15 Hamptons Style Living Room Ideas

Mention the Hamptons, and you'll probably envision breezy summer days, coastal beaches, and, of course, luxurious, light-drenched homes full of windows, views of the ocean, and simple, relaxed living. Located just 80 miles from New York City, the Hamptons have long been the escape where city-dwelling families and their friends celebrate the rituals of summer--Memorial Day to kick off summer, the Fourth of July, the pinnacle of summer, and Labor Day weekend, summer's last hurrah.

And in true fashion, the design, decor, and relaxing environments of these Hampton homes reflect that easy summer living. We have curated a beautiful collection of this instantly-recognizable look and its defining characteristics to inspire your own island living.

A bright living room interior with white sofa set, wooden coffee table, fireplace and carpet on floor, 15 Hamptons Style Living Room Ideas

Hallmarks of Hampton Living

There's an effortless sophistication inherent to the Hampton-style vacation homes, and its defining characteristics are easy to spot. 

White Walls, Window Trim, And French Doors

Classic east coast homes typically have clean, crisp white walls with plenty of windows to establish the airy, sunny atmosphere that is synonymous with easy summer living. White trim, wainscoting, and plenty of white-washed planked walls and ceilings are also Hampton home hallmarks. Multipaned windows and french doors emphasize the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and often lead to porches, decks, pools, and lush gardens.

Color Palettes

Due to the Hamptons' nautical environment, Navy Blue and white are the iconic, classic colors. However, to inspire calm and relaxation, the soothing shades of pale blue, soft greens, creams, beiges, and light greys are also commonly associated with the Hamptons.

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Timber Floorboards And Beams

Historically, the East coast ports and harbors transferred lumber from place to place for many uses, but especially for homes. Houses in the Hamptons often use this durable resource in floors and vaulted ceilings, sometimes staining it black or brown to contrast with the standard white walls, but most often painted white or soft grey.

Furniture And Textiles

Hampton-style furniture features a tailored slipcover-look, often in white, navy blue, or pastels, on its oversized sofas and chairs. Additionally, there are always decorative pillows in accent colors, patterns, and light-weight fabric. Rugs tend toward natural materials, and long, sheer curtains maintain the airy and light environment.

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1.Nautical Classic Navy And White


We'll start with the typically-imagined, classic-styled navy blue and white living room. Here the sofa and chairs are tailored in blue pinstripes, though with different designs on each piece to avoid stiff formality. Clean white walls, a white-surround fireplace, and echoes of blue in the flowers, artwork, and book display contribute to this tried-and-true look. An old, salvaged boat steering wheel above the fireplace, with two lanterns on the floor, solidifies the nautical look.

2. Bright Coastal Colors

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Turquoise accents in pillows, a throw, and tabletop items contrast with a bright, lush blue couch. In keeping with natural textures, the wicker chairs and jute rug are reminiscent of sandy beaches, while the greenery ties this light-filled indoor porch with the outdoor elements.

3. East Coast Great Room 

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While East Coast living certainly embraces cozy spaces, it also has its share of sprawling, open room layouts. Especially helpful when entertaining, this vaulted great room has the hallmarks of the Hampton-styled home: white wainscoting, a large wall of multi-paned windows and french doors, ceiling to floor curtains, and a statement pendant light fixture.

4. Wood-Planked Walls And Ceiling

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Wood-planked anything suggests coastal living, but especially here with white-washed planked ceiling and walls. The built-in display cabinets and linen-slipcovered navy couches balance nicely with the darker beams and rustic coffee table. The elegance of framed vintage swimsuits is a refreshing take on the standard shells, anchor, and sailboat-themed decor.

5. Sea Greens and Blues

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Nothing is more restful than the soft pastels of blue and green, the earthy combination of nature and water. Here the soft colors are set against a white background in a room so airy and light you can almost feel the warm air shining through these magnificent windows.

6. Yellow Accents

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Here we have couches in the classic robin's egg blue color, but this time, the room is accented with golden yellow, replicating the sunny feeling of summer days. Note the light, sheer, full-length curtains as well as the varied placement of lamps and lights. Here, there are no less than three lamps and three complimentary light fixtures to maintain a summer home's fresh and clean look.

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7. Greens And Creams

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While ocean blues are a go-to color for coastal living, it is not the only theme to highlight. Here the springtime green and cream color palette looks like a breath of fresh air. Though not identical ones, patterns play a significant role here in the curtains, couch, pillows, and rug. Of note is the use of clear glass containers--the lamp holding rocks and the vase with lacy greens. The result is crisp, clean simplicity.

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8. Vibrant Colors 

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While pastels and calming tones are ideal for beach vacation living, Hampton style is not exclusively relegated to soft and muted colors. Vibrant jewel tones also have their place in the elegant East coast style. Light turquoise and coral reds and pinks take the place of the typical white walls and standard solid colors. There are metallic carved lamps, patterns of all kinds, and natural bamboo roman shades. However, one constant characteristic remains multi-paned windows, french doors, and lots of sunlight.

9. Indoor/Outdoor Living


Hampton-style is nothing without the blending of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Here, the indoor living room widely opens into a veranda porch with shabby chic undertones. Pale yellow plank siding, grey-washed ceiling beams, and two ceiling fans keep things looking airy and bright. 

10. Hampton Formal

Bright living room with white sofa set, wooden coffee table, fireplace and carpet on floor

Sophistication and elegance are synonymous with East Coast style, and while many homes have a beachy, effortlessness, the Hamptons is not without formal living. What makes this seemingly traditional room another example of Hampton style is the white couches, creamy walls, soft grey trim, and, of course, the placement of large windows allowing the sun to shine in.  

11. Porch Living

Beach house terrace lounge at sunset

Beautiful views of the ocean and its breathtaking sunsets go hand in hand with vacation home living, and this terrace lounge could easily be the visual definition of relaxation. The swinging benches and nearby wicker chairs set a restful and calming tone.

12. Scandinavian Seaside

This simple and functional living room echos a Scandinavian, minimalist design. Yet, with the crisp white walls, windows, and nautical decor, this room embraces the typical characteristics of Hampton living, as well. Also, note the wood chairs, floor, and trunk/coffee table related to the sailing and shipping elements of seaside living.

13. Bench With Picture Window

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Decks, terraces, and porches are central to vacation home living for obvious reasons, yet the addition of a light and elegant sunroom elevates the level of sophistication for any home. By now, it's evident that large, white, multi-paned windows--and lots of them--are the central characteristics of Hampton-style living. However, a picture window with a cushioned bench is perhaps the most classic Hampton element of them all.

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14. Warm Interiors


As we have seen, Hampton homes are defined by white walls, bright light, plush furniture, and cool undertones. However, darker wood tones also work in luxury ocean-side living rooms, as shown here. While the typical characteristics of a Hampton-style room are still evident--the tall windows, white, built-in cabinetry, cream-colored planked walls, and plush furniture--the brown trimmed windows, dark-stained wood floor, and the red brick fireplace offer a warmer version of vacation home living.

15. Poolside Living

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We certainly would be remiss if we didn't mention pool-side living spaces as shown here. With a vaulted, beamed ceiling and an inviting sectional, a white exterior is the perfect space to entertain all day and well into the cool, breezy evening.

In Closing

As shown here in these 15 living room ideas, you can see that summer living in the Hamptons is all about simple elegance, light-drenched rooms, crisp, white-paneled walls, and slip-covered couches and chairs. Add pastel accent colors with pillows or the classic navy blue, harbor-themed decorations; you'll find yourself in Hampton vacation mode in no time at all.

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