42 Green Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

If you are a nature lover or just want a refreshing new feeling, one of the best color schemes to go with – even in the bedroom – is green. It’s the color that is popping up in houses everywhere. From pastel shades that bring lightness and renewal into the air to dark and rich tones that seem to bring the beauty of nature inside, either way, you can’t miss.42 Green Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

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But, with so many shades and tones of this color, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we are here with 42 amazing green bedroom ideas to inspire you to create your own wonderland.

1. Classy Pastel

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Beautiful modern apartment interior with white bed and green curtains

One of the most popular ways to incorporate green into a room is to use pastels as accents. Intertwining a beautiful, light shade of green with classy white and cream colors lets the room feel huge.


2. Nature-Inspired Chic

Stylish patterned wallpaper bedroom interior and comfortable leather armchair

If you want to feel the zen of nature indoors, use an evergreen shade like this to do the trick. A fresh paint design or wallpaper will help the room from feeling too closed off.

3. Warm Shades of Nature

Sleigh bed in a green bedroom with a ceiling fan and wall art

 This design uses a light-colored green wall to brighten up the room and matches light fixtures to the bedframe to create the ultimate contrast.

4. Sea-Foam Green

Simple modern bedroom with wooden furnitures

Love the ocean? Us too! Instead of going with the usual blue or sandy walls, why not try a nice sea-foam green? It puts a twist on the typical coastal look while still giving all the beach vibes.

5. Green as a Neutral

Simple bedroom with pink carpet

What an amazing shade of green! The soft colors make you feel perfectly at peace. The use of creams and whites makes this room feel big and calming.

6. Earthy Toned-Down

Natural cabin farm house bedroom with beige carpet and green walls

With a trim that matches the bed frame, it’s hard not to feel that this room is one cohesive space. To make it feel a little more rustic, the designer used a nice plaid bedspread, tying the green on the walls back in.

7. Vibrant Glamour

Modern green bedroom

Parting dramatically from the previous designs, we love this design because of the glitz and boldness it delivers. Perfectly partnered with white, this room gives us a lively spring vibe. Balance the green with a lot of light greens, white, or even silver.

8. Spa-Inspiring

Modern fresh bedroom wtih oak floor and browns bedding

Trying to feel as though life is a permanent vacation? Imitate this design! Seriously, this look gives us the vibes of a spa up in the mountains. The walls are barely green, so soft! To make the room more inviting and warm, a rich brown is centered in the room.

9. Jade Industrial Style

Modern bedroom interior with LCD TV and speakers

Sleek jade green colors help add a little bit of color without overpowering anything in this room. This look is best in open-concept spaces that are well-lit.

10. Bold Accents with Neutrals

Modern bedroom interior

Accent walls will never die! This design has a great sliver of green to help brighten the dark brown tones in the room. But, it can’t survive without the white! Also, can we talk about this bedside lighting?

11. Regal and Relaxed

Master bedroom in suburban home with green walls

This design dresses up the warm, soft green colors by a dramatic bed frame as well as a matching wardrobe. Our favorite part of this design is the lounge chair that happens to match the walls. It ties everything together.

12. Light and Airy

Light green wall bedroom with carpet and lamp

This beautiful shade of paint on the walls helps the room feel huge. We love that they chose a bedspread that has some print and is a slightly different shade from the walls. This way things match but aren’t too matchy-matchy.

13. Collective Shades of Green

Light green sofa bed kids bedroom

Can’t decide on just one shade of green? Pick a few in the same tone to add some variation. Light walls combined with a bold furniture piece like this design looks AMA-ZING.

14. White Accent Wall

Interior of boys room

Instead of the usual bold color wall, this room has one pure-white wall with three green ones. It’s a brilliant twist that brings in brightness. Brown and green bedding help bring all the elements together.

15. Gold and Green

Interior of a classic style bedroom in luxury hotel

This design incorporates green a little bit differently. Instead of brown, they went bold… I mean Gold! As you can see, it helps create a regal atmosphere.

16. Palm Tree Oasis

Green wall bedroom with two beds

Another sea-inspired room that we are dying to try! The bold-colored walls take us to a tropical and lush island. The accent pillows help incorporate the ocean into that picture.

17. Psycheldic Dive

Green wall bedroom with big red wooden double bed

This design is diving us right back into the ’60s. Warm browns, oranges, and reds contrast so well with the beautiful green shades. It’s fun and eclectic.

18. Modern Island

Green bedroom with white bed and tropical design

The soft greens paired with the vibrant pillows wow. The room feels cool, relaxing and modern. Dark wood furniture makes this room a masterpiece!

