25 Butterfly-Themed Kitchen Décor Items That You’ll Love

25 Butterfly-Themed Kitchen Décor Items That You'll Love

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Decorating your kitchen with butterfly-themed items can help bring a fresh natural feel to that space.

All kinds of vivid colors are associated with butterflies, and this explains why they are a popular thematic choice for anyone looking to revamp their kitchen decor.  Their transformative patterns inject a sense of sophistication to any room. The decorative items on this list would work well with most design styles. Some lend themselves very well to modern kitchen designs while others may work beautifully with traditional styling, including country themes.

Let’s go over some chic butterfly-themed products that will elevate your cooking and dining space.

Kitchen Towels

Large Hand Towels by MOYYO

This towel features a delicate butterfly theme with a cool color gradient seamlessly transitioning from blue to white. The mix of aqua to blue to turquoise helps add more authenticity to space. Meanwhile, the white backdrop provides a smooth contrast to the blue butterflies fluttering out into space.

The fabric of the towel is made with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide for a super soft, lightweight body that feels comfortable to the skin.

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You can learn more here.

Butterfly Shoes by Moyyo

A combination of purple and pink hues decorates the shoes while the butterflies form a crowd around the heel. It’s a symphony of chaos and balance that hangs by a tiny thread. The artisan’s vision has been captured vividly on the towel thanks to its high-quality print. The print is only available on the front side, not the back. The kitchen towel measures 15 by 30 inches.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Soft Hand Towels

If you’re looking for soft kitchen towels for friends and family, then this butterfly themed towel hits all the right marks. Its fabric is made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, a unique combination that makes the towel ultra soft, comfortable, and durable. A high selling point of the towels is their exceptional absorbency. Just wipe it over any wet area and all moisture will be gone. It’s that simple.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Rainbow Butterflies

This kitchen towel helps you celebrate the wonderful butterflies that will make your heart flutter, add calmness and color to your interior. The single-sided print has a sophisticated detailing that will give your guests something good to look at. Further contributing to the towel’s luxurious touch is the combo of 80/20 polyester and polyamide. A powerful blend that is both soft and durable at the same time.

Although maintenance is very easy, make sure not to wash the towels over temperatures above 40 degrees to preserve the art.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Placemat Sets

Butterfly Placemats by Mucup

Introduce these cool placemats into your kitchen with a stylish and subtle artwork that will uplift the moods of all those present. It features heartwarming illustrations of butterflies with wings spanning from end to end. The timeless design will impress your guests for years to come. Helping the color standout is the black backdrop.

The versatile towel is fully washable, easy to clean, and the print does not fade.

You can learn more here.

Retro Placemats by Yateli

This placemat contains a cute motif of butterflies of all shapes and sizes. It visually stands out thanks to their dark blue color which is made all the more prominent thanks to the beige backdrop. You can choose a single placemat or buy all 6. The placemats are durable, non-slip, and heat resistant.

You can buy them here on Amazon.

Sets of 6 Floral Placemats

There aren’t very many butterflies on this motif. The artist makes up for their lack of number by choosing a highly detailed design that will invite many conversations over the placemat. The butterflies seem to be taking nectar from the colorful flowers surrounding them. It has several features including heat resistance, a non-fading artwork, and a non-slip grip to ensure the placemats stay put.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

Floppy Vintage Butterfly Placemats by Folppy

Complete your kitchen décor and pour the charm and personality of butterflies into your space through this placemat. Both guests and kids alike will enjoy the beauty of the butterflies through the beige floral background. Should food spill over it, simply wash it under water. Don’t worry, the design won’t fade because it’s built to last.

Click here to buy the placemats on Amazon.

Table Cloths

Polyester Fabric Table Cloths by familytaste

This abstract table cloth will set the right tone in your kitchen due to the visually appealing butterflies that complete your space. Designed by a highly skilled artist, you can add life to your kitchen with the tablecloth. It is made using 100% polyester, which is both eco-friendly and super soft to the touch. The tablecloth is designed for circular tables.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

 Floral Waterproof Table Cloth by RXIN

For those of you with circular dining tables, this is the tablecloth you need. The tablecloth has a minimal theme with a very basic black and white color scheme that does justice to the butterfly motif. It should look good on most interiors, from simple Scandinavian kitchens to spaces with more versatile designs. The tablecloth is made using 100% tablecloth material.

Click here to order it on Amazon.

Purple Butterfly Themed Tablecloth

Want a colorful table cloth that will instantly jump at your guests? This purple-themed tablecloth could be it. The massive 55-inch circular table cloth is ideal for larger tables. A good idea is to pair the tablecloth with similarly colored chairs for good measure.

