19 Country Couch Covers for That Perfect American West Living Room

19 Country Couch Covers for That Perfect American West Living RoomAmerican country is a classic style that can instantly make you feel at home. Cozy and relaxed, one of its signature items is a large couch that invites you to sprawl on it and make yourself at home. Fortunately, that makes it easier for homeowners to quickly transform a living room simply by covering the couch with a quality country-themed cover.

Whether your entire living room is meticulously arranged in country style, or maybe you're just looking to add a touch of coziness to your couch, one of these covered should do the trick. Plus, they're practical too! If you have kids or pets, then you know how useful a good quality couch cover can be for protecting your furniture.

There are lots of products on the market, but trying to find just the right one that goes with your decor can be a challenge. We have done the legwork to find some great ideas for couch covers that go with a country design aesthetic.

1. Great Bay Home Patchwork Couch Cover

This lovely couch cover from Great Bay Home is made from 100% microfiber polyester and completed in a beautiful patchwork style. This couch cover shields and protects sofas from spills, stains, dirt, grime, animal hair, wear, and tear. This particular couch cover is one size fits most. Patchwork patterned quilts are a hallmark of the country design aesthetic, so this couch cover will help create that homey feel that you love so much!

This couch cover is comfortable and stylish and can be found here on Amazon.


2. Jacquard Couch Cover

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This couch cover from Green Living Group is made from 100% polyester and fits most standard couches. This cover features a jacquard design, with intricate woven flowers and leaves. The cover comes in a purple, gold, green, and red plaid pattern, and would look lovely in a country-themed living room.

You can find this jacquard styled couch cover here.

3. Stretchable Sofa Cover

From the brand NICEEC, this couch cover comes in eight different colors: brown, coffee, dark grey, grey, khaki, navy, olive, and wine. This couch cover is easy to put on, and it stays in place well. The cover is durable and both washes and dries quickly. The nubby texture of the cover is reminiscent of the chenille bedspreads that grace old fashioned farm bedsteads.

NICEEC also has sizes for armchairs and larger sofas, and their covers can be found here on Amazon.

4. SureFit Slipcover

This lovely couch cover from SureFit features a classic slipcover style and is made from 100% cotton. It's machine washable in cold water by itself and tumble dry low.

This particular cover is a mix of light brown, various shades of green, white and several shades of pink in a floral pattern. The floral pattern and ruffles fit in well with either a country theme, but also with the Shabby Chic decorating style that is sometimes used in conjunction with country design.

You can find this slipcover here.

5. Great Bay Home Couch Cover

This couch cover from Great Bay Home is made from microfiber and protects your furniture from spills, stains, dirt, pet hair, wear and tear. The cover comes with bear, deer, moose, tree and leaf patterns, giving the cover a woodland feel. It has a beautiful quilted texture and is both stain-resistant and machine washable.

Great Bay Home also has options for chairs and recliners, and their covers can be found here on Amazon.

6. Stain Resistant Furniture Protector

This lovely couch cover protects your couch from daily wear and tear, along with stains and pet hair. The material is made from 100% microfiber polyester and is not recommended for leather couches. The cover fits most furniture and comes in a quilted texture for both style and comfort. The blue and gray striped quilted pattern will fit in well with a more modern country feel that relies on clean lines and colors as well as textures to create the sense of comfort prevalent in the country theme.

This couch cover from Great Bay Home is also machine washable and can be found here.

7. SureFit Lexington Slipcover

Part of the Lexington collection, this couch cover from SureFit can fit chairs, love seats, sofas, and they can fit some sizes of ottomans, sectionals, and recliners. This particular couch cover is made from 100% cotton and features a floral pattern on the backrest and a plaid pattern on the seat cushion. For installation, it's easier to start from the backside and then slowly fit it over the front of the couch.

This lovely couch cover would fit perfectly with a country- themed room and can be found here on Amazon.

8. Lush Decor Sydney Furniture Protector

This couch protector is made from 100% polyester and is soft to the touch. It is durable against pet nails, tears, and general wear. The couch cover is easy to care for and is safe to machine wash cold in a mesh laundry bag and tumble dry low. It features a decorative floral pattern with blue, yellow, and pink themes. The more modern styled print still evokes a country vibe without being old-fashioned and too sweet.

