Are you trying to coordinate your living room while working with a camel or tan-colored couch? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this guide to help inspire your new living room look.

Luxury living room styled with leather sofa and oak coffee table, 11 Great Camel Couch Color Schemes

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When coordinating with a camel or tan-colored couch, finding contrast and balance is the key to a stunning room. Camel is a neutral color, making it easy to work in almost any room. It’s the perfect option if you want a natural, relaxing space.

So, what colors work best with camel-colored couches? And how do you create a balance between colors? Keep reading to find examples and photos to inspire you!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Camel Couch?

Camel-colored couches range from dark to medium tan shades. You can find camel-colored sofas made of leather or fabric. Tan is a neutral, earthy tone that blends well with other neutrals and most other shades.

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Open plan scandinavian styled family living room and kitchen

1. White And Tan Wonderland

living room with white walls, camel-colored couch, and green indoor plants

White is another neutral tone, which works very nicely with camel couches. It allows the color of the sofa to stand out and creates a nice level of contrast.

Consider throwing some plants in for a pop of color and emphasizing the earthy tone of the couch.

Fopamtri Fake Majesty Palm

This faux plant is over five feet tall and offers an exotic atmosphere and a pop of color for your space. It’s available in two different sizes to meet the needs of your room.

2. Rustic Grunge

Loft Interior with Leather Sofa and Skull

This look combines country charm with a more modern-gothic edge. It uses black and grey in most of the space, allowing the camel-colored couch to prominence in the room.

Small splashes of white throughout the room help brighten it up and balance the darker tones.

3. Beige And Blue All Over

Living room with white colored wall, camel colored couch and mixture of light shades of white corduroy throw pillows

In this living room, the designer took advantage of a dark blue shade, using it to bring color into the space without stealing attention from the couch.

They chose white as the primary wall color and then broke up the dark shades with additional white pillows and knick-knacks. The blue hue is throughout the room in the form of a rug, curtains, and bric-a-brac.

4. Various Shades Of Beige

living room with camel-colored sectional sofa and tan-colored pillows. Camel colored coffee table with a white potted fern plant

Layering different shades of tan and beige on your couch is a great way to create a beautiful neutral zone. This designer broke the tan up with white and added to the natural feeling of the earth tones by incorporating plants into the space.

The natural light available in this room creates an open, airy feeling.

5. Pink Perfection

living room with pale pink walls, camel-colored couch, white fireplace, and a wooden end table

This pink color scheme is balanced out by the camel-colored couch and the white fireplace. The contrast between the sofa and the pale pink tones increases the couch’s presence, making it a focal point in the room.

To further break up the pink and help spread the tan tones through the room, the designer chose an end table with similar tones as the couch.

6. Dark And Handsome

living room with chalky-black walls, camel-colored couch, earthy tones, and throw pillows in matching shades

This dark color scheme is an elegant take on the camel couch. Earthy tones like the firewood and plant are used to boost the effect of the couch against the dark, chalky-black walls, carrying the theme throughout the room.

The couch is decorated with various throw pillows that match both the walls and the sofa and help tie the theme together.

7. Country Color Scheme

Camel-colored sofa matched with different colored throw pillows for diversity. Cohesive living room design with neutral colors
collection of colorful throw pillows in a variety of colors

Use a variety of throw pillows in different colors and shapes to create interest and bring the space to life. Scatter a few decorative items that match the couch around the room to help create cohesiveness.

This design uses a white curtains to create separation and neutralize the natural tones so the amount of brown isn’t overwhelming.

8. Evergreen Envy

living room with dark green walls, camel-colored couch, white accents, and a matching wooden entertainment stand

The dark green shade used on the walls in this design help make the space feel natural while adding a tone of vibrant color.

The couch creates contrast and ties in with the entertainment stand, which is perfectly matched to the tones of the sofa.

The room breaks up the colors with white accents and a white rug, lightening the entire space up.

9. Farmhouse Charm

camel-colored sofa and white accent sofaa on the side. White throw pillows and coffee table

This room uses accents that match the couch to create contrast and uniformity. The gray used on the walls allows the more colorful brown tones to stand out.

Placing throw pillows that match the couch on the two white accent chairs helps to ensure that both sides of the room have coordinating colors.

9. Grounded Glam

brown couch with white throw pillows. Glass coffee tables with gold accents and fur carpet.

Black furniture and white walls create perfect contrast in this room and invite the more colorful tones to shine through. They allow the couch and accent colors to grab attention.

You can also see how this design went with animal prints and gold tones, and even flowers to add some color to the space.

10. Patterns And Plants

living room with black and white walls, a patterned area rug, camel-colored couch, and multiple green plants

This color scheme keeps it pretty simple by using black and white for the walls and the patterned areas rug.

They use many plants to add vitality and color to the room while also creating an earthy vibe that plays perfectly off the camel couch.

The key to this look is the number of plants that help add color; the look could quickly become monotonous without the plants.

Luxury modern living room interior

11. Fresh And Fluffy

living room with light beige furniture, camel-colored couch, faux fur accents, wooden ukelele, and green plants

Faux fur is almost always a sure thing with camel-colored couches, adding to the rustic feel, whether it’s a cowhide rug for a more western look or a furry throw pillow to add a feminine touch.

In this room, a wooden ukelele that matches the couch was placed on the wall to echo the color scheme, and green plants create a natural pop of color.

This design used light beige furniture to create a variety of tan tones in the space, and white was used t brighten up the whole room, making it feel light and breezy.

What Are The Best Colors To Use With A Camel Couch?

Neutral tones like black, white, tan, beige, and gray are great options for a camel-colored couch, but these neutrals alone may result in a dull space.

Green is always a safe color choice with camel couches, enhancing the earthy feeling in the space and adding vitality. Overall, a camel couch can work with almost any color when the design is executed correctly.

How Do You Style A Camel Couch?

Throw pillows are the perfect way to add variety, color, and texture to a couch. Throw blankets can also add a cozy pop of color to the sofa with little effort.

Use these items to dress the couch up and make it look inviting and comfortable.

How Many Pillows Should Be On A Couch?

The optimal number of throw pillows will depend on the size of your couch. Most couches will require between three and five pillows, but more pillows can add to the sofa’s appeal.

Use your best judgment, and remember that comfortability is essential too.

To Wrap It Up

Luxury living room styled with leather sofa and oak coffee table

Now that you’ve seen these great ideas, you’re ready to plan your new living room color scheme. Don’t forget to rely on natural tones for couch coordination, and that variety is your friend. Have fun redecorating and enjoy your fresh, new living room!

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