11 Awesome Bedroom Office Ideas

Working from home has become incredibly popular and ideal. You can start your job in your pajamas right out of bed. You can enjoy the comfort of your home while designing your own workspace and choosing your furnishings.

Even if you lack a dedicated office space, you can create a functional home office in your bedroom with strategic planning. Here are 11 bedroom office ideas to help you achieve this.

Bed and desk in homely girl's office bedroom, 11 Awesome Bedroom Office Ideas

1. Double Duty Desk

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Loft room with cozy design with double duty office desk

If you lack space for both a nightstand and a desk, opt for a small, dual-purpose desk with storage drawers to hide office supplies. Add an adjustable lamp for nighttime work or reading in bed.

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2. Separate Spaces

Monochromatic open space apartment with wooden workspace in floral motif bedroom, 11 Awesome Bedroom Office Ideas

If you have space, create a separate work area in your bedroom to balance work and leisure. Add artwork to the desk for visual appeal, and use a smaller side table for storing books and materials.

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3. Nifty Nook

the office or study area in a bedroom in an attic of a new home

If you have an unused nook or corner in your bedroom and aren't sure what to do with it, try adding a desk. Placing a bookshelf nearby gives you additional space for storage and decor.

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4. Bring the Outside In

Home bedroom workspace with chalkboard, diy, regale, desk, chair and computer

Nature can boost your creativity. If you can't go outside, bring nature in with plants to help you relax and purify the air. No green thumb? Use fake plants or nature-inspired artwork instead.

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5. Natural Light

Small studio for young artist in raw style, bedroom with office

Placing a small desk between two windows maximizes space and sunlight, boosting your energy and acting as a natural clock. A chalkboard can help you track your schedule or to-do list.

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6. Hang a Desk

Loft room with cozy design, loft bedroom with hanging office desk

It sounds crazy, but hear us out. If you don't have the floor space, create a hanging desk similar to the picture. Use the bottom shelf for a computer and pencil cup and add another shelf for storing books or extra supplies.

7. Private Time

Functional and calming bedroom with office space and stylish decor

If your bedroom has a separate entryway, place a desk against the entryway wall. This separates work from sleep and provides a private spot for video conferences. Hang artwork above the bed and desk to unite the spaces.

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8. Footboard Desk

bed with working desk on the footboard

Turn your bed's footboard into a desk if you're short on space. Build a shelf over the existing footboard to store a laptop, or use a convertible storage ottoman as a chair.

9. Floating Shelf

Two white floating shelves in a bedroom office simply decorated with yellow and blue

If you lack space for a desk, hang a floating shelf for your laptop, files, and office supplies. Install it around a corner for a larger workspace. Stand while you work, or pull up a chair for seated tasks.

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10. Walk-In Office

Workplace on green wall design and wardrobe in condominium

If you have a large walk-in closet, use any unused shelf or wall space as an office space, or buy a foldable desk in the middle of the floor. Fold it away when not in use.

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11. Room Divider

A dark themed bedroom with office and a divider

Set up a desk for larger bedrooms and use divider screens to create a separate office space. This provides privacy for work, though it may not be suitable for smaller rooms.

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Create A Workable Space

We hope this guide has given you some helpful ideas for creating a workable home office space.

For more bedroom office ideas, check out "Where to Put a Desk in a Bedroom" and "10 Awesome Layouts for a Bedroom With a Desk."

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