You can buy this tablecloth here.

Dinnerware Sets

Annabele 32 Piece Dinnerware

This dinnerware set will instantly elevate your kitchen and inject plenty of charm into the spaces. It has a colorful pattern with floral themes and lots of flora and fauna, including butterflies. This dinnerware set includes 32 pieces at a very cost-effective price. A high selling feature of this dinnerware set is that each piece can be microwaved with ease. Maintenance is simple enough, simply toss the dinnerware (carefully!) into your dishwasher and call it a day.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

Ambri White 16 Piece Dinnerware Set by 222 Fifth

This butterfly-themed dinnerware set features artwork that is made using manually applied decal. The artwork was done using a skilled artist who designed it in New York City. Furthermore, the dinnerware set is fully microwavable and dishwasher safe, this makes cooking and cleaning very easy. It is very economical and features all the kitchenware you could ever need.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Wicker Park Butterfly Garden by OKSLO

Want something with a more exotic and artistic design? Then this peaceful and serene dinnerware is exactly what you need. With its blue floral design and bright red butterflies, the art will charm your guests into loving your cooking. It is both microwavable and dishwasher safe.

You can learn more here on Amazon.

Butterfly Meadow Red Pink Flowers

This classic butterfly set features a16 pieces, 4 part snack plates, 4 bowls, 4 salad accent, and 4 dinner plates. Each piece includes a fully fleshed out butterfly and floral-themed art that will catch your guests by surprise, in a pleasant way. It will also make the dining experience all the more memorable.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Pot Holders

Colorful Butterfly Mitt and Pot Holder

Now you can carry around those hot mitts and pots in this colorful glove set. It is fully compatible with people of all sizes, both big and small. The main reason why it is so comfortable is thanks to the comfortable polyester cotton which is designed to protect the hands from heat when handling hot utensils.

But what really steals the show is the artwork that is super cool to look at. The best part is that it won’t fade with cleaning.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

Custom Butterfly Themed Mittens

We chose this mitten because of a simple reason: customizability. You can choose the font, color, and even your favorite texts on the mitten. Simply inform the seller before selling and you will have your own personalized pot holder.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Living Butterflies by True Living

If you love butterflies, then these mittens would suffice your needs. The material is 100% cotton which is comfortable, agile, durable, and washable. In fact, you can machine wash these mittens without worrying about damaging the outstanding artwork or destroying the fabric.

Click here to buy these on Amazon.

Fridge Magnet Sets

3D Butterfly Magnets

These magnet silhouettes of vividly detailed butterflies should add a ton of charm into your space. Each butterfly is highly detailed by a skilled artist who took their time. The butterflies are easy to apply on most smooth walls, including fridges. Simply remove them and reposition them to adjust.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Butterfly Magnets by Sevenpring

Tired of throw pillows and other decorative pieces? These butterfly themed fridge magnets will help you spice things up. There are a total of 72 whopping pieces here, each with its own unique design, color, size, and shape. They will add a lot of flair to your kitchen.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

12 Pcs Butterfly Magnets

These hyper-realistic butterfly magnets will confuse your guests into thinking your fridge has been invaded by real butterflies. But of course, they’re just 3D pieces, each of which is highly durable and will hold its own against gravity should they fall to the ground.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Pepper Shakers

Daisy and Butterfly Salt and Pepper Set by Collections ETC

Beauty is in the tiny details. This also applies to pepper shakers, which is why this set of butterfly themed pepper shakers made it to our list. It features a bright color scheme that is fully compatible with most rooms. The best part is the use of twist-off tops which makes refilling very easy.

Click here to buy them on Amazon.

Fine Porcelain Hand Painted Butterfly

This pepper shaker will make your guest wonder if you’ve got real butterflies nestling on your tables. The exquisite details have been captured precisely by the artisan. You won’t believe that the butterflies have been hand painted using genuine porcelain material.

Click here to buy these on Amazon.

Wall Clock

Wooden Butterfly Themed Wall Clock

Now you can impress your guests every time they raise their heads to keep track of time. The butterfly motif will give them plenty of reasons to keep reviewing time. The best part is that the clocks are made using a non-ticking silent machine that doesn’t make any noise. It’s the perfect decorative piece to complement your décor.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Hydrangeas Butterfly Flowers by Ralally

This single wall clock has a massive transformative ability and can elevate your room from looking ‘okay-ish’ to ‘ultra stylish’, depending on who you ask. The clock is made using high-quality wood that is durable and long-lasting. You will have to buy the AAA batteries separately though.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

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