Can You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

Nowadays, TVs provide countless hours of entertainment. They’re the main attraction in most living rooms and are important elements in the room setup. If you’re looking for a place to hang your TV, you might be tempted to put it in front of a window. But is this a good idea? We researched what the pros say about this so you know just what to do!

Putting your TV in front of a window isn’t the best option. Staring toward a window while watching TV is hard on the eyes and can detract from your viewing experience. Instead, look for a way to put in another part of the room so that the light isn’t a problem.

If you’re worried about where to place your TV, don’t worry: we’ve done the research and can help you figure out what’s best for your situation! Please keep reading for more details on why you shouldn’t put your TV in front of a window, advise where to put it, and answer other commonly asked questions.

Here we go!

In the Living Room: Guy Relaxing on a Couch Watching War Movie on a TV. Modern Military Warfare Action with War Soldiers Shown on a Television, Can You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

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Why shouldn’t you put the TV in front of a window?

Natural light is a positive element in most rooms. The sunlight that comes through a window in your room makes it feel bright, warm, and cheerful. However, when you put a TV in front of the window, you’ll battle that natural light anytime you want to watch TV during the day. If your goal is to relax while watching the TV, staring into a sunny window will make it difficult.

Because natural light is so desirable, most people want to let as much of it in the room as possible. Blocking a portion of the window with a television set decreases the amount of sun in your room. It also makes the room feel off-balance as if all the attention needs to be focused on one part of the room. 

Putting the TV in front of a window means you can’t use the window to its full potential. You can’t open the window if a TV is in front of it. Plus, anything that breaks the window — like a strong wind or storm — will also likely damage the TV. 

If there’s no other space to put your TV, feel free to put it in front of a window. Keep in mind that it will be difficult (if not impossible) to hang the TV on the wall, so you’ll need some sort of surface. This would be a great time to put the TV at a lower level than normal so that you block less of the window’s light.

Where should you place your TV in a room?

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Interior of a bedroom with armchair and tv on wall

As mentioned above, the TV should not be placed in front of a window. However, it is also best if the screen isn’t directly across from a window. Pay attention to the glare coming in from the windows. If possible, figure out where the sunlight hits the room in the afternoon. Then, put the TV in a different location. 

Instead, find a neutral wall where the light won’t be a problem. You can hang the TV on a wall with a mount or put it on top of a table or cabinet like the one below. Also, make sure that there are plenty of electrical outlets for all of the devices that go along with your TV. 

If you don’t have an open wall without a window, consider putting your TV in a corner. Putting it in a corner makes it so more seats can see the screen easily. It also angles the screen away from the light coming through an adjacent window. There are many TV stands on the market that fit into a corner, like the one below.

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Does The Couch Have To Face The TV?

The direction of your couch depends on the focal point and purpose of the room. For instance, is the TV the most important part of the room? If so, it should hold a place of prominence. Or, do you want the room to foster socialization and conversation? Then maybe place the TV out of the direct line of sight while still being viewable.

For instance, in this living room, the couch is arranged so that most of the seats can see the screen, but the TV isn’t in the way of conversation. 

Modern Living Room In The Evening with television

Are there other focal points in the room that you’d like to highlight? If so, put the TV adjacent to these things and face the couch toward that area. This makes it clear where the eye is supposed to go. Focal points other than the TV could include a fireplace, large picture window, piece of art, decorative bookshelves, or anything unique to your home.

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Where Do You Put A TV In A Bedroom With A Lot Of Windows?

One helpful thing about putting a TV in the bedroom is that there is furniture in the living room that can easily hold a television set. Dressers and other tables can be a great spot for a screen, especially if that piece of furniture is on one of the few walls that don’t have a window. If your dresser isn’t in front of a window, think about putting your TV on top of it.

How big are the windows in your bedroom? Maybe there’s a space to put a TV in a corner at an angle. In fact, consider using a corner TV stand, as we mentioned above.

Family watching tv and eating popcorn at home

If this isn’t an option, consider purchasing a TV post that you can put at the foot of your bed. This device suspends the TV in the air and doesn’t need a wall or any other structure. Many of them, including the one pictured below, come on wheels so that you can transport the TV into a closet when not in use.

Another unique option is to hang your TV from the ceiling away from the window. You can hang it as close to the bed as you’d like, and then it’s out of the way when not in use. Make sure you don’t plan on moving the bed, as this is a somewhat permanent option.

The ceiling mount shown below has a remote control tilt feature. This means you can adjust the angle of the TV from the comfort of your bed.

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How High Should You Hang Your TV?

Mockup a TV wall mounted in a dark room with a dark wood wall

Ideally, your TV should be placed approximately at eye level. This is most often around 42 inches at the center of the screen. Forty-two inches factors in the eighteen inches that is standard for couches and chairs, plus 24 inches to get to an adult’s typical eye level. 

If the main seating used to view the TV is higher than standard, keep that in mind when positioning the screen. For instance, if your TV is situated over a bar with barstools, the average person will have a higher eye level than sitting on a couch. Or, if the TV will be in a place where most people will be standing to view it, keep that in mind.

While this is a great rule of thumb, it’s not always practical or logical. If you’d like to mount your TV above your mantle or on top of a particular piece of furniture, it might need to be higher. If this is the case, it’s best if the screen can be tilted downwards toward eye level. 

Like the one shown below, most TV mounting hardware comes with the ability to tilt and telescope. If you’re planning on hanging your set on the wall, consider purchasing this feature. 

In Closing

In the Living Room: Guy Relaxing on a Couch Watching War Movie on a TV. Modern Military Warfare Action with War Soldiers Shown on a Television, Can You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

Since your TV provides so much value to your life, it’s important to put it in the optimal spot. This means you should avoid putting it in front of a window since this will make it more difficult to see the TV. It will also take away from the window, reducing the amount of natural light in your room.

Instead, aim for a location where sunlight won’t be an issue, and that fits into the flow of your room. We hope this article has helped you find the best spot for your TV. Happy watching!

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