Can You Put A Box Spring On A Platform Bed?

Moving houses? Redecorating? Or maybe you’re just due for an upgrade, whatever the reason we’ve got you covered on box spring basics. If you’ve just upgraded your bed frame to a platform bed frame, you might be wondering if you can keep your box spring on it. Keep reading for an in-depth answer as well as box spring tips and tricks!

So can you put a box spring on a platform bed? Yes! However, it depends on the type of platform bed frame you have purchased. You will want to make sure the box spring is the right size for the frame. They also will add considerable height to your bed, so that is something to consider for people with mobility issues. 

Keep reading below for an in-depth discussion and answers to all your platform bed frame questions!

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What is the difference between a platform bed and a standard bed?

You might be a little confused on what exactly the difference is between a standard and platform bed. You’ve come to the right place for all the answers!

A standard bed requires the use of a box spring. It usually has three to five slats or pieces of wood that lay across the rails of the bed frame. Those slats are more than sufficient at giving support to a box spring and mattress but not a mattress alone. A box spring is a foundation made of wood and covered in cloth to give optional mattress support.

A platform bed is a bed frame that does not require use of a box spring but can be used optionally. It either has plywood or a sufficient number of slats to properly support a mattress. The craftsmanship that goes into producing platform beds is one of the reasons why they are more expensive than traditional or standard beds. However, the advantages are that you don’t require purchasing a box spring.

What are the benefits of a platform bed?

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Before you rush out to the store for one because they’re all the rage right now, have you actually wondered what the benefits are? Below are eight benefits of platform beds you should know!

1. Extra Storage Space

If you weren’t able to get that spacious bedroom you’d hoped for, platform beds can help. They are high enough off the ground to provide space underneath for storage of less used items. Some models even come with built-in drawers!

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2. Requires No Box Spring

Another great benefit of platform beds is that you don’t need to spend extra money on a box spring. Most platform beds have slats that are about three inches apart. That spacing ensures that your mattress doesn’t sag. The spacing also makes sure your mattress gets adequate air circulation. Be sure to check out the article to go more in-depth about box springs, “Do Beds Need a Box Spring?

3. Different Styles

Platform beds come in a variety of materials like wood, metal, or a mixture of the two. That makes it easy to find many types of stylish platform beds to fit your design scheme. Most styles have impressive detailing on the head and footboards.

4. Comfortable Flat Sleeping Surface

The construction of a platform bed ensures an even flat surface. The slats are not only level but strong enough to hold the heaviest of weights. You could toss and turn all night and still be comfortable on it.

5. Easy Assembly

Platform beds may be delivered disassembled but putting them back together again isn’t a difficult task. All the tools you need are included in the package. Each bed comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide with diagrams that can be completed within an hour or two.

6. Strong and Durable

Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your house. It gets used daily for prolonged periods of time, so naturally, it should last years and years. Platform beds have low profile strong jointing the corners and the velcro joining the slats to the bed makes it a solid piece of furniture.

7. Stylish

If you’re looking for an upgrade in the bedroom, a platform bed should be at the top of the to-do list. They add an air sophistication to the room. Since you won’t require a bed skirt, making the bed look well made takes even less effort.

8. Affordable

Platform beds do not require many materials to make, which makes their cost go down. They are also more affordable because you won’t need to purchase a box spring with your mattress.

How much weight can a platform bed hold?

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The specific weight limit is dependent on the make or model of a particular platform bed. However, most beds can hold up to 500 pounds. Not all platform beds are created equal, so be sure to check the weight limit from the manufacturer before purchase.

How thick should a mattress be for a platform bed?

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Platform beds by themselves are pretty low to the ground. To ensure it doesn’t feel like getting up off the ground every time you wake up, it might be best to look at thicker mattresses. However, if you like that thin minimalistic look to your, bed then a thinner mattress may be the one for you.

Mattress Thickness

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Mattresses 14 inches or more thick are recommended for low profile beds. Standard platform beds give a fuller, more luxurious feel to the bedroom and only require mattresses 10 to 12 inches thick. A low-profile bed may be harder to get in and out of, but it gives a more minimalistic look to the room.

Mattress Firmness

Firmer mattresses are better for back sleepers who need a firm base for their back. Softer mattresses tend to be better for side or tummy sleepers. Mattresses 10 inches or less will be on the firmer side, while mattresses 14 inches or more will be on the softer side.

Mattress Materials

Orthopedic memory foam mattress with soft topper

Memory foam gives great support and comes in many sizes. However, it gets poor ventilation which in turn can make you feel hot or cold. Latex foam mattresses offer great firmness due to being densely made. They have great ventilation, which can help keep you cool all night! Innerspring mattresses tend to offer great support to anyone. They tend to be slightly thicker than the others mentioned, so they can easily add height to your low-profile bed.

Can I use a memory foam mattress on a platform bed?

Memory foam orthopedic mattress at home

Using a memory foam mattress has plenty of benefits, but you might be wondering if you can use it on your new platform bed because they are a heavier mattress. The answer is yes! Platform frames are usually made of wood, so you shouldn’t have a problem using memory foam on them. However, if you’re using a metal frame, you’ll want to ensure weight is distributed evenly throughout, especially if you have a larger size like a queen or king.

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In Closing

Whether you choose a platform or standard bed, we hope this article answers all your questions. You truly do not have to put a box spring on a platform bed, but you can if you want to add desired height to your bed. Be sure to check out some more of our articles on beds, mattresses, and more!

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Do beds have a weight limit?

Yes, most beds have a weight limit. This can vary depending on the type of bed and its construction. Generally, a standard bed’s weight limit is between 300 and 500 pounds.

How many pounds does a bed frame hold?

The amount of weight a bed frame can hold depends on the size and construction of the frame. Generally, standard bed frames can have between 250-500 pounds.

How much weight can bed slats take?

The weight that bed slats can take depends on their size, material, and construction. Generally speaking, wooden bed slats can take up to 250 pounds, while metal bed slats can take up to 500 pounds.

What is the weight limit for wooden bed slats?

The weight limit for wooden bed slats varies depending on the specific bed frame and the type of wood used. Generally speaking, wooden bed slats are designed to support up to 800 pounds.

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