in contrast with the light walls.

Double bed in the modern interior room

20. Gradient Greys

Another simple design that catches the eye. This room is totally modern chic, complemented by the gradient grey rug.

Dark Theme modern luxury bedroom suite

21. Modern Lines

Minimalist lines create a modern feel. The pattern doesn’t overwhelm when paired with a light-colored room.

Brownish Gold Theme Hotel room with modern interior

22. Plush, Off-White

This carpet looks so soft. The length of the carpet adds some dimension, but the white color isn’t too overbearing on the eye.

Breakfast room with wood floor and cherry cabinets

22. Muted Browns

This soft brown keeps with the rustic mood of this room, and the lofted ceilings certainly open the space.

Beautiful bedroom of light green tones with ceiling beams and stone background fireplace. Tropical theme complete with decorative tree

23. Clean Aquamarine

Another statement carpet. This beautiful blue catches the eye, while the white walls keep the space wide open and make the carpet shine.

An Interior Home shot of a King Master Bedroom

24. Simple Brown

This brown pairs wonderfully with light, bright yellow bedding. The painting of a brown bear ties in nicely with the brown carpeting.

Two single bedroom on kids room

25. Modern Grey

This room looks so wonderfully modern and chic. The grey rug adds a pop to the room.

Stylish master bedroom in luxury Australian mansion

26. Tan

This tan, yellow room looks like such a cozy retreat. Lighter tans and yellows contrast delightfully with the darker black accents.

Nicely decorated master bedroom in a newly built luxury home. There is a black leather sleigh bed, dark furniture, light streaming through the windows

27. A Yellow Room

If you’re looking for a singular color style, consider a pop of accent with carpeting. The yellow of this room isn’t overwhelming because the color of the carpet provides a soft contrast.

Modern yellow bedroom

28. Winter White

This white room looks like such a regal retreat.

Master bedroom in luxury condominium with sitting room

29. Light White

Another soft plush white. A calming retreat for your feet.

Bedroom with modern white and brown bed and nightstands

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