23 Rustic Bedroom Ideas (Pictures, Guides and Shopping Links)

There are inherent charm and whimsy that comes with the imagery inspired by the countryside. Modern influences have only made this style more attainable and fashionable than it’s ever been before. As a result, there are tons of inspirational posts and images out there to help you get your own country inspired dreams to come true. This post is going to be chock full of stunning country-themed bedroom inspiration for you to introduce to your own sleeping space.

23 Rustic Bedroom Ideas (Pictures, Guides and Shopping Links)

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Rustic elements paired with vibrant colors for beautiful contrast are the cornerstones of most country-themed designs, but this isn’t always true. If you’ve got a keen eye for detail – or simply enough time to peruse the ideas of others to assemble your own – you can create a 100% unique room fit for any country King or Queen.

Really, it is that easy! Don’t believe me? Continue reading to see some serious inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. I’ll even show you where to buy similar products to the ones you’ll see in these photographs.

1. A Cozy, Country Christmas Bedroom

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As the song goes, “There’s no place like home for the holidays.” And this bedroom is one that would make me never want to leave my house! The combination of rustic tones paired with the rich cranberry color so closely associated with the holiday season is a classic look that still fits into the modern world.

Click here to find this pillow on Amazon

Throw pillows are an easy way to make a bold statement any time of year. These deer and pine tree pillows sold by Capsceoll are a perfect fit for both the holiday and country aesthetics.

Click here to find this sign on Amazon.

Reflective Art Inc sells a beautiful wood-inspired canoe print that would look awesome above any bed, desk, dresser or end table.

2. Stunning Shades of Grey

The color grey doesn’t have to be bland or cold in its presentation, as this beautifully styled bedroom goes to show. The muted color of the wood paired with the varying shades of grey standing against white really combines modern aesthetics with the rustic charm we love.

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Find this great headboard on Amazon here

From eLuxurySupply comes this beautiful grey and fully adjustable headboard. The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, of course, so why not highlight this feature with a statement-making piece that sits at the head of the bed?

Click here to find this mirror on Amazon.

A vanity mirror is a great way to accent a wall in any bedroom. This rustic-inspired design from American Art Décor will look great against any color and really draw the eye with its unique design.

3. Plaid Paradise

Red and black buffalo check plaid is a distinctively country pattern, though it has been used across all mediums in home décor. The bedspread here really makes an impact, but the wall behind the headboard is the real masterpiece. Look at the mock trophy head above the bed; it’s animal-friendly but totally country inspired.

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This Eddie Bauer mountain plaid comforter and pillowcase set is a quick, easy and beautiful way to bring the countryside into any home.

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Zeckos produces a faux deer head wall mount that you can place anywhere.

4. Country Life + Elegance = Perfection

While this bedroom lacks the rustic wood and frills often associated with country décor, it is every bit a contender on this list as the other photographs you’ll see. The accent wall behind the bed is a subtle way to infuse the country aesthetic while the white-on-white design scheme keeps things looking crisp, clean and just a little more modern.

Click here to find it on Amazon.

This peel and stick wallpaper sold by RoomMates is a great way to create a beautiful distressed wood accent wall in any space.

5. Contrast is Beautiful

The decorative elements in this room are distinctly rustic and country-inspired, made to look even better by expertly contrasting light and dark components. The curtains, headboard and end tables are much darker than the bedspread and the wall, drawing the eye without detracting from the overall look. The decorations above the bed add more country themed appeal while the matching table lamps create balance and symmetry.

Find this table on Amazon here

Martin Svensson Home sells a rustic, dark wood end table that looks almost identical to the one you see in the photograph above.

6. Small Space, Big Vision

Small and medium-sized bedrooms lend themselves beautifully to the country aesthetic due to their cozier size. In this room, it is all about the accents: the accents on the ceiling, the footlocker at the end of the bed and the end table that stands out amid a sea of classic white. Little pops of texture and/or color make for a big impression.

Find this basket on Amazon

This wicker storage trunk from The Basket Lady comes in two sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your sleeping space.

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Navy blue throw pillows like these sold by PHF are a great way to add a touch of something bold and eye-catching to a room that’s mostly decorated with neutral colors.

7. Matching Furniture Makes an Impact

This bedroom has a cohesive theme running throughout the furniture: a natural wood-inspired look. Matching furniture really makes a room look put-together and sophisticated without losing the country aesthetic that this person is clearly going for.

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Find this dresser on Amazon

This dresser from Signature Design by Ashley closely resembles the themed furniture that you saw in the Pinterest image above. The many drawers provide more than adequate storage and the design lends itself to whatever accessories you want to add into the room.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

This white deer head wall mount from Smarten Arts adds a beautiful touch above the bed or dresser. The antlers are differently colored, so the mount won’t be lost even on a pure white bedroom wall.

