How Big Should A Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be?

It’s time for a new bathroom vanity mirror but you need to know, how big should it be? We’ve thought about all of the variables, checked in with our experts, and have answers for you here. So let’s take a look.

When deciding on the size of a bathroom vanity mirror, there are several considerations:

  • The width of your vanity
  • How much space you have between the countertop and existing vanity light or ceiling
  • The height of your ceilings
  • The overall size of your bathroom
  • What kind of lighting you want for the vanity

So let’s look at each of these considerations and how they might factor into the size of your bathroom vanity mirror. We’ll also look at some additional considerations in regard to size and vanity lighting. And we’ll give you a quick tutorial on how to hang a vanity mirror.

A contemporary modern bathroom design. featuring a round mirror, an above counter vessel sink, custom built vanity with storage, toilet and walk-in glass shower stall, How Big Should Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be?

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Considerations When Deciding On The Size Of Your Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Because each bathroom is different, so are bathroom vanity mirrors. So how do you decide on the right size? Let’s take a look at the various considerations to think about when choosing your vanity mirror.

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Vanity mirror in the bathroom

The Width Of Your Vanity

A cozy bathroom detail with a white oak vanity cabinet, white countertop, bronze faucets and lights and a white herringbone tile backsplash.

The width of your vanity is a great starting point. Typically vanity mirrors are not wider than your bathroom vanity countertop. If you can’t find one that exactly lines up with the size of your vanity, shoot for a width that is within 70-80% of the width of your vanity. Any smaller and it might seem odd proportionally.

How Much Space Between The Countertop And Existing Vanity Lights

Luxury Bathroom Updated Remodeled White Beautiful

Another consideration when replacing a bathroom vanity mirror is your existing vanity lights. If you have wall-mounted lights and you don’t want to move electrical wires, then you’ll need to keep the height of your mirror consistent with what you already have. Of course, you can always go shorter in height than your current mirror if it works proportionally with the space.

The Height Of Your Ceilings

Modern home bathroom interior with double sink and two tall mirrors, washbasin and floating wooden vanity with bathing accessories, grey tile floor.

The bigger your mirror, the more functional it is for bathroom use. We love to have a great mirror for getting ready in the morning and checking out our daily outfit. You want your mirror to be at least 4 to 7 feet above the floor. But, if you don’t have a wall-mounted overhead mirror or lights that will get in the way of a taller mirror, use tall mirrors to create height in the room.

Tall mirrors can also help a vanity look balanced in a space with a super high ceiling.

The Overall Size Of Your Bathroom

Toilet of a small bathroom with oak furniture and a frameless mirror on the wall

If you have a small bathroom, you might consider mirroring an entire wall rather than using a framed vanity mirror. This will maximize the amount of mirror space you can have in the room. For larger bathrooms, you could opt for double mirrors that work with a larger double-sink vanity.

What Kind Of Lights You Want For The Vanity

A cozy bathroom with a black cabinet, white vessel sink, and black lights mounted on a brown subway tile accent wall.

As we mentioned in our discussion about height, you may have to consider the lighting in your size considerations.  A wall-mounted vanity light that is hung above the vanity will affect the size mirror you choose. But what about wall sconce lighting that hangs to the sides of the vanity? In this case, you’ll want to choose a mirror that is about 60% the size of the countertop to leave enough room to mount your sconces.

Can A Mirror Be Larger Than The Vanity?

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For whatever reason, you prefer a super large mirror and the idea of being hemmed in by the size of your vanity countertop just doesn’t sit right with you. Well, guess what? That’s okay. In design, like fashion, there are few hard and fast rules. As long as you love the outcome and make it work for your bathroom space, you can have as giant of a bathroom vanity mirror as you’d like.

Should Vanity Lights Hang Over The Mirror?

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Vanity lights hung over the mirror are very common. However, they’re not the only way to light a vanity. And if you enjoy applying your makeup in your vanity mirror you might opt for a different choice. To lessen shadows on your face, you might consider wall sconces hung approximately 66″ from the floor on either side of your mirror.

