11 Great Gravel Driveway Edging And Border Ideas

The driveway is often thought of as simply a connection between the street or alleyway and a house, a feature incapable of supporting the overall look of a house. But in reality, a driveway can significantly improve the look of your property.

Most driveways are made of concrete, but some homeowners opt for gravel for a variety of reasons—its versatility, timeless appeal, and overall vibe, to name a few. But to really make the most of a gravel driveway, the driveway edging/border should also be considered. 

The edge of the driveway will help frame it and provide the necessary visual contrast to make it stand out as a key feature in your property's aesthetic scheme. This is especially true with gravel; gravel is coarse (both physically and visually), so a proper border is needed to provide a gravel driveway with visual balance.

What's more, the driveway exists to visually and physically direct family, friends, and other guests to your house, and the edging of the driveway can play a big part in doing so.

But properly edging a gravel driveway is certainly easier said than done. There are so many options to choose from, and depending on the approach taken, a gravel driveway edging project can be costly. In addition, many gravel driveway edging ideas are a big commitment not easily undone.

So, it's important to have a solid game plan before starting your project. To help you with that, we created a list of 11 great gravel driveway edging and border ideas you should check out. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Large English country mansion house from Victorian period in the UK, with wrought iron gates and gravel drive, 11 Great Gravel Driveway Edging And Border Ideas

1. Brick/Stone Border

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Front view of large estate home in the south with a gravel driveway and lots of windows.

This gravel driveway features a rich reddish-brown color, and the driveway itself is flanked on either side by bricks of a lighter color. The choice of edging creates a crisp, clean aesthetic that frames the driveway nicely. 

Clearly delineating the driveway, this choice of edging also makes the surrounding landscape pop. The combination of reddish-brown, light tan, and green where the driveway meets the adjacent lawn is quite visually satisfying.

Consider this approach if you're looking to really highlight the driveway itself and the surrounding foliage. 

2. Foliage Archway

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The majority of this gravel driveway is simply framed by grass. But what makes it really stand out is the hedge archway that separates the road from the beginning of the driveway. 

The lush green of the archway adds a whole new level of aesthetic vibrance to the property. What's more, this relatively small landscaping detail makes a huge visual impact in that it gives the house a cozy ambiance. 

This is a great approach if you're looking to give your house a secluded vibe without making it totally hidden from the road.

3. Abundance Of Hedges And Shrubs

english village house

When in doubt, simply line your gravel driveway with all kinds of shrubs and lush greenery. On the right side closest to the house, a medley of shrubs loosely outlines the driveway.

And on the left side, a more well-manicured line of hedges delineates the driveway, physically and visually funneling visitors to the front door. This example highlights how effectively vibrant green foliage frames a light-colored gravel driveway. 

4. Colorful Flowers

English country house and garden in Autumn with a gravel driveway.

We've seen how well vibrant green foliage frames a gravel driveway, but check out this stunning aesthetic. These flowers in full bloom provide a gorgeous, colorful driveway border. 

This is a great approach to take if you aren't as concerned about sharply delineating the driveway from the surrounding landscape. There's no question that these flowers and other colorful plants are the physical and visual border, but some of them spill over onto the driveway, resulting in a more dainty look.

5. Privacy Hedge Screen

Private gravel driveway and hedgerow

Depending on how far your house sits off the road, a large hedge screen can be a great way to line the driveway and provide some privacy. 

In this example, the light-colored gravel pairs nicely with the vibrant greenery. The hedge screen is just tall enough to give the property a private, secluded vibe. And if you opt for this approach, you can trim the hedges as desired to create a softer or sharper border. 

6. Soft Grass With Tree Island

Countryside house exterior with garage. View of entrance and gravel driveway

This gravel driveway is bordered by soft, short-cut grass—nothing special or particularly aesthetic in itself. But what makes this scene unique is the incorporation of a tree island in the middle of the driveway close to the house.

This adds visual depth, helping the driveway to stand out as a feature that actively contributes to the property's aesthetic. What's more, the red mulch used in the tree island is the same as that used in different parts of the landscape. The end result is a cohesive look anyone will appreciate.

7. Grass With A Series Of Trees

Country Driveway

If you live out in the country and have a lot of driveway length to work with, consider taking this approach. This driveway features trees interspersed along either side every 15-20 feet or so. This creates a neat, uniform look. 

What's more, this aesthetic will only improve as the trees grow. Once fully grown, the series of trees will create an archway of sorts that will create an unmatched look.

8. Lavender Bush Border

village house

We've seen how effective a medley of different flowers can be as a gravel driveway border, but check out the look created by these lavender bushes. In full bloom, a sea of beautiful purple will flank the driveway. Since lavender bushes are somewhat large, this approach is great for long gravel driveways. 

This approach is certainly unique, so if you opt for this or a similar approach, your property is sure to stand out.

9. Country-Style Fence And Shrubs

Cedar shakes siding on a residential home in Kennebunkport Maine.

This is another option that exudes rural vibes. The property in this example features a line of shrubs off to the right and a country-style wooden fence off to the left. Though the fence isn't explicitly intended to line the driveway, the fence's proximity to the driveway visually frames it.

This approach certainly doesn't have to be limited to rural houses; if you're looking for a subtle way to provide visual structure to a short gravel driveway, draw some inspiration from this example and make it your own.

10. Nicely Trimmed Grass And Potted Plants

a cottage in an english village

This example highlights the effectiveness of a simple grass driveway border—that is, when it's well manicured. The grass abuts the gravel driveway with a clearly delineated borderline. 

But to ensure that the aesthetic isn't too simple, this property owner has incorporated a few large planters along the edge of the gravel driveway for added visual interest. 

11. Stone Retaining Wall

Single family mountain vacation rental house with gravel road driveway by landscape view in fall autumn at Wintergreen ski resort town city of Nelson county, Virginia

A common aversion to gravel is that it's messy and loose, so it tends to get everywhere. While this is inherently true of gravel, this example demonstrates how effective a solid, no-nonsense driveway border can be at quite literally keeping gravel in line. 

This driveway features stone retaining walls on either side. The walls provide a clear, delineated avenue for vehicle traffic. In addition, this property owner chose to use gray gravel, which pairs quite nicely with the house color and the lush greenery that abuts the retaining wall off to the left.

In Closing

We hope this inspirational guide has given you some ideas for your gravel driveway. With the right approach, a gravel driveway can boost the aesthetic of your property. If you draw any inspiration from these examples, your gravel driveway will be well on its way to being the best-looking one in town.

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