17 Stunning Hardwood Floor And Wall Color Combinations

Do you need inspiration for a fantastic hardwood floor and wall color combination? Then you've come to the right spot to find it.

We have seventeen different combinations to inspire your design. Each of these floor and wall color combinations are a knockout.

Finding the right wall color is one of the top design decisions in any home, and we hope this post will make it that much easier for you.

Hardwood floors are beloved. They are easy to clean and beautiful to look at. Plus, they come in as many colors as paint. We've broken our images into three categories of wood stains, light, medium, and dark, with the best paint colors to pair with each category.

A dark stained hardwood flooring in kitchen area of new home, 17 Stunning Hardwood Floor And Wall Color Combinations

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Light Hardwood Floor And Wall Paint Combinations

Light hardwood floors are gorgeous and airy. Woods like maple, beech, and ash are very light, as is white oak. And nowadays, many people will pickle or whitewash darker wood flooring to achieve a paler look.

Here are some of our favorite paint combinations to pair with a lighter floor.

1. Soft Beige With White Trim

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Dining room with brown curtain and hardwood floor

In this room, soft beige walls with painted white trim look perfect with these floors. Bolder colors have been used with furniture and curtain accents. But you could just as easily keep all the furnishings in the beige and neutral realm for a calm look.

2. Use A Toffee Brown Mixed With White Trim And Accent Wall

Classic brown living room with white fireplace

In this light-filled living space, the palest ash floors are paired with natural tones. Two walls are painted a rich toffee brown that has the faintest undertone of yellow.

This perfectly picks up a similar tone on the floor. The fireplace wall and ceilings are painted a warm white to keep the room from being too brown.

3. White Paint With Light Parquet Floors

Large room with double bed

If you love a light and airy look, then you can't go wrong with a gorgeous shade of white. Here a bright, neutral white has been chosen to showcase the light-stained parquet flooring.

Darker furniture anchors the space and doesn't overshadow because it's so light-filled.

4. Soft Gray With A Light Hardwood Floor

Simplistic living room interior with light hardwood floors

Gray is super for pairing with hardwood floors. Here, a light gray wall and painted white trim allow the wood floor to shine. This is a good thing because the floor is gorgeously full of natural wood grain and color variation.

The blue sofa also matches nicely with the gray walls. If you want to know more about pairing furniture with gray walls, check out our post on it here: What Color Couch Goes With Gray Walls?.

5. The Lightest Of Floors With The Palest Of Lavenders

Bright purple and white bedroom interior

White-stained or pickled floors are a way to make hardwoods very bright. In this girl's room, light-colored, pickled floors are paired with feminine lavender paint.

The built-ins, trims, and doors are similar to the floor color but with the slightest bit of lavender added in. The look is cohesive and well-designed.

6. Choose A Light Ecru Paint Color With Light Stained Flooring

Modern living room interior with sofa, glass coffee table, standing lamp and windows with blinds

Ecru, or the color of unbleached linen, is a beautiful neutral. This very pale beige reflects natural light and acts as a subtle backdrop for any interior. In this simple living room, it picks up the floor's colors and balances out the darker tones of the furnishings.

Medium Hardwood Floor And Wall Paint Combinations

Middle-toned hardwoods are probably the most common hardwood shade. Most stains for white and red oak flooring fall into the middle range.

Hickory and cherry flooring are also middle tones. Here are some gorgeous wall colors if your flooring is more of a medium-toned hardwood.

1. Sand Colored Paint With Medium Stained Hardwood Floor

New dark stained hardwood flooring in kitchen area of new home

On these walls, a deep, almost yellow sand tone is used to contrast with the hardwood flooring. The color picks up the lighter tones in the wood's variegations, thus creating a lighter look for the wall. White trim rounds out this color combination.

2. Sage Green Paint With A Cherry Hardwood Floor

Modern new brown kitchen with cherry floor and living room

Why not choose a lovely sage green to pair with your hardwood floors? It's a way to have a color that is neutral enough to go with almost anything. In this kitchen, the green looks super with the reddish-toned cherry floors.

Choosing a loved color is a way to bring a bit of your personality into a room.

3. Use A Brownish-Gray Accent Wall With Mid-Toned Hardwood Flooring

Condo with open floor plan

In this combo kitchen and living space, using an accent color helps define the two living spaces. Here, the living area is painted a rich brownish-gray. Because there's a large sliding glass door, the color doesn't darken the space.