[PIN id=”351912452353464″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If you have no space for wall-mounted sconces (or in the case above, a tiled wall), you could hang pendant lights at either side of your vanity to reduce shadows on your face. Because really, these side-lit options are better lighting for your bathroom than the overhead vanity light anyway.

How Much Space Do You Need Between Double Vanity Mirrors?

 A luxurious bathroom with a grey double vanity with flowers sitting on the white quartz counter top.

When thinking about how you hang your double vanity mirrors, you’re going to look at your sinks and the width of your countertop. Take 80% of the width of your countertop, divide that in half and you’ve got a pretty good measurement for the mirror width you should aim for (there may be exceptions to this rule if you have a super large vanity with extra counter space – if that’s the case, look for something a few inches wider than your sinks).

Then, you want to line up the center of your mirrors with the center of your vanity sinks. By doing this, the mirrors are centered over the sinks and the space left between them is perfect.

In the blue mirrors above, the mirrors are widespread, but if you notice, they line up with the sinks. In the image below, the sinks are much closer together and therefore, the mirrors are, too.

A bathroom with a floating wood vanity cabinet, decorations on the white marble countertop, gold lights mounted above two black mirrors, and black faucets.

How Do You Hang A Vanity Mirror?

Wall sconce on each side of mirror in lovely powder room

Hanging a vanity mirror is not impossible for the homeowner to do. It just requires some careful measurements and the correct tools. You’ll need a pencil, measuring tape, stud finder, hanging hardware, and a hammer.

  1. Figure out how much vanity sticks out on either side of the mirror. Then mark those spots.
  2. From those spots, find the center point for your mirror.
  3. Measure up to the desired height for the hanger.
  4. Draw a line across from side to side.
  5. If your mirror is heavy, locate two studs along that line.
  6. Attach your hanging hardware at those two points on the line.
  7. Hang your mirror.

If you want more visual help for this task, please check out this YouTube video:

A Few Gorgeous Vanity Mirrors

And now comes the fun part, the actual mirrors. You’ve probably found the one you love already, but maybe you haven’t and these great design ideas could spark some inspiration for you. We’ve curated through hundreds of bathroom mirrors to mirror it down to a few we think work in many bathrooms and are super stylish for the times.

Hamilton Hills Pivoting Mirror

Stylish Bathroom Vanity Essential with Brushed Chrome Wall Brackets

This gorgeous pivoting bathroom vanity mirror works easily for transitional, contemporary, and even farmhouse style homes. It’s a great size at 24″ x 36″ but also comes in a larger and smaller size. In addition to the polished chrome fittings seen here, it’s also available in brushed chrome, bronze, and gold finishes.

Click here for this mirror on Amazon.

Letushy Round Mirror

Black Round Mirror

This round, simple-framed mirror is sleek and classic. The black border gives it a defined edge and it’s a great size for applying makeup or touching up your hair. It’s available in 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch diameters and black (as shown here), gold, or rose gold metals. This is a superb choice for your powder room.

Click here for this mirror on Amazon.

Head West Beaded Mirror

Head West Champagne Silver Metro Beaded Glass Framed Vanity Mirrors

This beveled mirrored mirror is the definition of elegance. This piece would look at home in posh decors and sumptuous master bathrooms. It’s 24″ x 36″ and is finished in a soft champagne color.

Click here for this mirror on Amazon.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

A contemporary modern bathroom design. featuring a round mirror, an above counter vessel sink, custom built vanity with storage, toilet and walk-in glass shower stall, How Big Should Bathroom Vanity Mirror Be?

Which one is the fairest of them all? We hope this post has been helpful as you navigate your way through the world of vanity mirrors. If you enjoyed this post, please check out a few of our others on bathroom vanities here at below:

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  1. Hi, I’m considering putting up a single rectangle mirror above my double vanity and the edges of the mirror come to the tops of each faucet. Will that be funky? I know I/we will only see half of ourselves brushing our teeth but I believe that’s something we’d get used to…I’d like to put sconces on each side of the mirror. If you have any comments, please let me know. Thanks! Michelle

  2. Hi my name is Barbara.I wanted to know if it’s ok to have a vanity mirror the same size as my vanity

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