11 boho meditation space design ideas

Creating a boho meditation space is all about crafting an environment that speaks to the soul, inviting tranquility, and promoting mindfulness.

This style, known for its eclectic and free-spirited essence, beautifully harmonizes with the purpose of meditation — to seek inner peace and grounding. In this article, we explore 11 boho design ideas that will inspire you to create your own meditation haven.

Each idea combines natural elements, vibrant textiles, and mindful decor to enhance your meditation practice. Let's transform your space into a serene retreat where every breath and moment brings you closer to Zen.

1. Floor cushions with mandala patterns

boho meditation space with floor cushions and mandala patterns

Soft floor cushions adorned with mandala patterns offer both comfort and a visual focus for meditation.

2. Rattan light fixtures casting soft shadows

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boho meditation space with rattan light fixtures casting soft shadows

Rattan light fixtures create a warm, diffused light that casts soft shadows, perfect for a calming ambiance.

3. Indoor hanging chair with fluffy pillows

 boho meditation space with indoor hanging chair and fluffy pillows

An indoor hanging chair, complete with fluffy pillows, provides a cozy nook for contemplation and relaxation.

4. Wall-mounted shelves with zen ornaments

boho meditation space with wall-mounted shelves and zen ornaments

Wall-mounted shelves display zen ornaments and crystals, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of the space.

5. Bamboo floor mat for a natural touch

 boho meditation space with bamboo floor mat

A bamboo floor mat adds a natural touch underfoot, grounding the space in earthy textures

6. White sheer curtains for diffused light

boho meditation space with white sheer curtains for diffused light

White sheer curtains allow for diffused natural light, creating a soft and serene meditation environment.

7. Low wooden table with a bonsai tree

boho meditation space with low wooden table and bonsai tree

A low wooden table featuring a meticulously cared-for bonsai tree centers the space with a living element of calm.

8. Scented candles and incense holders

boho meditation space with scented candles and incense holders

Scented candles and ornate incense holders fill the room with calming aromas, aiding in relaxation and focus.

9. Textured throw blankets for warmth

boho meditation space with textured throw blankets for warmth

Layered, textured throw blankets offer warmth and comfort, inviting longer meditation sessions.

10. Macrame wall art for texture and depth

boho meditation space with macrame wall art for texture

Macrame wall art introduces texture and a handcrafted touch, contributing to the boho aesthetic of the space.

11. Peaceful water feature for soothing sounds

boho meditation space with peaceful water feature for soothing sounds

A small, peaceful water feature introduces the soothing sounds of flowing water, enhancing meditation with auditory calm.

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