If there were no windows, the combination of deeper paint color and darker flooring might make the space too dark.

4. Bright Beautiful White With Hickory Flooring

Commercial interior with hard wood floors and skylights

Hickory wood is interesting because it has a fair amount of gray in its undertone, making it one of the hardwoods' cooler families. This is why it's stunning paired with the brightest, whitest light.

When choosing whites, remember that some are warm-colored and some are cool-colored. For this flooring and look, you'll want a cooler colored white.

5. Think Of Your Middle Toned Hardwood As The Neutral Color In The Room

Interior design scene with a big window

If you think of your medium-toned hardwood as the neutral color in the room, you can go wild on the walls. Here a grass green is used for the wall and sharp lime green for the trim, and they both look unique and cool with the red oak flooring.

It's not a look that everyone can pull off, but if you love color, then go for it!

6. A Greenish Greige Is A Beautiful Neutral Wall Color With Hardwood Flooring

Family room with cherry wood floors

If you want a neutral that has a bit more interest than plain white or beige, why not choose a soft greige with a green undertone? In this room, the greenish greige paint is trimmed with white and serves as a beautiful companion to the cherry floors and kitchen cabinets.

Dark Hardwood Floor And Wall Paint Combinations

Dark hardwood floors are rich and resonant. Walnut and darker stains for oaks and cherry are typically what we see when we think of the darkest hardwood floors. Here are some color pairings that look fantastic with these floors.

1. Elegant Chocolate Brown Paint With Deeply Red Cherry Floors

Living room with cherry wood flooring

If you have loads of natural light, why not pick a rich pigment to match your flooring? Here a deep chocolate brown is painted on the upper walls. The trim and everything below the chair rail is in bright, cool white. This look is elegant and rich-looking.

2. White With Dark Hardwood Floors

Modern black and white theme living room interior

Are you sensing a universal truth? That white works with all stain levels of hardwood flooring? Well, it's true. Here bright, cool white mixes in with gray tile walls to showcase the deep, dark hardwood flooring.

Minimalist details give this room a modern and contemporary edge.

3. Moss Green Walls And White Trim With Dark Hardwoods

Master bedroom with green walls

In this clean-lined bedroom, the designer has mixed the beautiful dark wood of walnut with the outdoors' calming moss green. It's all repeated in the views out the window. The trim work and cabinetry are painted in a soft white that may even hint at green.

This is a calming combination for a master bedroom.

4. Soft Bluish Gray Walls With Dark Hardwood Floors

Blue wall with white chair interior design

If you love a neutral with a bit of color, then why not go for bluish-gray. In this space, a medium-toned bluish-gray pairs with darker hardwood floors, but you could easily go darker or lighter with your paint color.

Both blue and gray are colors that go well with many furniture and home styles, so it's an easy choice to make.

For more information on this, check out our blog post here: 21 Living Rooms With Blue Walls.

5. Play Up The Orange And Red Tones In Your Flooring With Color

Part of interior modern childroom with orange walls

This room pulls from the colors in the wood with its choice of wall color. Bright pumpkin orange as the primary wall color and a contrasting turquoise blue as accents in the curtains and wall art gives the room a fresh, fun feeling.

Because the flooring has so many red tones in it naturally, the duo works very well.

Remember To Look At Undertones

When choosing your paint color to pair with your hardwood floor, think about undertones. Even within the family of whites, there will be cool whites and warm whites. You want to pick a color that works smoothly and cohesively with your hardwood floors.

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What color walls go with dark wood flooring?

Light grey or beige is a great color to pair with dark wood flooring, which will complement the darker tones and create a bright, airy atmosphere. Other popular shades for walls include blues, greens, and whites.

What colors go best with dark hardwood?

When decorating with dark hardwood, light neutrals such as whites, creams, tans, and grays are the best colors to complement the wood. You can also add pops of color to brighten the room with richer hues like navy blues, greens, purples, and reds.

What color trim goes with dark wood floors?

The trim color you choose for your dark wood floors will depend on your personal preference and the style of the room. Generally, lighter colors such as white, beige, soft grey, or even a light wood look are popular choices that can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

What undertones go good with dark flooring?

Warm undertones such as beiges, tans, and yellows often look best for dark flooring. Earth tones like greens and browns can also look good.

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