11 Incredible Deck Railing Style Ideas

While deck flooring options are pretty standard, usually either wood, composite boards, or perhaps stone, deck railings are where you can really let your style and creativity shine. Plain, run-down deck railings can make your entire house look dated. Updating your deck railings is a fairly simple way to make your home look stylish and more modern. 

Depending on whether you're updating your existing deck or building a new one, you'll have different considerations. If you're updating a deck, you need to consider the design and flooring of it to determine what style of railing will go with your house. If you're building a new deck, you'll want to consider the architectural style of your house and how to best complement it. 

No matter whether you're renovating or building from scratch, we've got some fabulous deck railing inspiration to take your project from ordinary to fabulous. 

Wooden walkout deck with glass railing. 11 Incredible Deck Railing Style Ideas

1.  Wire Railing

Outdoor dining area on beautiful deck with wire railing

This beautiful, spacious deck gives a modern twist to a traditional classic. The decking and rail posts are very traditional wood, but the balusters have literally been turned on their sides and replaced with wire. This is a perfect option if you want to give your deck a lighter feel, or if you have a gorgeous view you don't want to block. 

2.  Metal Balusters with Solar Post Caps

Wood deck with railing and wooden fence in the background. Metal Balusters with Solar Post Caps

All decks can use some extra lighting at night, and this one has it built-in. The rail posts are topped with solar light caps, which provide a finished look and coordinate with the balusters. The traditional wooden balusters have been replaced by metal rods. The wood and metal combination modernize this otherwise traditional deck. 

3. Less is More

house patio with low deck and no railings

Sometimes the best rail is no rail. If your deck is fairly low, it may not need any rails at all. This streamlined deck is close enough to the ground that it doesn't need rails for safety. Eliminating the rails allows the beautiful landscaping around the deck to steal the show. The simplicity of this deck fits in with the modern style of the house. 

4.  Glass Panels

Waterfront house balcony at sunset with wood deck and glass panels on railings

Glass panels are undoubtedly modern and sophisticated. They don't interfere with the view from your deck and take the worry out of trying to match your railing finish with your deck, since glass complements any finish.

However, you may be wondering if they are safe, especially if you have small children or pets. The good news is that they are. Glass railing panels are made from tempered safety glass. Safety glass is stronger than regular glass and if it should break, it doesn't break off into sharps shards. Instead, it breaks up into cubes with no sharp edges. 

5.  Partial Railing

Wooden wet deck with partial wood rail on a lakeshore. Rocky shore of the mountain lake in rainy autumn morning. Beautiful nature

Where you put your railing can have as much impact as what type of railing you put up. These homeowners have opted to put up a railing on only one side of their deck. This provides a safety barrier on the most dangerous side of the deck, right at the edge of the water, while still leaving an open feel.

Though they've gone with a traditional design and materials, this deck definitely feels updated and custom because of its unusual design. 

6.  Powder-Coated Metal Railing

Black Wrought Iron patio furniture. Glass of red and glass of white white on table. Quiet and peaceful spot with rolling hills. powder coated metal railing

In addition to adding a pop of modern design to your deck, metal railings have other benefits as well. Metal deck railings are powder-coated, which makes them extremely resistant to corrosion and weathering from the elements.

Metal rails will last long after wood has rotted away. They are also low maintenance, requiring very little upkeep. This deck looks stunning with metal rails that enhance this beautiful view. 

7.  Criss Cross Rails

Empty wooden deck with criss cross railing. green plant in the background

These criss-cross rails have been painted a dark brown to add to the tropical feel of the landscape. While criss-cross add a custom look to almost any deck, here the unusual color makes them stand out even more. It's more common to see this type of railing painted white, but this gorgeous deck shows that when it comes to color, there's no single option. 

8.  Stone Wall

Empty cement platform with stone wall against sky background

If your deck is stone, a stone wall may be the best option for a railing. This amazing stone wall, topped with a wooden cap gives this otherwise plain cement deck a timeless feel. The organic, individual stones contrast beautifully with the simple square cement tiles of the deck floor. 

9.  Built-In Seating

Deck with Built-In Seating and fire pit overlooking city lights at dusk.

If you entertain a lot and need a lot of seating on your deck, turning your deck rails into built-in seating can be a fantastic way to accomplish two things at once. This lovely deck provides ample seating around the rails. The homeowners have put in a firepit near the intersection of the rails to allow more seating close to the firepit.

The extended seating, however, ensures that anyone who doesn't want to get too close to the firepit still has a place to sit comfortably. 

10.  Stone and Metal

Wicker outdoor furniture decorates a homes lovely outdoor patio with stone and metal railing on a blue sky day.

This luxury home showcases an upscale deck that combines beautiful stonework and intricate metalwork. The curves of the metal balusters contrast stunningly with the heavy stone rail posts. The flat rail post caps and finished bottom rail give this deck a sophisticated feel. 

11.  Rustic Minimal 

Wooden deck with rustic minimal railing at forest cottage with Adirondack chairs

This charming deck lets the forested lake view take all of the glory. It features a minimalist rail with simple rail posts. There are no balusters to come between you and the forest. It almost feels like you're in a treehouse. This is a wonderful example of a deck that blends in with its surroundings. The homeowners let the environment dictate the style of the deck. The result is an effortless and beautiful deck that feels like it's part of the forest around it. 

In Closing

A deck is a huge part of the personality of a home. Whether you live in a high-end luxury condo or a charming cottage, you can design a deck that fits your home. By carefully choosing your options and taking advantage of the style of your house and its surroundings, you can create a deck that adds value and comfort to your house. 

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