11 Blue And Pink Living Room Ideas You Need To See

For the past several years, grays and whites and cremes and beiges have dominated the design world’s color palettes. Lately, though, we’re starting to see a return to color but maybe not in the same ways as in the past. Take this post’s color combination, blue and pink. This combo has long been a staple of nurseries and gender-themed kids’ rooms, but now it’s high design.

We’ve gathered eleven great examples of blue and pink living rooms for you to see what we’re talking about.

Modern dark blue living room interior with pink color couch and golden decor. 11 Blue And Pink Living Room Ideas You Need To See

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1. Deep Almost Turquoise Upholstery Looks Fabulous With Blush Pink

In this beautiful living room, the designer teams a rich dark turquoise color with rosy blush pink. The two upholstered pieces are not matching. However, the colors of their upholstery are very close to one another. This same color is used for the two-panel drapery on the large window.

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Blue armchair next to settee with pink pillow in sophisticated living room interior with painting

A slightly different shade of blue is on the geometric throw rug. The rosy blush pink is found in the draperies, the couch throw, and the pillows. What a gorgeous space.

This gorgeous little accent chair would fit in perfectly in the design above. Click here for this on Amazon.

2. Mix Your Pink And Blue In With Other Colors

Wooden stool with glass vase on patterned carpet next to sofa with pink blanket in cozy living room with rustic cupboard

This comfortable living room space looks so calm and inviting. If you have an existing sofa in a previously popular color, there are still ways to get the blue and pink to look like this one in creme.

In this room, they’ve added a deep navy upholstered chair, a gorgeous creme and blue area rug, and a collection of pink and blue throw pillows with a soft pink blanket. The windows are draped with traditional gray linen, but the other blues bring out its blues in the room.

This 5′ x 8′ area rug can help bring blues and pinks into an existing color scheme. Click here for this rug on Amazon.

3. Use A Rich Warm Gray As The Backdrop For Your Blue And Pink Living Room

Interior scene with pastel colored sofa with colorful pillows. Floor lamp, carpet and coffee table with vase.

Gray is a natural fit with both blue and pink. So it makes sense that it would work well as a backdrop for a blue and pink living room. Here the walls are painted a rich medium gray. The floors are lighter gray. They look great with the deep turquoise sofa and coral pink pillows. We particularly love the area rug they’ve chosen, which picks up all three shades in its patterning.

4. Use A Blue Area Rug With A Raspberry Colored Sofa

Pink couch with pillows in spacious grey living room interior with plant on cabinet.

If you’re lucky enough to have a raspberry-colored velvet sofa, then you’re already a style icon. Here this fabulous sofa is matched with a Wedgewood blue patterned area rug. Tiny mirrors framed in blue hang on the charcoal gray wall, which is a great way to “mirror” the color elsewhere in the room.

A rosy raspberry velvet sofa is within your reach. Click here on Amazon.

5. Use Either Pink Or Blue As Your Accent Color

Traditional lounge living room with sofa, with curtains, and table with ornaments in the foreground.

In this richly bold interior, pink is the main color. But the designer has used blue as an accent color. It looks absolutely stunning in the form of silken pillows on the magenta sofa and delicious bright blue glass vases on the coffee table. The same thing could easily be done in reverse. If you want more of a blue room, splash in some pink as your accent color. Think about all of the small details and make them your accent color.

This delicate 15″ handblown blue and clear vase is a perfect accessory for a primarily pink sitting room. Click here for this on Amazon.

6. Use Light Tones With Light Tones

Interior design of modern living room with sofa

One approach when choosing to build around pinks and blues is to think about tones. Here a light tone of pink pairs with a light tone of blue. The walls are painted a very soft pink. Even the artwork follows the color theme. We particularly love the retro lamp in baby blue. It works so well in the space.

7. Think In Terms Of Barely There Pink And Blue

Wooden table next to beige settee with blanket in bright living room interior with poster. Barely There Pink And Blue

Perhaps you want color, but you still love the neutral feel. Then we have great news. Most whites actually have a bit of color in them. So when thinking about picking out paint colors or furniture pieces, you might go toward off-whites with a hint of color. In this beautiful neutral living room, the walls are painted white with a hint of blue. The beige sofa actually has the slightest rosy pink hue coming through. It’s subtle, but maybe that’s what you’re striving for.

8. Pair Pale Pink With Bold Navy Walls

Empty blue room, pink armchairs, table, poster. Pair Pale Pink With Bold Navy Walls

There’s something super appealing about a richly painted room. And for many people, no other color than navy will do. Here a saturated navy wall looks like the perfect backdrop for the lovely seating area. Two pale pink upholstered chairs gather next to a driftwood-washed round cocktail table. It truly is picture perfect.

This velvet barrel chair with gold legs would be spectacular set against a navy wall. Click here for this chair on Amazon.

9. Play With Molding And Paint Colors

Retro style living room with pastel color,elegant armchair and classic decor elements. Play With Molding And Paint Colors

If you have elaborate molding or love the look, this is a great way to create a unique room. Use the sections in your molding to paint with different shades of pink and blue. Here the blue starts to border on a lilac, which is almost a blending of the two colors. The soft armchairs in periwinkle or placed on top of a pinkish-purple area rug. The result is something elegant and almost retro in feel.

10. Sometimes All You Need Is One Bold Piece In Pink

Red and blue living room. One Bold Piece In Pink

This gorgeous living room has a rich marine blue wall. A creme sofa works well with the light floors and the lightly striped area rug. But to give it that pink and blue feel, the designer chose a hot pink upholstered armchair. We also really like the abstract painting that picks up both the color of the wall and a lighter color of the chair.

11. Curtains In Pink Or Blue, Furniture In The Other Color

modern living room with Curtains In Pink Or Blue, Furniture In The Other Color

This traditional room uses a greenish-blue as its main color. Striped settees set on top of a similarly colored area rug. The walls are painted just a slightly lighter shade than the furniture. But on the windows, a beautiful whisper pink curtain has been used to provide a lovely contrast. The homeowner has even placed dual bouquets in the same pink on top of the traditional mantelpiece.

A Perfect Color Pairing

As you can see, pink paired with blue or blue paired with pink can be a gorgeous look for the living room. Weight your design more toward one color than the other, or let them shine equally. You will end up with something extraordinary either way.

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