Do Bedside Lamps Have to Match?

Are you looking to decorate your bedroom with lamps but aren’t sure of how many of them you need? If you buy multiple lamps, do they need to match? Let us help you out with this dilemma.

Although the decision of choosing matching or mismatched lamps depends on the arrangement of your room, matching lamps are the most common way to go.

Do Bedside Lamps Have to Match?

While the bed is usually the most essential element in any bedroom, the room needs to be completed with other additions and adjustments. Decorating your side-tables with lamps is the perfect way to give your master bedroom a finishing touch. Here are some arguments in favor of matching lamps and some against them:

Matching Lamps

It’s best to match your nightstands and lamps on both sides of your bed if:

1. Your bedroom has a wide plain wall for your bed.

The lamps compliment the simple grey wall greatly and give the room a consistent look.


2. Your bedroom consists of architectural features that are symmetrical.

They can be any matching elements in your room such as similar windows or curtains on each side of your bed.

The gorgeous, matching windows on both sides allow two matching lamps to complete the look of a royal master bedroom.

You can see the same rules applying in the above two pictures.

3. The headboard of your bed is curved or arched.

To give your room a uniform look, you need to depend on matching lamps.

The above two pictures showcase this argument perfectly. You can see how the curved headboard structures are dependent on the lamps to give the bedroom a comfortable and cozy look.

4. You generally like a symmetrical, coordinated look.

The above two gorgeous settings showcase this argument in a great manner. The closely packed room doesn’t require two lamps. Therefore to avoid overcrowding, one works well enough.

2. Your bedroom sleeps only a single person.

Two matching lamps on two separate sides aren’t really necessary.

3. Your bedroom is designed to have a unique asymmetrical appearance.

The two distinctive sides allow mismatched lamps.

Here are some more examples of bedrooms with one bedside lamp:

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Lamp Dimensions: 14 (H) x 14 (W) x 28.5 (D) inches

As the bed wall has enough space for just a single bedside table, a single lamp goes great with the whole setting. The gorgeous bluish grey lamp has elegant curves balanced on a brushed nickel base. The fabric shade completes the lamp and adds a classy touch to it. The exquisite ceramic lamp is intended for indoor use only.

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Although this lamp comes in a set of two, with the above room structure, a single lamp is more than enough! As they say, less is more, the compact structure of the room allows for only one bedside table between the bed and the window. With a white finish base, ceramic construction, and white tapered drum shades, this single bedside lamp makes the interior look cozy and truly magnificent.

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Matching lamps are the most common look and they give any room a symmetrical appearance. However, if you think of yourself as a trendsetter and do find two separate lamps you love then you can definitely use them! Make sure that you find two lamps that are similar in color, structure, and height to make your interior look coordinated and well-thought out!

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