15+ Butterfly-themed Bedding Sets That Will Make your Heart Flutter

Have you been looking for something fresh, natural, maybe a little whimsical, and colorful for your bedroom? I've got one word for you: butterflies.

Using butterflies in your bedroom decor brings in that light and peaceful feeling so many of us look for in our personal space. They also are an easy medium for displaying tons of color without overwhelming the room. Butterflies also bring to mind springtime, when everything is starting to bloom and grow again. This helps to create a fresh and cheerful atmosphere in your room, perfect for a place to relax in.15+ Butterfly-themed Bedding Sets That Will Make your Heart Flutter

Check out the bedding sets below that we've found on Amazon that perfectly showcases butterflies in a variety of colors and styles!

15 Butterfly-Themed Bedding Sets

1. Blue Butterfly Duvet Cover Set

This duvet cover set is perfect for creating a more subtle room. The blues of the butterflies printed on the white background is great for making the atmosphere of the room fresh and bright. The soft microfiber material also guarantees that once you sink into it you'll be relaxed and ready to nap for a while.

This particular set would look really good in a room that has some darker furniture to contrast with. Put this in a guest room for a sweet and peaceful space to welcome those out of town visitors. Or you could keep it for yourself and add some plants and candles to make a true retreat for the end of a long day.

To find this duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.


2. 3D Duvet Cover Set

If you're looking for something bold and attention-grabbing, this is it. This duvet cover uses blue and green butterflies that really jump out from the yellow sunflowers in the background to make a statement. If you look carefully, though, you'll notice some yellow butterflies mixed in.

A duvet this bold needs neutral surroundings to truly allow it to shine. This would look really good with black furniture to contrast against the yellow.

To find this bright duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

3. Pastel Duvet Cover Set

This butterfly duvet cover is so sweet and full of whimsy. If you have a little one who adores fairy gardens, this would be perfect for their room. This microfiber duvet cover is soft and lightweight, great for creating a comfortable bed. Pair it with white or light wood furniture to complete a little girl's paradise.

To find this butterfly duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

4. Toddler Butterfly Set

Speaking of little girls, this toddler girls set is precious. The brightly colored butterflies covering the comforter in this set are big and bright, perfect for making a cheerful focus for a toddler's room. Polka dot sheets are a fun addition that comes with the comforter.

This set would be beautiful on a white or mint green toddler bed. Use other brightly colored accessories, like a blue rug or yellow curtains, in the room to complete this happy look.

To find this toddler set on Amazon, click here.

5. Perfectly Purple Duvet Cover

Purple is a great color for a bedroom. Warm, peaceful, and yet bright and cheerful all at once, this color works wonders in any space. Here you can see it makes for a great background for bright pink flowers and indigo butterflies to pop against.

To find this purple duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

6. Butterfly Quilt Set

This pretty set comes with a lightweight quilt and two pillow shams. Little pink and purple butterflies dot the quilt as well as patchwork ruffles and lacey accents. The ruffles are created with floral and polka dot designs, making this a truly feminine piece.

To find this quilt set on Amazon, click here.

7. Colorful Duvet Cover Set

If you really want something with a ton of color, this just might be the bedding for you. Everything from bright and bold to subtle and pastel is mixed in on this butterfly flight. This two-piece set comes with both a duvet cover and a pillow sham that is made from super soft microfiber fabric.

This set really opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of decorating the rest of the room. You can go bold and pull from the brighter pinks, purples, yellows, and blues in the set or stick to the softer pastel shades.

To find this duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

8. Egyptian Cotten Duvet Cover Set

If you're leaning more towards the farmhouse trend in your home's decor, this duvet cover set will fit right in. A simple design featuring morning glory flowers and butterflies is set on a white background. The 100% Egyptian cotton ensures this is also going to be perfectly soft and cozy bedding set for your room, your child's room, or a guest bedroom.

The flowers and butterflies bring in a fresh and breezy ambiance to any room. You also have a good mix of colors in the set, allowing for accessories and room decor in everything from soft pink to bright orange.

