Braided Vs Non Braided Cable: Pros, Cons, & Differences

If you're one of the many people who are looking for a better cable in the market, then you've probably come across braided and non-braided cables. So, what are these terms, and what are their pros, cons, and differences? We've done our research and here is what we've found out.

Braided cables are cable types that have spiral braids which makes them more durable and less prone to breakage. The tight spiral also adds style to the cable wire.

Non-braided cables, on the other hand, are made from a single massive wire that is covered with a PVC jacket. They also have an additional protective sheath inside.

When used correctly, both cable types work well. However, braided cables are generally more expensive and durable than non-braided cables.

In this article, we will take a closer look at each of these cable types. Continue reading as we go through their pros, cons, and major differences, and choose what cable wire is right for you.

Cable snake skin. Black braided wires in bundle on black background., Braided Vs Non Braided Cable: Pros, Cons, & Differences

Braided Cables

Braided cables are types of cables that are constructed from several protective material strands that have been braided together. Wires inside the cable are individually insulated, and the exterior layer is also protected by additional insulation. This is to protect the wires inside from damage.

Braided Cable Pros

Braided cables are durable and have a longer lifespan because they are more resistant to tearing and cracking. This is because they have wire insulations inside out. The braiding also creates an additional stronger strand to the cable.

Moreover, they are not prone to kinking and they twist better than non-braided cables. Also, if they ever experience damage over time, the only affected area will be the exterior. The spiral woven looks also give a stylish look to the cable.

Braided Cable Cons

Since braided cables are durable, they also come with a great cost. They are more expensive than normal cable wires. They are not also as travel friendly as non-braided wires since they are a bit bulky.

Non-Braided Cables

These type of cables doesn't have a woven cable wire. They feature a smooth exterior with a single wire inside that is typically wrapped in plastic or PVC.

Non-Braided Cable Pros

Since non-braided cables are thinner and lighter than braided ones, they are best when traveling. Also, if you're the kind of person who doesn't use the computer too much, then non-braided cables can supply your needs. They are also less expensive than the braided cables which makes them friendly to users with tight budgets.

Non-Braided Cable Cons

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Close up of charred wire

The main drawback of this cable type is that it is less durable than braided cables since they are thin and light. They are also prone to tearing and cracking over time. Their damage can spread throughout the cable wire which can cause them to stop working.

What Cable Types Are Better For Earphones?

black earphones on a wooden floor tile


Earphones are one of the most used gadget accessories nowadays because, with them, you can listen to music, take calls, and record voice-overs.  If you are using wired earphones, then you may opt to choose braided cables since they are more durable and hard to fray after use.

They are less likely to get tangled unlike the non-braided ones and therefore they are easier to keep and use.

What Cable Types Are Better For HDMI?

HDMI cable with full-size connectors at the edges

With advancing technology, comes advancing gadgets and accessories. One of these is the HDMI that you can find anywhere like laptops, monitors, and TVs.

Braided HDMI cables are a good choice when it comes to durability. However, it is harder to connect one device to another using this type of cable since they are not as flexible as non-braided cables. They are also more expensive but their looks will surely add style to your setup.

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What Cable Types Are Better For Chargers?

able USB to micro-USB on a white background

Nowadays, people cannot go out of their homes without their phones with them. And to keep your phones working, you need your charger with you. Since we use them every day, they get more exposed to tearing.

It is best if you have a nylon braided cable charger with you when you're fond of traveling around with your phone. Their durability is high which makes them last longer even if you always use them.

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What Cable Types Are Better For Mouse?

Computer mouse black colored white background

Braided cables are not always better than non-braided cables. Since they have extra shielding, it makes them a little bulkier than non-braided cables. This makes them not the best option when it comes to computer mouse since computer mouse needs to move more often.

 Although they are more durable, they are not as flexible as non-braided cables. They sometimes grind with the desk and make it harder to move around.

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Will Braided Cables Last Longer Than Non-Braided Cables?

Non-braided cables are flexible and are not hard to fold which makes them great for traveling and transferring to another system. However, since they are single wires covered with either plastic or PVC, they are more prone to kinking.

Braided cables are kink-resistant which makes them more durable and better than non-braided cables. Their hard and extra coverings that are braided make them more resistant to rodents and breakage which makes their lifespan longer.

However, all gadgets and accessories can only last long if taken care of properly.

Are Braided Cables Water Resistant?

The majority of individuals are interested in whether or not their gadget accessories are waterproof. Many people choose braided cables because of their durability. They are also a good option when it comes to water resistance.

The exterior of braided cables has more insulations that make them water-resistant. This property contributes to their longer lifespan.

How To Clean Braided Cables?

Hdmi cable braided cable

Cleanliness is essential, especially for items you use frequently. This includes headphones, chargers, and even your computer mouse and HDMI. Since braided cables have twisted coverings, they are harder to clean than non-braided ones.

In cleaning non-braided cables, you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth, pushing it firmly as you wipe to remove the dirt that accumulated on the cable. Do not use tissue paper since they are easily ripped off when used.

Additionally, if you want to wash them, you can do so. But, remember not to put them on washing machines, you can only hand wash them with mild soap and water. Do not wet the exposed electrical parts when washing cables like that of the HDMI.

Is Braided Nylon Better Than Plastic?

USB-C charging data cable, type C male to type A male. 3D rendering

We love the new accessories that are on the market today. One of those is braided cables. Their looks are so stylish because it comes in different colors and sizes which are perfect for all aesthetic needs.

The spiral twists of the braids make it more appealing than using simple plastic or PVC cables. You can easily dye them with the color you want to make them more attractive to you.

Moreover, aside from its looks, the spiral braids are also a factor that adds to the durability of the cable. It makes the cable wires more resistant to tearing since it is twisted and has many insulations inside to protect the interior wires. Nylon braids are undeniably stronger than easy-tearing plastic and PVC cables.

Are Braided Cables Sleeves Useful?

If you're the kind of person that is sentimental when it comes to your belongings, then you're probably one of those who doesn't want to throw your cables even if they start to wear out. If you don't want to replace your old cables with new ones, you must protect them from tearing. One thing that you may want to consider to do is putting a braided cable sleeve on your old cables.

These braided cable sleeves can be used to protect wires and cables, especially those that are close to tearing. They are durable and fire and rodent-resistant. Most materials that are used in making braided cable sleeves are Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polyphenylene Sulfide Monofilament (PPS), and Nomex.

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Final Thoughts

Cable snake skin. Black braided wires in bundle on black background

When it comes to choosing cables, there is no right or wrong choice between braided and non-braided cables. The best option depends primarily on your needs.

If you want a more durable and stylish type then you can go with braided cables. However, if you have a tight budget and don't abuse the computer that much then non-braided cables will be enough for you.

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