8. Simple and Clean

Sometimes a country-inspired bedroom is filled with beautiful knick-knacks, accessories and statement pieces that really make a great look for the space. But a bedroom can be just as beautiful when you rely on an accent wall and only a handful of cleverly displayed pieces. The slate grey accent wall behind the bed really allows the accessories hanging there to shine.

Find these on Amazon here.

The single best thing about country living is the innate closeness to nature that it provides. Like the Pinterest user above did, you can utilize the freshness and beauty of plants in your bedroom with a hanging planter like these by JamBer.

9. White on White

White is a great color for bedrooms because it is versatile, allowing you to stylize your bedroom as you wish with whatever accent pieces and decorations you want. This Pinterest user let their decorations serve as the eye-catching features of their space, including a rustic wooden storage chest at the foot of the bed.

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Click here to find this wreath on Amazon

Wreaths aren’t just for your front door! This white flower wreath by LASPERAL would be a beautiful addition to your bedroom’s décor.

10. Canopied Garden Bedroom

The country theme is all about coziness and comfort. This bedroom perfectly illustrates these qualities with lush bedding and a canopy fit for a king or queen. The added floral elements really tie the room together and bring freshness and life into a predominately white area.

Click here to find this on Amazon

Royale Linens sells a beautifully sheer white canopy. Buy only one or double it up with two depending on your preference.

Find this amazon bed frame on Amazon here

This metal bed frame from URODECOR is a statement piece all by itself, highlighting the head and the foot of the bed with eye-catching framework.

11. The Text Adds a Flourish

In this example, you see a lot of white and grey with a rather minimalist approach to decorating. What many of the existing decorations have in this room, though, is text. This room is very simple but not at all plain, with the throw pillows and illustration above the bed capturing your eye. The area rug breaks up the uniformity of the floor and really adds an extra touch of loveliness.

Find this run on Amazon here

If your plan is to create a room that has a cohesive theme or color scheme, an area rug can really break up the space and make it look more interesting. This rug by Safavieh bares a striking resemblance to run in the example above.

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A throw pillow by Foozoup will stand out in a room with any specific color scheme.

12. Old World Style

This bedroom invokes many of the romantic images from classical cottages you’ll still see today. Nearly every element in this room is inspired by countryside cottages, from the thick, quilted comforter to the eye-catching wooden window blinds. Many of the wooden components are darker in coloration, but they do not detract from the brightness of this beautiful room.

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Achim Home Furnishings brings to you these lovely, dark wooden blinds. They’ll effectively block out unwanted sunlight while adding a classic touch to any space.

You can get your own from Amazon here

The cathedral window inspired fixtures above the bed really add an unexpected but beautiful visual effect into this bedroom.

13. House Plants Bring You Closer to Nature

Some greenery is always a great way to showcase your love of nature and really brighten up a space. The little, potted trees on the end tables provide symmetry while the wreath hanging above the bed adds a whimsical touch.

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Find these on Amazon here.

MyGift presents these beautiful (but artificial) tabletop trees in white planters. Their coloration and the colors of the planters will complement any bedroom, but especially one that is inspired by themes of the countryside.

Click here to find these on Amazon.

While we’re talking about symmetry, check out these hanging lanterns from Deco 79. Place two above your end tables like this Pinterest user did to create a beautiful look that attracts the eye in either direction.

14. Classic Cottage with a Hint of Fall’s Influence

At first glance, I noticed the beautiful leaf design that covers the accent wall behind the bed. These muted shades of fall lend themselves to any number of design schemes, including this warm and cozy-looking bedroom. This room is bright, filled with color and light, which makes for a perfect country-inspired space.

Click hhere to find this on Amazon

These vinyl wall decals from Wall Sayings are a great way to infuse a touch of autumnal beauty onto any surface, including your bedroom wall.

15. When the Headboard is a Statement Piece

Who can’t help but notice the rustic looking, distressed headboard in this picture? The pop of darker grey against a white wall and white furnishings makes for a brilliant contrast in an instant. This person also uses natural elements, like potted plants and succulents, as well as neutral-colored accessories to give this room some flair. Together, all of these elements work to create a space that looks simple but definitely not plain.

You can find thhis on Amazon here

This headboard by Pulaski is a surefire way to turn your bed (more specifically, the space behind it) into the main feature of your bedroom. You can leave it as it is or use it as a place to hang your favorite decorative accessories!

Find these on Amazon here

Succulents look great in any space, but these charming owl succulent planters from Sun-E take it to the next level with a design that will really add a fun touch to any bedroom inspired by the countryside.

16. Subtle Details Have a Big Effect

In this bedroom, it’s all about the details. The muted floral curtains, the noticeable but not in-your-face plaid of the bedspread and the matching dresser/armoire set really make this bedroom the beautiful spot that it is. This room is clearly influenced by traditional country inspiration, but this person has made the theme entirely their own.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

These sheer TOPICK curtains bring in the floral element that’s so often associated with country design. They let the light in, but the design is distinct enough to never go unnoticed.