To find this cotton duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

9. Butterfly Baby Bedding

Maybe you aren't looking for a bedding set for you but rather for a new addition to your family. This bedding set is beautiful and simple with plenty of soft colors to soothe your baby to sleep. This set is also truly a whole bed in one go as it includes not only the crib sheet and comforter but also the crib bumper and skirt. It also has a matching curtain, diaper stacker, and toy bag to help complete the room.

The watercolor print of butterflies and florals are set on microfiber fabric that's sure to be soft and cozy for your little one. This set is beautiful and precious, perfect for any new nursery.

To find this baby bedding set on Amazon, click here.

10. Butterflies in Spring Duvet Cover

If you tend towards more greens and blues, this set would be perfect for you. The spring scene printed on cotton mix fabric is bright and cheery as well as incorporates a good mix of colors. The set includes a duvet cover, flat sheet, and two pillow shams. The fitted sheet is not included, so you'll have to purchase one separately. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your favorite shade from the duvet cover.

This bedding would look beautiful on a simple wooden bed to really drive home the natural look of the print. Use accessories that tend towards natural hues to keep the theme going strong when you complete the room.

To find this spring duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

11. Butterflies Duvet Cover Set

This duvet is a bit different in that the butterflies printed on it are all unique. And it's beautiful! If you love butterflies of all kinds, you'll love this set in your room. Each of these has a different look showcasing a mix of colors to brighten and refresh your room.

This microfiber set comes with a duvet cover and two pillowcases, leaving you free to purchase sheets in your favorite color. Use one main color in your accessories in the room, but add pops of other colors from the bedding sporadically to really capture the vibe created by this pretty set.

To find this duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

12. Grey Butterfly Comforter Set

For a bit of a twist, check out this greyscale butterfly comforter. This microfiber set comes with a comforter and two pillowcases for your bed. This is a great opportunity to really play with your colors. You could add a lot of bright and bold accessories and sheets or chose one or two colors to feature throughout the room. Or you could go completely neutral and stick with the muted look by decorating with shades of grey, black and white.

To find this comforter set on Amazon, click here.

13. Dandelion and Butterfly Duvet

Whimsy is making a strong return with this pretty set. The cotton duvet cover and two pillow shams feature a mix of dandelions and butterflies in pink and purple pastels. Hints of blue peek through as well, making the overall color scheme one that inspires peace and relaxation.

This set would be beautiful on a black iron frame bed to really allow the lighter tones to stand out. On the other hand, lighter furniture would make deeper tones pop. Choose your accessories with this in mind and work with what already draws attention based on your current furniture.

To find this duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

14. Microfiber Quilt Set

This set comes with a quilt and two shams that display butterflies with multiple shades of blue and pink. From dark navy to bright teal as well as bright pink to pastel, you've got a whole range of these two colors to chose from in your decorations around the room.

To find this quilt set on Amazon, click here.

15. Grey Duvet Cover Set

This duvet cover set is a bit more mature than some we've seen, making it perfect for a master retreat. The grey and silver coloring makes a perfect background for the turquoise and yellow butterflies scattered across the cotton fabric. Boost the brighter colors with light-colored furniture and decor or bring out a deeper tone with darker colors.

To find this set on Amazon, click here.

16. Beige Duvet Cover Set

If you aren't into the brighter colors that tend to accompany butterflies, check this set out. Beige, brown, and dark orange make a beautiful microfiber bedding set. It only comes with the duvet cover and two shams, so purchase your sheets according to the look you want. For a more subtle vibe choose something neutral like beige or brown. A brighter orange would give the bed an extra zing.

To find this duvet cover set on Amazon, click here.

17. Swallowtail Duvet Cover Set

If you really want to make a statement, go with this set. The giant butterfly printed on microfiber fabric is sure to catch the eye of any who sees it. This set has a duvet cover and two pillow shams that both display the same butterfly from the duvet. Pick purple, pink, or blue sheets to go with it. Or, if you really want a bold look, pull the deep reddish tones from the edge of the butterfly's wings for inspiration.

To find this set on Amazon, click here.

Beautiful Butterfly Bedding

As you can see, you can really do a lot with butterflies. The sets in this list range from nursery bedding to master bedroom ready collections. You can also choose from something sweet and soft or bright and bold to work your room design around. Whatever you choose, we hope one of these bedding sets has given you some ideas for your bedroom!

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