Brown And Blue Kitchen Ideas

If you’re looking for a kitchen color scheme that’s both warm and cool at the same time, the blue and brown combination is probably on the table (pardon the pun!).

Brown brings to mind nature, earthiness and a calm atmosphere. Blue echoes the sense of tranquility, adding a more sky-like, almost spiritual feel. And the two can work very well together in any kitchen.

Brown and Blue Kitchen Ideas

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Let’s take a look at 23 Gorgeous kitchens that combine shades of brown with hues of blue into a fantastic cooking and living environment.

1. Classic tranquility in light blue and brown

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Brown and Blue Kitchen Ideas

A great example of a large spacious kitchen with baby-blue cabinets that go well with wood countertops in light brown. The countertops echo the gorgeous wooden floor, creating an overall peaceful and harmonious look.

2. An open kitchen in blue with brown flooring and industrial elements

Interior of a white and light blue open space living room

This open kitchen layout brings together beige countertops with slate blue cabinets. Sharing the space with the living area, you get a lovely mix of industrial metal elements in the lighting, as well as a modern traditional living room furniture.

3. Exposed brown brick wall with deep blue cabinets

Exposed brown brick wall with deep blue cabinets

We love how this kitchen achieves an appealing rustic-chic look in such a small space. The most prominent design element is the country/industrial wall of exposed reddish brown bricks. It matches the dark blue cabinets perfectly. Throw in modern bar stools and lighting elements and you have yourself a small eclectic kitchen with TONS of character!

4. Blue shelves and cabinets with brown wallpaper

Brown and Blue Kitchen Ideas

A simple section of a kitchen, showcasing the color scheme very well. Note the granulated countertop surfaces, with hints of slate blue embedded in soft creamy brown. Brown and blue really go into play in the choice of wallpaper and decorative bowls.

5. Modern brown bar stools in a blue and white kitchen

Interior of a bright blue and white themed kitchen with white countertops

This picture is a great example of mixing in the natural element of wood in a modern looking kitchen. The basic kitchen design is white, with a huge island in deep blue. Throw in awesome mid-century modern bar stools made of real wood and you get a winning brown and blue contrast there.

6. Contrasting light brown wood with navy blue

Interior of a gorgeous comfortable rustic themed living room

Blue and brown can offer contrast too. Navy blue can be nearly as dark as black. Combined with maple flooring, you get a gorgeous contrast of dark and light in a unique interior design plan like no other.

7. Wooden countertops with deep blue kitchen cabinets

A gorgeous blue kitchen with light blue colored cabinets and wooden countertop

Tiles are always a great way to introduce blue into a kitchen. In this case, a combination of blue and white tiles creates an exotic look and feel to an otherwise conservative kitchen.

8. Open space kitchen in brown, blue and white

Wooden cabinets matched with blue tiled backsplash

Another kitchen that shares an open layout with the living area. Here, a deep blue island echoes the blue living room sofar, for a unified look. The effect is enhanced by the gorgeous shared wooden floor in deep brown.

9. Industrial gray with blue and brown kitchen design

A gorgeous blue paneled cabinet with a white countertop at the center island

The industrial style of design is often identified with dark spaces and the use of concrete and other dark gray elements. While there’s plenty of industrial gray here, the kitchen retains its unique identity by mixing blue and brown in other areas.

10. Rustic brown meets modern blue

We loved the bold massive wooden countertops used in this u-shaped kitchen to cover a large array of dark blue cabinets. The blue theme is continued in the beautiful floor tiles as well.

11. A hint of blue in a chocolate brown kitchen

Brown and Blue Kitchen Ideas

Brown is a popular color in kitchen design. This photo shows a mostly all-brown kitchen, with lots of wood, as well as an exposed reddish-brown brick wall. Note those two bluish gray decorative items on top of the top cabinet – sometimes that’s all it takes to introduce a blue element into your kitchen design.

12. Brown countertops with sleek blue tiles

Brown and Blue Kitchen Ideas

We mentioned blue flooring earlier but blue is also a classic color for wall tiling. This kitchen comes to life with vibrant light blue tiles “flowing” across the wall between above the solid wood brown countertops.

13. Dark kitchen in blue and brown

Beautiful homey and rustic kitchen

Here too, the wall provides the blue touch – but with actual wall color rather than tiles. This hue of almost-teal brings life into what could easily otherwise be a dull brown kitchen.

14. Happy Nordic-style kitchen in vivid blues and browns

Happy Nordic-style kitchen in vivid blues and browns

Nordic designs are all about open and well-lit spaces with generous use of natural material. In this case, wood for the door, flooring and kitchen countertops add both the natural touch as well as the brown color. It’s beautifully matched by vibrant blue kitchen cabinets. And a single bright yellow lampshade makes this kitchen even more cheerful!

15. Clean, bright kitchen in light blue and brown

Interior of a beautiful bright light blue painted cabinets of a kitchen with matching wooden flooring and kitchen island

Mixing light shades of blue in the cabinets as well as the tiles above the countertops is key in this kitchen design. The brown comes from the gorgeous wooden window frames, as well as the flooring.

16. Retro deep blue kitchen with hints of brown

Retro deep blue kitchen with hints of brown

Here too, the brown comes from the accents – not as the basic color. The wooden floor and countertops are matched by two simple woven baskets. They all stand out as they contrast with the dark blue kitchen cabinets.

17. Moden style kitchen in brown and blue

Huge high ceiling kitchen with light blue shades painted cabinet

A clean and well-lit design brings together modern looking light-blue cabinets with some light-brown wooden elements. Combined with plenty of white and a few black accents, we get a gorgeous modern kitchen.

18. Clean and crisp: White kitchen with brown wood and blue tiles

Wooden cabinets, blue tile backsplash and white countertop

A wonderful balance of blue tiles, white kitchen furniture, and brown shelves creates a practical kitchen that invites you in to cook and live in.

19. Combining an additional color


Gorgeous simplicity in a classic blue and brown kitchen

Blue and brown kitchens usually add only neutral shades to the overall color – either white, gray or black. In this case, the designer decided to go with green elements as well! Note the pallet-based kitchen island which creates a very hip modern look with plenty of rustic chic too.

20. Gorgeous simplicity in a classic blue and brown kitchen

A kitchen you can get into and start cooking your favorite meals! Light blues and browns and a spacious clearly defined working area, along with a place for your guests to sit and start digging into the food!

21. Retro kitchen in turquoise blue and brown

Light blue and deep wooden cabinets

What a gorgeous example of retro 1960’s design in brown and blue. Note the chick retro bar stools, the chevron wooden floor and that gorgeous shade of blue!

22. A kitchen to make you feel right at home

A comfortable kitchen with bright blue and white incorporation of colors

One last example – a blue kitchen island that creates a lively working area in an open layout. This is clearly a kitchen people live in and love!

We hope you enjoyed our tour of brown and blue kitchen designs. And remember, you need to feel good in your own home and kitchen, so get inspired and design it just how you like it to be.

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