What Color Walls Go With Beige Floors?

Beige is one of the most popular colors out there when it comes to floors, and even though it might seem a little on the boring side at first glance, beige is anything but! Beige floors are often chosen because of their ability to work so well with so many different colors in homes. The neutrality and the wide rage of different shades of beige make it the perfect companion with various color schemes in every room. But you might be wondering-- what color walls go well with beige floors? We have researched what the professionals say on the subject, and we have all of the answers you need to make a great decision for your home.

Home decor experts agree that almost every color paint goes with beige floors, but we have narrowed it down to a few of the best colors:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Red

These colors all complement beige flooring and, depending on if you want a room to look bigger and brighter or darker and more dramatic, each of these colors can enhance the rooms in your home. 

Choosing paint colors can be a fun and creative process, especially when you have beige floors which match with so many different shades. So go and grab your paint samples, and let's get started!

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and beige colored furniture and wooden elements, What Color Walls Go With Beige Floors?

Choosing A Color That's Right For Your Room

Even though it's exciting to choose new paint colors for your home, it can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know where to start. There are a few things that you need to consider when deciding the perfect color for your rooms.

First, decide which shade of beige you are working with since there are so many. Beige can have undertones of orange, gray, brown, and yellow. Choose your paint color based on your particular beige flooring. If you aren't completely redecorating your room, you'll also want to paint based on your existing color scheme so that the paint complements your furniture and accents.


White walls work with everything, so they will certainly pair well with beige floors. White tends to make a room look larger and definitely brighter, so if you are trying to achieve a light, bright look, white is your go-to. That sounds easy enough, but you'll likely notice that there are countless shades of white paint available these days. That's because white paints have undertones, so you'll need to choose one that complements your specific beige floors and other decor in the room. 

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Modern living room with fireplace interior

The white walls in this picture open the room up, and they create a lovely modern feel when matched with beige floors.


Gray is everywhere, so it makes sense that you might opt for this popular paint color, and luckily, it looks fantastic with beige floors. Gray is a cool color, so painting your walls gray can actually make your home feel more modern and sophisticated. Plus, there are tons of shades of grey to choose from. You're bound to find the one that's right for you.

Corridor in modern apartment

The darker grey walls in this picture are the perfect complement to the lighter beige floors. The room is dark, but the lightly colored floors make it less severe.


What better color to go with beige than beige? Beige walls will look great with beige floors. If you are going to paint your walls beige, painting a few shades darker than the floors or a few shades lighter is a good idea. You don't want the colors to match exactly unless you're going for a monochromatic look.

Dining room with brown curtain and hardwood floor.

This beautiful room is an example of how well beige on beige works together. The two shades of beige give the space warmth and charm.


Nothing is more dramatic in a room than a deep red on your walls. Whether you choose a bright red or dark maroon, the warmth of beige and red go together beautifully. Red is a color that many people shy away from because it is such a bold look, but with the right accents, it can be used in a variety of spaces in your home.

Oriental bedroom

This bedroom looks elegant and inviting. The red of the walls is striking, but the beige floors tone the color down and soften the room.

Should Floors And Walls Match? 

Floors and walls do not need to specifically match, but they should generally complement each other. Opting to paint the walls in an undertone of the floor is a great way to achieve evenness in a room. If you want to go for a more electrifying look, you can go against the grain and use clashing colors for walls and floors. However, if your floors are beige, it will be difficult to find paint that clashes with its neutrality since beige goes with just about everything. 

What Are The Different Shades Of Beige?

Beige is a generic term that encompasses many different shades, from off-white all the way to light brown. The shades of this versatile color are endless, and variations of beige can contain hints of green, grey, yellow, orange, and pink. Other common names for beige include tan, cream, khaki, oatmeal, ecru, sand, mushroom, and coffee. 

What Accent Color Goes With Beige?

Red And Orange

Red and orange are great accent colors for beige. Not only do the colors give your room a bold vibe, but they also lend an air of sophistication. 

Red and orange living room

As you can see in this picture, the beige floors complement the oranges and reds in the room. The room is colorful and bright.


Another excellent accent color to pair with beige is blue. The coolness of the blue highlights the warmth of beige for a balanced combination. 

Interior with sofa, plant and lamp

The room in the picture shows how blue and beige create a soothing and relaxed feel. It's also a very attractive color combination.


Black is a classic color choice for decor, and it works perfectly with beige. Black is often associated with modern interiors, but when you pair it up with beige, it softens the room's look.

Modern living room

As you can see in the picture, the black furniture looks sleek and sophisticated, but the beige floors add light for a more inviting look.

Do Light Floors Make A Room Look Bigger?

Yes, lightly colored floors can absolutely make your room look larger. Brighter colors will always give the illusion of space since they provide a feeling of openness, and they can enhance the natural light of the room. 

Stair in a drawing room

The room in the picture is on the smaller side, but the lightly colored floors make it appear more spacious.

Should Rugs Match Flooring?

Rugs do not need to match flooring at all! In fact, rugs are a great way to add some color and excitement to your floors. Your rugs should pick up the different tones in your decor and walls, but don't feel compelled to match your rugs, furniture, and wall colors exactly. Doing that can make your room feel contrived and forced.

The Versatility Of Beige

Pretty much everything goes with beige floors; it's really just a matter of preference and accentuating the other colors in your room. With beige, the sky's the limit!

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