19. Modern Meadows

Green bedroom with house plant and beautiful nature artwork

These greens immerse us in a scene of green meadows. The contrast with the browns and deep greens, with the light aspects, really relaxes the whole room.

20. Bright Blossoms

Green bedroom with colorful flower sheets

Instead of using green with neutrals, branch out! It’s especially fun for kids’ bedrooms. Bright blues and reds inspired by flower gardens let things pop!

21. Or Use Toned-Down Flowers

Green bedroom with colorful flower sheet

Use more muted tones for fun florals with sophistication. A lovely bedspread combined with a soft green wall allows a room to be peppy without seeming immature.

22. Bamboo Inspired

Double bed in the hotel room with green curtains

Parting from the usual green colors and nature patterned, this design heads east. Beautifully textured background with bursts of green really makes this room serene.

23. Teal Steals the Show

Dark green bedroom with patterned sheets

If yellowy-greens aren’t your thing, take a dive on the bluer side. Combined with the dark wood, we feel like we’re sailing away from our troubles.

24. Beach Babe Beige

Cozy bedroom with green sheets

While we’re already sailing off, we couldn’t help but share this design. If you want to copy this look, use small pops of green while keeping everything else white or beige.

25. Pick Two

Colorful bedroom with green and blue interior design

Love the bold side? Pick two rich shades to create a one-of-a-kind escape. Keep the dark colors to the trim so the room is light and inviting.

26. Let Dimension ShineBedroom in suburban home with green walls

Vaulted ceilings look even bigger and brighter by adding green to it. Pops of polka dots keep it fun!

27. Cozy Meets Contemporary
White bedroom with winter landscape in window. Scandinavian interior design.

With modern fixtures and lots of lines, this bedroom is cool and contemporary while still being practical.

28. Jungle Life
Royalty themed green bedroom

Welcome to the jungle. The rug, the curtain, all the plant life, really says “Hakuna Matata” while still being high-end.

29. Clean Green
Modern vintage bedroom

The simplicity of this design speaks for itself. The color is incorporated throughout the room without being overwhelming.

30. Sleek Mother Nature
Modern green condominium bedroom interior

There is no busyness at all in this design. We love the 20s lamp and the patterned rug to give it a little individuality.

31. Skylit Green
Modern green bedroom on the attic

We love that the designers include a ton of light-colored tones. Some plants add some life and depth into the futuristic bedroom that sends us flying.

32. Patterns on Patterns
Modern bedroom interior

Keeping the patterns on the bedspread the same connects this room and ensures that it isn’t overpowered by one element.

33. Aloe Ver-y Green
Interior of beautiful modern bedroom

A darker shade of green can work in a bedroom, too. The darkness is offset with light wood, shimmery pillows, and good lighting.

34. Geometric
Interior of a luxury double bed hotel bedroom

Adding bold shapes and tons of lines in your design help the green not overwhelm the senses. Don’t be afraid to add a little drama.

35. Sunspot Effect
Hotel bedroom with private bathroom

We love a bold design, and the green in this room makes even us envious. The neutral walls keep everything grounded.

36. Let the Light In
Horizontal view of green bedroom in apartment

Got a small space? Use light shades of white, brown, and green to make even a small space feel roomy.

37. Go Green
Green wall bedroom

Hippy vibes? We are HERE for it. Add pizazz with a bright green wall accented perfectly with white beads and furniture.

38. In and Out of this World
Green bedroom with scandinavian interior design

This warm green keeps us on earth while this unique bed rockets us up to the sky.

39. Greens, Grays, and Blue
Green bedroom with blue carpet

Bold colors on the ground AND the walls look amazing paired with all the gray tones in this design. It’s fun, new, and sophisticated.

40. Steel Your Heart
Dark green wall bedroom with house plant interior

There’s nothing better than forest green. We adore that this room pairs that with the new, edgy metal look. It contrasts in the best way.

41. Green with Envy
Cozy bedroom with mint wall and beige floor

Many variant shades of the same color, ranging from light to rich creates a serene masterpiece.

42. Timeless
Classy brown and green master bedroom with leather double bed and nightstand

White, green, and mahogany brown will never go out of style. This design is clean, minimalist and refreshing.

With green, you can add spunk, spice, or serenity. Use lots of neutral colors to your green design and you’re sure to love your bedroom space.

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  1. I totally loved these bedrooms interior. Green is very lively and cheerful colour. thanks for sharing

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