Find this on Amazon here

From Sauder Wordworking comes this beautiful, classically country armoire. Perfect for hosting your television or hanging your clothes in!

17. Floral Accents are Everything

This bedroom was designed with colorful, floral accents to break apart the sea of crisp white that runs throughout. Modern elements infused with classical country-inspired décor make for a unique space that is incredibly warm and cozy without looking “dated.”

Click here to find these on Amazon.

Aggregate Commodities sells a beautiful set of 6 botanical prints that would add a touch of natural beauty to any space, plus a dash of color.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

As other examples in this list have shown, the headboard in a bedroom can really make a difference in the overall look. This green headboard with button tufted details from Acme Furniture is sure to achieve this effect in your bedroom!

18. Simplicity in White

The color white is a staple in a great number of country-inspired bedrooms, including this one. The addition of a darkly colored end table and headboard break up the uniformity while the smaller decorative items add a personal touch in crisp, beautiful white.

You can find this lamp on Amazon here.

Modern elements can easily find a home in a country-inspired bedroom, especially when those elements have a very simplistic design. This white table lamp from MonDaufie showcases this fact brilliantly. It can sit in any bedroom with any theme!

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This bedroom also adds a touch of neutral tones, such as in the bedspread and the pillows. This beige and white pillow from McAlister Textiles is a simple way to add a “pop” of something fun without being too bold in this setting.

19. Elegance with a Hint of Country Style

This bedroom embodies the frills and warmth that comes with traditional country style. The chandelier, embellished throw pillows, and the draping window curtain define sophistication without losing the charming touch of countryside beauty. You can accent your similar all-white color scheme with different tones to enrich this space to your specifications.

Click here to find these on Amazon.

Dreaming Casa sells a set of beautifully sheer and elegant curtains that would work well in any space that could use something big and charming to decorate the room. Tie back or leave to hang as-is. Either way, they will be a dreamy touch.

Find thhese on Amazon here.

Lace throw pillows like these sold by TEALP are a great way to instantly add that quaint and cute country charm to a bedroom.

20. A Dark and Rustic Farmhouse Reimagined

Country design doesn’t just mean bright white and lots of frills. It can mean something a bit richer and deeper in color, as this Instagram user has shown here. The black touches throughout the room, paired with the distressed wood accent wall, add a darkened element without sacrificing country charm.

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Find this cute lamp on Amazon here.

Park Designs’ antique-inspired lantern table lamp is a great way to infuse both the light and the dark elements you want in a single bedroom accessory.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

From DC Fix comes this easy-to-apply rustic wood film, which can be used on walls that you intend to accent. The dark shades of this example set it apart from similar wall films and wallpapers like it. Click here to find this on Amazon.

21. A Dreamy, Blue Kid’s Bedroom

This Instagram user has fashioned a beautifully old-fashioned bedroom space that would be perfect for children or those who have minimal space to work with. Through the use of charming wallpaper, distressed looking furniture and a pop of sky blue, this bedroom has proven that the country can be captured and applied in a room of any size.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

Everly Hart’s 4-pane distressed window mirror is the perfect addition to a country-inspired bedroom regardless of its size. The white adds the brightness you want while the distressed pattern on the frame adds an element of rustic charm.

22. A Feminine Bedroom with Vertical Storage

This bedroom infuses country love into the details, which pays off in a big way. The vertical storage that they are using allows the person to display their plants, decorations, jewelry and whatever else they want to without wasting space. The plants on every surface really add an emphasis on the individual’s love of nature, which is what country life is all about.

Find this unique shelf on Amazon here.

This 5-tiered ladder storage solution by Haotian grants the versatility provided by vertical storage. It’s simple, white base is ready to be customized with whatever accents and accessories you want.

Find this on Amazon here.

Dll’s rustic zig-zag blanket comes in an assortment of patterns, so you can find the perfect accent blanket to tie your room together.

23. A Complementary Color Scheme and Inspirational Quotes

The combination of light blue, brown and white is a timeless classic that you can’t go wrong with. What this Instagram user has done is take this color scheme and add their own flair in the form of inspirational quotes. The diffused sunlight coming from behind the curtains is the perfect touch to this charming, down-home bedroom.

Find this on Amazon here.

Agantree Art’s quote art is eye-catching and distinctive, with the white font beautifully illustrated against a darker brown wood texture. The flowers and butterflies on this wall art only add emphasis to the country inspiration behind the design.

Click here to find this on Amazon.

This rustic, roman numeral wall clock from Lulu Décor is the perfect addition to any country or farmhouse-inspired bedroom, living room, office or any other space.

It’s So Easy to Bring the Countryside into Your Bedroom

From large changes like accent walls to the addition of a simple, little houseplant, there are so many ways you can add the elements of the country into your living space. Lavish frills, draping curtains, wooden blinds and so many other décor options await you when you choose to take this approach to design the space in your home that you will spend the most time.

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