This couch protector is sure to give your home a country feel, and you can find it here if interested.

9. Encounter G Slipcover

This premium fabric sofa cover is made by Encounter G and is 100% polyester. The material is both durable and wrinkle-free, and is easy to care for. The sofa cover is easy to install, and it can be fixed in place with clips and screws to prevent movement. It is printed with a buffalo check print in brown, black, blue, and white. This type of print is common in today's modern country themed decor.

This couch cover can be found here on Amazon.

10. SureFit Box Cushion Slipcover

This particular slipcover from SureFit is meant more for box cushion sofas and is made from 100% cotton. This charming slipcover is blue and features a lovely floral pattern with pink, green, and yellow accents. It's machine washable and is designed with a ruffled skirt that gives the piece a country feel.

This box cushion slipcover can be found here.

11. SureFit Bouquet Box Cushion Slipcover

With a full ruffled skirt and a bouquet floral pattern, this box cushion slipcover provides the perfect country feel to your home. The cover is made with a wrinkle-resistant finish to ensure easy care, and there are pillow and chair covers also available in this pattern if you wished to coordinate a completely pulled together look. The full cover is a light blue, and the floral pattern features accents of pink, white and green.

If you're interested in this slipcover from SureFit, it can be found here on Amazon.

12. Denim Slipcover from SureFit

This denim slipcover from SureFit is easy to drape over furniture and protects your couch from wear and tear. The seams and edges of the slipcover are finished with 1/4in double needle stitching, just like jeans, and is made for long wear. Denim is frequently used in country motifs as it is durable and easy to care for.

This denim slipcover can be found here.

13. Ruffled Slipcover from Classic Slipcovers

This simple slipcover is a soft beige color and features a delicate ruffle along the skirt. The light color and ruffle details make it perfect a country-themed living room.  The cover is durable and easy to put on, with bow ties in the front and the back to secure the cover in place. The cover is machine washable and can be found here on Amazon.

14. Lamberia Couch Cover

This floral couch cover is made from both polyester and eco-friendly spandex fabric so that it's both stretchy and durable. This couch cover also comes with a free pillowcase with the same floral design, to create an entire look. The floral design features imagery of blooming flowers and contains pink, green and white accents. The floral pattern has a modern styling that is very appropriate in today's farmhouse decor.

This couch cover is machine washable and can be found here.

15. SureFit Buffalo Check Slipcover

This black and white buffalo check styled cover is made from 100% cotton and is part of the SureFit Buffalo Check collection. SureFit has sizes for both couches and chairs, and they recommend that you start from the backside of the couch during installation. Their slipcovers are machine washable and has matching pillowcases.

You can find this quality slipcover here on Amazon.

Match this with black and white buffalo pattern curtains too!

16. L Shaped Slipcover

This slipcover is made from polyester and cotton and is elastic so it easily stretches to cover furniture. The cover is a darker brown with white imagery of connecting branches, making this cover a perfect choice for a country hunting lodge. This cover is meant to fit couches with 3 cushions but can stretch to cover 4 cushions.

This lovely couch cover can be found here.

17. Embroidered Couch Cover

This European styled couch cover features a beautiful embroidered pattern and is designed with floral accents. The cover is white with a black rim and comes in 16 different sizes to fit a variety of couches. Made from cotton linen, this couch cover would look great in a country themed home, and you can find it here on Amazon.

18. Cabin Themed Couch Cover

This dark brown couch cover from MN features a camouflage design, with flowing branches and accents of a lighter brown and grey. This is perfect for the rustic country home or camp.  This couch cover offers protection from pet nails and hair and is made from polyester material. Made to fit two cushioned couches, this cover can be found here.

19. Woodland Slipcover

This woodland themed couch cover is strapless, form-fitting, stylish and slip resistant. The cover features leaves and branches in varying soft brown camouflage tones and can fit couches with three cushions. You can find this gorgeous slipcover here on Amazon.

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